“To see your child shine with happiness is just an amazing feeling”


Here’s another sweet story about getting rid of sugar:

Last year January my husband and I were talking about how much weight our son had put on in just the past year. Evaluating what he eats and drinks and how much exercise he gets in.

Extremely occasionally junk food, sweets cookies and so on. No soft drinks or coffee. We always ate veggies, meat, fish, the usual. He loves veggies.

I came across a video called lard makes you lean. After a good giggle I watched it and found more related videos.

Well smack me silly if we don’t realize right there how wrong we have been.

All the fruit, fruit juices, iced tea, provitas, low fat yogurt, pronutro, we’re all WRONG!!!!! ?

We took on the low-carb NO SUGAR way of life and it changed us all forever.

Our son lost all his weight.
Concentration was better.
Huge personality came out.
Helpful, loving, kind, all became a daily norm.

We watched our son turn from anger, frustration and what I now believe was depression. Continue Reading >


Not only the child but the whole family lost a lot of excess weight and felt a whole lot better. The whole story here:

The Sugar Free Revolution: To See Your Child Shine with Happiness Is Just an Amazing Feeling


Note that the family was not eating an unusually poor diet. They were eating normal Western foods, and getting the normal results (obesity and related health problems are now normal).

Not too strange when kids now ON AVERAGE eat four times the recommended sugar every day:

Daily Mail: Five-Year-Olds Are Eating Four Times Their Daily Sugar Limit: Children Consuming the Equivalent of 19 Teaspoons with Sweet Drinks Accounting for up to 40% of the Tally

This is not a fault of character. This is the result of living in a sick society, where sugar and junk food is everywhere. A society where eating “normally” results in obesity and disease, for both adults and kids. Where health requires a conscious act to live and eat differently.

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