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Four Cities Passed Soda Taxes – A Blow to Big Soda


Four American cities – San Francisco, Albany, Oakland and Boulder – have now passed soda taxes. These are all the cities that voted for soda taxes, and they all passed in landslide victories, in a devastating blow to the soda industry.

This shows how more and more people are becoming aware of the damaging effects of sugary beverages, and that governmental intervention, similar to taxes on cigarettes, may be needed to fight rising unhealth:

Vox: In a Devastating Blow to the Beverage Industry, 4 Cities Passed Soda Taxes

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Is Sugar Really That Bad?

Emily Maguire - Sugar: Friend or Foe? (SD 2016)4.7 out of 5 stars5 stars80%4 stars16%3 stars0%2 stars0%1 star3%30 ratings3024:11

Is sugar really the enemy? Doesn’t it have a place in our diets? How addictive is it? And what exactly does it do in our bodies?

In this presentation from the Low Carb USA conference, nutritionist Emily Maguire answers all these questions.

Watch it

You can watch the full 24-minute presentation on our member pages, including captions and transcript:

Sugar: Friend or Foe – Emily Maguire

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“Everything You Know About Healthy Food Is a Lie


Are most Americans’ beliefs about healthy eating true and based on science? Or is it a result of marketing by Big Food? This food industry insider knows a lot about what is going on:

The New York Post: Everything You Know About Healthy Food Is a Lie

The food industry financed nutritional studies that influenced the USDA guidelines and doctors, meaning that the advice you’re getting is, at least in part, a marketing campaign. And a food labeled ‘sugar-free’ or ‘trans fat-free’ might actually be jam packed with this.

So what can you do about this? Here are three pieces of advice from the insider:

  • Cut sugar
  • Avoid any food in a box
  • Ignore all marketing terms and food labels

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Does Big Soda Manipulate Research on Sugary Drinks’ Health Effects?


Does drinking soda make you fat? Some studies say yes, some find no connection at all. So what should you believe?

A new investigation finds an interesting pattern: Every single study that finds no connection between sugary beverages and obesity is funded by Big Soda:

Not so shocking, perhaps, as it was recently revealed that the industry has a long history of downplaying health risks with sugar.

This is just another reason to be very skeptical of statements influenced by the industry, such as the one that you can drink as much soda as you want as long as it’s “in moderation” and you don’t take in too many calories. They’ll apparently tell any lie to keep people buying.

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Sugar Is The New Tobacco Says Top Cardiologist

What’s worse for your health, sugar or cigarettes? Here’s an entertaining short discussion about sugar on Sky News with the cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra.

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Sugar Is the New Tobacco, so Let’s Treat It That Way

cartoon sugar cubes

The following is an article written by Dr. Aseem Malhotra for Medscape.

I was recently asked to speak at the UK parliamentary “Sugar Summit.” This event was convened by Rend Platings, a mother so disturbed by England’s chief medical officer’s revelation that, as a result of obesity, today’s generation of parents may be the first to outlive their children, that she launched a campaign, Sugarwise, to help consumers identify foods with added sugar. Continue Reading →


Orange Juice Plummets in Popularity in the US


People are abandoning their morning glass of orange juice for health reasons, according to ABC News:

ABC News: Americans Are Drinking Less Orange Juice

The drink which was previously thought of as healthy, is now getting an increasingly bad reputation due to its high sugar content (often equaling that of soda).

My guess is that most Diet Doctor readers have stopped drinking OJ a long time ago. But we’re happy to hear that more people are also starting to realize that it isn’t too great for their health. Staying away from OJ is great for lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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WHO Backs Sugar Tax


WHO is now supporting countries that implement taxes on soda, and has stopped selling sugary drinks in its headquarters.

The organization is really showing the way (especially as many health-advocacy groups have backed down after receiving donations from Big Soda). Hopefully more will follow:

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Tackling Australia’s Obesity Problem by Cutting Sugar in Half

Cereal and juice – a common breakfast with a lot of sugar

Cereal and juice – a common breakfast with a lot of sugar

Australia is facing huge problems with obesity – 2 in 3 adults are either overweight or obese – and the rates keep going up. That’s what a new campaign, SugarByHalf, is trying to change – by drastically reducing the amount of sugar people eat:

One of the greatest factors driving obesity is consumption of sugar, often hidden in products labeled as “healthy” such as cereal, yogurt and snacks. By increasing awareness about this, and making people cut the amount of sugar they eat in their food by half, the people behind the campaign hope to stop this devastating trend.

A great idea, I think. What do you say?

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“Don’t Scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of Food Producers Profited from the Demonization of Fat”


Recently, there were big media headlines about the revelation that the sugar industry paid Harvard researchers in the 1960s to shift blame from sugar to fat.

There has been a lot of bad science in the field of nutrition — and many “Big Tobaccos.”
– Nina Teicholz
But according to a new op-ed by Nina Teicholz, it is naive to believe that only Big Sugar played a role in this shift, since other food industries (such as corn syrup, wheat and vegetable oil producers) also capitalized tremendously on it:

LA Times: Don’t Scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of Food Producers Profited from the Demonization of Fat

Producers from these industries also paid scientists, and the American consumption of these foods has increased even more than the sugar consumption.

The bad (and bought) nutrition science is not just about sugar.

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