Free of sugar addiction – third time’s the charm!

Before and after

Before and after

It can be difficult to get rid of a sugar addiction. Just like quitting smoking, several attempts may be needed before you succeed.

Here’s Sara’s story:

Hi Andreas!

Thank you for an inspiring blog!

On two previous occasions, I have tried to adopt an LCHF diet, but neither attempt lasted more than a week.

But in October 2013 I made a decision – I want to live healthfully!

My first two weeks of sugar withdrawal were horrible. I felt awful and my body protested all it could against my new diet. I really was addicted to sugar.

But this time around I was determined and I succeeded!!!

Besides getting rid of my sugar addiction, my goal was to accquire a more healthful waistline measurement, as I had read about on your blog.

I started out with a waistline measurement of 40 inches (101 cm) and now in March 2014 I’m down to 31 inches (80 cm).

Previously, I wasn’t really exercising but now I exercise 3 times a week, which makes me feel very good.

Thank you for all the help and motivation along the way!


Sara Mattson

Congratulations on your success and your health improvements!


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