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Is Sugar Toxic?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars88%4 stars7%3 stars2%2 stars0%1 star1%127 ratings3,115 viewsIs sugar toxic? Professor Robert Lustig is perhaps the number one enemy of Big Sugar. His famous YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” has been watched almost 7 million times. In that video Lustig calls sugar toxic, so is it?

Of course Dr. Lustig has had quite some pushback on that. Could sugar really be toxic? Isn’t it natural and part of the human diet since like forever?

In this interview, professor Robert Lustig explains it all. Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 30-minute interview is available on our member site:

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Prof. Robert Lustig

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Why Does Sugar Make People Fat?

Sugar in a wooden bowl

One of the most intuitive facts in nutrition is that eating lots of sugar makes you fat. I don’t really think that there is all that much disagreement on this point. There is certainly some argument about why this is true. The calories people claim that this is because it is a source of empty calories. So, therefore, you could eat sugar and skip dinner and not gain weight. HOT-Fatty-Liver2.1 copy

These people believe that eating a plate of brownies with some multivitamins and an equal calorie portion of kale salad with salmon is equally fattening. That’s not likely to be true, as common sense would tell you.

The calories people claim that since sugar is empty calories, you will then eat more food with nutrition, as if it’s really, really hard to avoid eating nutrient dense foods like liver, calf brains and kale. Hold me back… Can’t resist… The stewed calf brain… Continue Reading →


How Do You Become Sugar Free?

4.5 out of 5 stars5 stars73%4 stars10%3 stars8%2 stars2%1 star4%68 ratings1,930 viewsWhat is it like being a sugar addict? And what’s it like to struggle to break free from it? How could you do it?

Karen Thomson, former model and a recovering sugar addict, talks about her personal journey to break free from sugar and how’s she’s now helping others.

You can watch part of the interview above (transcript). The full interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

How Do You Become Sugar Free? – Karen Thomson

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What Should I Do After a Slip Up?

Ask Bitten Jonsson

What do you do if you accidentally slip up and eat too many carbs? What can you do to overcome a weight plateau? And what about food cravings during your period?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN: Continue Reading →


Fructose and Fatty Liver – Why Sugar is a Toxin

Sugar in burlap sack with sugarcane

Fructose is even more strongly linked to obesity and diabetes than glucose. From a nutritional standpoint, neither fructose nor glucose contains essential nutrients. As a sweetener, both are similar. Yet fructose is particularly malevolent to human health compared to glucose due to its unique metabolism within the body.

Glucose and fructose metabolism differ in many significant ways. Whereas almost every cell in the body can use glucose for energy, no cell has the ability to use fructose. Once inside the body, only the liver can metabolize fructose. Where glucose can be dispersed throughout the body for use as energy, fructose is targeted like a guided missile to the liver. Continue Reading →


The Case for Sugar


Amid all the current research and articles about the horrifying dangers of sugar consumption, here’s a very entertaining piece in defense of it:

There is a hideous injustice overwhelming the world right now. I’m speaking, of course, of the war on sugar. Many books and studies are asserting that sugar causes or contributes to multiple fatal illnesses, costing billions of dollars in health care each year. I dispute none of this. But I would like to add that sugar tastes really, really good.

The New York Times: The Case for Sugar

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Secondhand Sugars: “Sugar Isn’t That Different to Smoking for Pregnant Women”

Waiting for a miracle

Can you really compare smoking cigarettes to eating sugar during pregnancy? Apparently. New research suggests that excessive simple sugars have the power to harm children’s development and health – just like smoking:

We are finding that sugar exposure can begin to affect a child even before birth. The sugars that a mother consumes while pregnant or nursing can be passed to her baby, disrupt healthy growth and development and pose risk for obesity.

Secondhand sugars? Considering how that concept played out with smoking, Big Sugar can not be happy about hearing those words…

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Fructose and the Toxic Effects of Sugar


In 2009, Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco delivered a ninety minute lecture entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. It was posted on YouTube as part of the university’s medical education series. Then a funny thing happened. It went viral.

It was not a humorous cat video. It was not a video of a toddler throwing a baseball into Dad’s groin. It was a nutrition lecture filled with biochemistry and complicated graphs. But there was something about this particular lecture that grabbed the world’s attention and refused to let go. It has now been viewed more than six million times.

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Gary Taubes Responds to Critics Dismissing the Case Against Sugar

Is the hypothesis that sugar is the greatest factor contributing to obesity and type 2 diabetes too simplistic – and maybe even wrong?

Not surprisingly some of the usual critics of Gary Taubes and any work mentioning “insulin” – like Stephan Guyenet and Yoni Freedhoff – have critizised Taubes’ latest book The Case Against Sugar.

Here’s Taubes’ response to his critics, and it’s well worth reading:

Cato Unbound: The Case against Sugar Isn’t So Easily Dismissed

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The World’s First Online Sugar Addiction Summit

The words Sugar Addiction on table

Are you ready to kick the sugar vice once and for all? Then you can join the first-ever online sugar addiction summit from January 30 to February 5:

Kick Sugar Summit

There will be many experts (such as Karen Thomson and Bitten Jonsson) that will help you beat your sugar cravings and improve your health.

And the best of all? It’s free!

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