How to Get Free from Food Addiction

Are you addicted to sweets, chocolate, ice cream, sandwiches or something else? Do you have a hard time controlling your thoughts of these kinds of food? Do you want to free yourself from the addiction? Then watch this video.

I’m interviewing an addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RD. She has decades of experience, first in battling her own addiction and then from treating thousands of patients, primarily with food/sugar addiction.

You can watch the first eight minutes of the interview above.

On the membership pages (free trial one month) there are now two longer interviews of 13 and 19 minutes. There we cover how you can know whether you’re addicted to food/sugar or not (hint: it all revolves around loss of control) as well as more of Bitten Jonsson’s best advice for getting free.


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What is Carb Addiction and How to Get Free from Food Addiction – full interviews

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