Sugar addiction: how it begins

Can you become addicted to sweet foods… and what are the first signs of a sugar addiction? Find out in this short video.

I’m interviewing a real expert on this important topic, Bitten Jonsson, RN. She has decades of experience, first with battling addiction herself, then of treating thousands of people with addictions.

Here’s our members’ feedback on it – as well as more on sugar addiction:

Member feedback on the interview

OMG that’s me! I seriously need help to control that damned red dog. Awaiting the next interview with great anticipation. My blue dog is currently in control but the red dog is yapping away trying to be heard again.

it was like she was telling my story. even though i consider myself LCHF i still struggle with the red dog.

It’s a shame that I can’t share this with non members as it would open a lot of eyes to this issue. Very interesting interview.

This has a wealth of information. A must see for anyone who craves sugar. Although there are several videos on this site I have gleaned from and would recommend, I will be encouraging my friends and family to become members just to see this interview. Thank you for making this available.

I liked the fact that she talked about irritability. Feeling less irritable (and feeling happier instead) is my favourite benefit of following LCHF. I also think that the imagery of “the red dog” will help me resist carb temptations!

Fabulous interview. It describes exactly how I’ve felt all my life. I look forward to seeing Bitten’s next interview. Thank you so much!

Very clear message. Thank you. I cannot wait for the next instalment. I now have the whole family interested in LCHF. Not converted just interested. The idea of food addiction is a game changer for us. We now want to know how to beat this red dog.

This interview was awesome. I have known I was a carb addict for awhile but to have someone so simply and beautiful explain my life’s relationship with food was great. Red dog blue dog is such a fabulous picture of how to combat this addiction. When will the follow up interview be released?

More Coming Up

There’s much more coming up on the subject of sugar addiction. Later this week we’ll publish our second interview with Jonsson, about the tools needed to defeat a sugar addiction.

Many people believe that eating low-carb is enough. But avoiding sugar and all refined carbs is just a necessary first step. It may be enough to defeat common sugar cravings, but a true sugar addiction is much harder to get free from. It usually takes more insights and tools… and that’s what Jonsson will share in the second part of the interview.

And Even More (Maybe)

From the early feedback it seems that this is a subject that many people find deeply interesting. Bitten Jonsson and I are discussing doing a more in-depth and longer video course, possibly several hours total, giving away all her most important insights and practical tools for battling a sugar addiction. There would also be additional reading material available.

The idea would be to make this treasure trove of knowledge – that could easily cost hundreds of dollars or more – freely available for all our members. Thus it would even be possible to watch it for free, with a trial membership.

Would you be interested in us doing a longer video course on sugar addiction? How it works, what to look out for and the best tools for getting free?

It would be a lot of work for me, Bitten Jonsson and our video crew to get it done (taking time from our other priorities). If you think it would be worth it let me know in the comments below.

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  1. bill
    Dr. Eenfeldt:

    I have watched the longer version and I'm not so
    sure she understands that all carbs turn to sugar
    in the body.

    Why do you now state: "...avoiding sugar and all refined carbs..." ?

    The issue is carbs, not refined carbs.

    This site is not Low Refined Carbs High Fat, it's Low Carb High Fat.

    This interview just muddies the water.

    There are plenty of people to interview who more clearly
    understand the issues.

    Reply: #2
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I think she understands the practical realities of sugar/food/carb addiction well, if not better than either of us.

    Broccoli may contain carbs, but not many people (if any) will get addicted to broccoli. Even plain potatoes or rice are hardly addiction-inducing, even though they might trigger someone who is already badly addicted to high-carb food.

    When it comes to addiction it's much more complicated than the number of grams of carbs in food. Many different factors influence the addictive properties of food.

  3. bill
    If you're referring to unavailable carbs/fiber, she
    makes no mention of that at all.

    You have covered the carbs minus fiber issue, but
    that is not what "refined carbs" necessarily means to people.

    Potatoes and rice can be highly addictive
    to some people, causing a concomitant blood sugar
    rush and increased insulin secretion that ruins a good
    LCHF eating program.

    Again, her interview does nothing to enhance your offerings.

  4. bill
    If you are determined to interview her again for
    your site, an easy way to see if she understands
    the connection between carbs and cravings is to
    ask her whether she recommends to her clients
    that they should cut down on carbohydrates and
    increase their fat consumption.

    Pretty straightforward.

    Reply: #5
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure, she recommends an LCHF diet to her sugar-addicted clients.
  6. Pierre
    Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

    That is why all junk foods are loaded with sugar.

  7. Jeffrey Bunn
    Good post, Andreas. Cutting sugar has been extremely beneficial for me; even more so than my initial switch to LCHF. And now that I'm off it, I don't even miss it!
  8. Diana

    It really wearies me when I read stuff like this: "The issue is carbs, not refined carbs." No, it's not.

    I speak from personal experience of many years. I am not addicted to potatoes, corn, or pasta - although it's true that if I eat them, even in moderation, it will do bad stuff to my blood sugars and impede weight loss. So I restrict my consumption of these carb-heavy foods. I don't particularly miss them, and I could have potatoes in my house for months and not crave them.

    I am, however, addicted to hyperpalatable combinations of sugar, fat, and wheat (i.e., cakes, cookies, pastries). Back in the days when I baked, I would fool myself into thinking, "Just one," and whatever I baked would be gone within a day. If that isn't addiction I do not know what is.

    The issue of addiction to sugar can't be separated from the issue of addiction, period. I suggest that anyone who wants to understand the nature of addiction read any book by Lance Dodes, M.D., and no, I'm not a relative or in his employ, just someone who has benefited tremendously from reading his books. I recommend that you read them, Andreas - it will help you understand rationally what addiction consists of, and why many people can eat just one cookie, just as many people can take just one drink - and others cannot.

    (I can take just one drink - there's a part of me that doesn't understand why some people cannot - but I must accept the fact that some people can't.)

    But yes, there is something called "sugar addiction" - it's very real, and it's not, as some would say, disordered eating, or caused by restriction, or carb addiction. It is addiction to a specific substance and must be viewed and treated as such.

  9. Lisa
    Hello Andreas,
    I'm new to this site but I feel that I have joined it at the right time, Britten's videos really made a lot of sense and so many things clear to me. It's given me a greater understanding of my sugar addiction, so many things have clicked. I would love to see more videos, or a longer video course! It would also be great to be able to connect with others that suffer from this hideous addiction and support each other on this site, thank you, Lisa.
  10. Patricia
    I would definitely like to see more about food addiction - not just sugar. As a recovering food addict with a few eating disorders in tow, I would like to also see more on "how to stop" eating the wrong food. What is common to all who address Food addiction is that by stopping the ingestion of certain foods, the cravings will dissipate. What is being missed by all is that a food addict does not simply just stop eating all the wrong food. That's like saying "Stop doing cocaine and you will no longer crave cocaine". How does one deal with obsession? Cravings? constant hunger? etc. I've been at this over 20 years and I'm still searching for the right formula but this crucial step of "how to stop" seems to missing amongst "experts".
  11. Mattie
    I have seen the videos I cant open some of them I am the diet right now and am not losing weight
    I don't know what am doing wrong I have read a lot books and web pages and have followed them to the t and still no weight lose right now am eating about 12 -1500 cal per day follow the food that are allow I track every thing I eat to be sure and still not luck

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