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Here is nurse Sofia Schiller’s story of two decades of struggling with her weight. And what happened when she, in spite of all she’d heard about the “fat cult”, dared to try LCHF:

Hi Andreas! I’ve been so inspired by all the success stories on your blog, and then this morning it struck me that perhaps someone could be inspired by my success story? I’ve lost 84lbs in 2-3 years and can for the first time in my life control my sugar addiction and have a calm and relaxed relationship with food.

Looking back, I realise I don’t think I’ve ever had a healthy relationship with food – and when I say food, I mean sugar. For as long as I can remember, I’ve eaten sugary foods in secrecy and been utterly insatiable. Satiety can always be counteracted with more sugar. When I eat sugar, there’s no limit. A single cookie turns into two packages in the blink of an eye, and devouring two pounds of candy isn’t even a challenge. It’s still like that for me!

Of course, such eating habits led to me always being slightly overweight, and I continued to be that way into my teens. I was shy, insecure, never dated and was simply quite miserable. When I was 20 years old (2001), I managed (to the relief of my family) to lose 50lbs with Weight Watchers. Everything was fine and dandy, until I quit the program. I had used discipline to lose 50lbs, but learned nothing about why I gained them in the first place… And of course, the pounds packed right back on. With a vengeance! In 2010, when I was 29, I weighed 242lbs! During that year I tried any and all imaginable diets: the stewardess diet, the vegetable soup one, the diet shakes and the fruit diets. After that year I had lost around 11lbs, with a lot of yo-yoing.

This is when the idea of LCHF appeared in the back of my mind. I’m a trained nurse, and had for a long time scoffed at the obviously life-threatening diet advice spread by this fat cult, but the reality was that I was out of options. I had nothing left to try. So, in some kind of final act of defiance (and to try and prove to the fat freaks that this couldn’t possibly work!), on January 11th, 2011, I embarked on a journey that would change my life.

My path hasn’t been straight and narrow. I’ve had relapses, I’ve done the bit where you almost reach your goal weight and then convince yourself you can go back to eating a “normal”, carb-based diet, just to find myself in the same old struggle between discipline and sugar cravings. It can’t be done. I’ve finally realised that I’ll always have a disturbed relationship with sugar, and that LCHF is my ultimate weapon in that fight. I can still get the urge to stuff my face with a massive amount of candy, but I never get the physical cravings any more. And it’s such a relief! Thank you, Andreas and all you other “freaks” out there for the inspiration you’ve been and still are!

Best regards,
Sofia Schiller, Malmö, South Sweden.

Congratulations Sofia!


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  1. Rustybeth
    I hope Sofia reads this and knows that I am the same way. I have toyed with low carb since I was a teen (my mother eats LC but mostly low fat too. *sad*). I have also tried and failed at too many other diets and interventions, including a lap band. I do know that I must stay with LCHF to succeed at weight loss. My highest weight was 167kg, and now I am 130kg and on the way down. I have committed myself to LCHF and I am slowly converting my children (2 and 4) to eating fewer carbs and no sugar, but joyfully with full fat dairy and lots of vegies and meats. I cannot control my husband, but I do encourage him to make good choices.

    I know I cannot go back to a normal Western diet. I cannot control myself when it comes to sweets of any kind. There is no stop, no fullness, no satisfaction. Only pauses of guilt and shame. Thank you, Sofia, for telling my story too, and helping me stay on the path to wellness and health.


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  2. Erika
    I'd like to suggest that you can look at sweets foods and see them for what they really are - a poison.

    And just like that low down rotten scoundrel you fell head over heels - time and distance make him/her unappealing and undesirable. The break up may have been hard, the broken heart may have taken some time to mend and there may have even been a reconciliation or two before the final truth was accepted.

    It was never going to be a good relationship...and so finally you move one. And in a while you look back and you think to yourself "What on earth did I see in him/her?" And you realize how much happier you are now and with that comes peace.

  3. bill
    First, Sofia, you look great. Congratulations.

    Whenever I see someone with that distinctive
    round puffy chubby face, I hold back from
    saying, "Y'know, you might want to try LCHF."
    If only we could.

  4. Galina L.
    About controlling your husband - it is better not to try it. I would hate somebody would do it to me , it will only create tension. Encouragement is a different story, and I provide him with a home-cooked lunch to take to his work . I also never tried to interfere with what my son ate at other people houses, fast food places and restaurants. Home environment is crucial, outside world matters less. I just don't keep at home or buy foods which do not fit my description of being healthy with the rare exception of special occasions.
    My son now attends university in another city, and not eating sweets is just feels normal for him.
  5. Galina L.
    I am the case of somebody who had difficult relationship with food without being particularly interested in a sugar or bread much. On another hand, it made my eating more healthy, and I didn't turn into a grossly obese person, on another hand, it kept me from the realization that "healthy" unrefined grains , root vegetables and fruits could be causing me to be a food addict and really affected my health. Some people think that eating "real food" is enough to stay lean and healthy , but my message is - not for everyone, look how much the total amount of consumed carbs affects you.
  6. Nan
    Incredible progress! I confess that it has always disturbed me to see so many obese nurses and doctors at our large local hospital. Nurses are very important, do such valuable work, and I hope more like Sylvia will discover lchf.

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