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“Don’t Scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of Food Producers Profited from the Demonization of Fat”


Recently, there were big media headlines about the revelation that the sugar industry paid Harvard researchers in the 1960s to shift blame from sugar to fat.

There has been a lot of bad science in the field of nutrition — and many “Big Tobaccos.”
– Nina Teicholz
But according to a new op-ed by Nina Teicholz, it is naive to believe that only Big Sugar played a role in this shift, since other food industries (such as corn syrup, wheat and vegetable oil producers) also capitalized tremendously on it:

LA Times: Don’t Scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of Food Producers Profited from the Demonization of Fat

Producers from these industries also paid scientists, and the American consumption of these foods has increased even more than the sugar consumption.

The bad (and bought) nutrition science is not just about sugar.

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Eat Better South Africa! Launches Sugar Barometer


Check out this new sugar labeling tool that The Noakes Foundation’s section Eat Better South Africa! just launched:

The Noakes Foundation: Eat Better South Africa! Launches New Sugar Barometer

Many people are still blissfully unaware of the hidden sugar contents in food, and are still unsure of how to read food labels. The food industry does what it can to make it even harder. So an easy-to-read barometer like this could be very useful – if it would actually end up on product packaging.

What do you think?

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The Hidden Truth Behind Ancel Keys’ Famous Fat Graph


How was it possible for Big Sugar to make people believe for decades, that fat was dangerous and sugar was fine? By paying researchers to manipulate data, as revealed this week.

For a while, in the middle of the last century, there was a scientific struggle. Was fat or sugar to blame for cardiovascular disease? Ancel Keys was the champion of the first theory, Professor John Yudkin of the other. Keys won, not least by using cherry-picked statistics.

The left graph above was famously used sixty years ago by Keys, to support his idea that fat intake was responsible for heart disease. But as the right graph shows, the same data could just as easily have implicated sugar. Countries eating higher amounts of fat were simultaneously eating more sugar. It was just a question of what you were looking for.

Since that time, we’ve spent half a century mistakenly fearing natural fat, and instead eating more carbs – with a resulting epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Now it’s time to see the truth:

Sugar was the link. Yudkin was right.

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NYT: How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat


The sugar industry managed to pay scientists to play down the link between sugar and heart disease, according to newly released internal documents. Instead, saturated fat was blamed.

The New York Times and many other papers write about it today:

Big Sugar was able to shape the dietary guidelines for decades by enticing Harvard scientists (among others) to sell out their independence and conduct its paid research.

But as these things are revealed, the game is changing. Sugar is now well on it’s way to become public enemy number one, and deservedly so.

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Breaking Up With Sugar Addiction

4.5 out of 5 stars5 star74%4 star14%3 star4%2 star3%1 star3%85 ratings2,476 viewsWhat is it like being a sugar addict? And what is it like to struggle to break free from it?

In this presentation from the recent Low Carb USA conference Karen Thomson, former model and a recovering cocaine and sugar addict, talks about her personal journey to quitting sugar (and other drugs). For her, a big part of the solution was starting to eat an LCHF diet.

It’s really one of the most powerful talks of the entire conference.

Watch it

You can watch a segment of the presentation above (transcript). The full 21-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Breaking Up With Sugar Addiction – Karen Thomson

Start your free membership trial to watch it instantly – as well as over 150 video courses, movies, interviews and other presentations. Plus Q&A with experts, etc.


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Is That Granola or Dessert?



What’s the difference between granola and dessert, you may ask? The answer is: there is none. At least if you’re judging by the sugar content in commercial brands.

NYT: Why Your Granola Is Really a Dessert

The sugar content in one cup of popular brands of granola usually range between 20 and 30 grams. In comparison, one cup of ice cream has 28 grams of sugar.

Not that much different – except that granola is perceived as a healthy choice.

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An Expert Guide to Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

How do you deal with sugar addiction? What’s the history of sugar anyway, and the dangers of it?

For the answers to these questions and more, check out this new and interesting guide from Karen Thomson and Michael Joseph:

Nutrition Advance: How to Deal With Sugar Addiction: An Expert Guide

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The Top Videos About Sugar

Why is sugar bad for you and how would you benefit by avoiding it? What is sugar addiction? And what steps should be taken to combat this public health threat?

These are important questions in today’s society where you can find added sugar in large amounts everywhere over the whole world.

Here are our top videos about sugar, with the answers to those questions and more.

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Huge Drop in Soda Consumption After Berkeley Soda Tax

soda tax

Does anybody still doubt that a soda tax would have a big impact on consumption?

If so, think again. Soda consumption has quickly plummeted by 26% in Berkeley – the city that recently implemented the first US soda tax. This while other cities close by have increased their consumption.

The difference is even greater in “sports drinks” (which really just are sugary drinks in disguise).

Los Angeles Times: Berkeley Sees a Big Drop in Soda Consumption After Penny-Per-Ounce ‘Soda Tax’

Mexico has also recently seen a big drop in soda consumption after they implemented a soda tax.

One study investigating statistical correlations, predicts that a national soda tax in the US might save $23.6 billion in healthcare costs. Of course this is just based on statistics and educated guesses, but it could very well be true.

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Dr. Mosley About the Misguided War on Fat


Listen to this great episode on BBC radio featuring Dr. Mosley. He excellently explains why the war on fat has been completely misguided, why sugar is dangerous and why we got it all wrong.

This link goes straight to the start of the interesting segment:

BBC Radio: The Danger of Sugar

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