How to get back on keto after a binge


How to you get back on a keto diet after a binge? Does the type of carbs you eat matter? And is it true that you’re more likely to be addicted to foods you crave?

These questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

How to get back on keto after a binge?

I have been doing pretty well on keto for the past five weeks. However, I have spectacularly fallen off the wagon for five days now, eating carb after carb after carb, even when I’m not hungry.

It’s making me feel very down after the work I have put in to stay in ketosis. I feel like such a failure and I’m struggling to get back on track with keto.

Please, please help!

Hello Hayley!

You are not a failure, this is about biochemistry. This situation is common for people who are addicted to carbs and don’t have any knowledge and insight about the addicted brain.

So many of us think that if we only find the right food plan, then everything will be fine. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Our sensitive brain chemistry takes a long time to heal and we cannot eat everything that is keto. For instance, bread in any shape or form (no matter if it’s keto) will NOT work for us. It will trigger cravings. The same goes for desserts.

What I am saying is that if you only changed your food without having the large toolbox addicts need, it’s no wonder you fell right back. Start by reading Food Junkies. You’ll find a lot of information about the brain.

Also, join our support group on Facebook. You’ll find several documents under files and posts with more information.

Now get back up and arm yourself with knowledge! I fell off the wagon many times before I could live free from “drug foods”. I like this Japanese proverb: ”Fall down seven times, get back up eight”.

Take care,

Does it matter where your carbs come from?

I’m doing moderate LCHF, not keto. I’m trying to stay below 40 grams of carbs per day and I do intermittent fasting three days a week.

My question is, does it matter where I get my carbs from, as long as I stay within my carb limit for the day?

I’m in the UK and there is a new low-carb bread taking the market by storm. Each slice is 0.9 grams of carbs. This is not fake low carb as so many others were found to be in the US. It has been tested and certified by Sugarwise. I use it as a weekend treat and not every day.


Hello Josephine!

Congratulations on starting a new very healthy lifestyle. As a sugar addiction expert I give advice for those addicted to food. And we don’t use any substitutes. No matter how low carb something is!

In particular, the two things we don’t eat are bread and desserts, due to the cravings they cause and the very high risk for loss of control and binges.

Not knowing if you have only harmful use or addiction, it’s difficult to say if it is OK for you or not. If your problem is harmful use, then it’s OK. Furthermore, if you want to know whether you are addicted to food, send me an email through my website and I will refer you to a specialist in the UK.

To answer your question: yes, the type of carbs we eat does matter a lot.

My best,

Food cravings

Is it true that what you crave the most can likely be a food that you are addicted to or are sensitive to?



It’s likely that this is true. My experience shows that food that has any type of sugar, sweeteners, flour of any type (bread-like products like keto bread, crackers etc.), processed foods, and milk products (usually not butter or ghee) are what addicts crave and eating any of that will cause cravings and relapse.

There is a group on Facebook called “Sugarfree Cookbook” where you can learn more about foods like that.

Take care,

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