Losing 92 lbs and a sugar addiction with LCHF

Before and after LCHF

Before and after LCHF

I recently got an e-mail from Tania Palagas, Australia about what happened when she switched from being a sugar junkie to eating an LCHF diet.

Dear Andreas, a.k.a Diet Doctor!

Greetings from Sydney, Australia!!

This morning I read your latest success story on FB, regarding weightloss with LCHF…Sofia Schiller’s story!

I thought it was high time to put myself out there and share my own personal story. Funny how my story is so similar to Sofia’s.

My name is Tania Palagas and I’m 41 years old.

I was a sugar junkie of the worst kind for most of my life, never understanding the metabolic disaster that was going on inside my body. I always fundamentally believed that I was simply eating too many ’empty calories’, and that I just needed to put a zip on my appetite and do more tiresome exercise. This got me absolutely nowhere and by 2008 I weighed 144kg’s. (about 317 pounds).

Later in 2008 I decided that my only solution to losing weight was to undergo Lapband surgery. Within 18 months, (2010), after starving myself and exercising like a lunatic, I lost 60kg’s…yes, very impressive.

Unfortunately, by January 2012, I successfully regained 35kg’s…..it left me asking the question: How on earth did this happen and why was my body so intent on remaining obese??

I decided that these questions needed to be answered once and for all…so I threw myself into the world of nutritional science and soon found Dr Robert Lustig’s video: Sugar, The Bitter Truth. Wow, what an eye opener! I soon discovered Gary Taubes, Christine Cronau and of course yourself, the Diet Doctor himself, and many, many more experts in the field of true nutrition for metabolic health. I realized I had to let go of ALL mainstream dietary guidelines, and have a little faith to embrace dietary fat once again….while letting go of my insatiable sugar addiction.

In January 2012 I weighed 119kg’s. After fully embracing the concept of LCHF, today I am 77kg’s ( a loss of 42kg’s or 92 pounds in less than 2 yrs) and feel like my life is now ready to be lived and enjoyed!

I am including a photo of myself at my biggest (144kg’s) as I have no photos of myself from January 2012, when I was 119kg’s. Frankly, I didn’t look much different between those two weights :) The second photo was taken just 2 days ago.

2008 - 2013.... me and my husband, someone who has been my biggest supporter and embraced LCHF with me!

2008 – 2013.. me and my husband, someone who has been my biggest supporter and embraced LCHF with me!

A big ‘Thank You’ to people like yourself, who have spread the message of LCHF very boldly and courageously. Keep doing it, because people around the world are truly starting to pay attention!!!

Sincere well wishes from an Australian LCHF follower!

Tania Palagas

Congratulations, to both of you, on your very impressive health transformations!

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