Watch the Best Low-Carb Movie

This may be the best (and funniest) low-carb movie ever. That’s what I wrote when it was released back in the fall of 2014. You can watch the trailer above.

You can still rent or buy the movie, of course. But you can now also watch it for free, with a one month trial membership here at Diet Doctor. As a bonus you get to watch several more movies, interviews, presentations, video courses etc.

Members can watch the movie here: Carb-Loaded (including special features)

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Should you choose to stay a member more than one free month it’s $9 per month after that. All resources from the membership is used to the best of our ability to further our ultimate goal. Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

More movies

Here are the top low-carb movies, click for trailers and full movies:


  1. William
    Sorry, Dr Eenfeldt,. I must paste the link to my
    comment on your previous post. Mine was the
    highest rated comment on that subject:

    I was not enthralled with the movie Carb-Loaded.

    I hope there are some better movies coming soon.

  2. mezzo
    You can watch the movie online for free if you dig around a bit. Not difficult to find.
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  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Encouraging piracy? :)
  4. Andre
    Sorry Andreas, I've followed this blog for a year or two, I'm convinced you're right about LCHF, but you've suddenly taken a dive into blatant commercialism and as a result I'm saying goodbye.

    Your main headline on this week's email announces "The 5 Most Common Mistakes on LCHF", but is immediately followed by a statement that only the first 2-3 (whatever that means) are available unless I pay a subscription. Then another headline announces "Watch the Best Low-Carb Movie for Free". I naively followed that link taking it at face value, but arrived at this page, where again I'm told "Well, it's not actually free, you have to subscribe ...".

    Yes, I fell for it twice, but that's enough. It's no pleasure to be subjected to cheap tricks of the kind used to sell snake oil and miracle cures. Thanks for the old blog, it was good, but unless you go back to offering information without strings attached I won't be reading it in the future.

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  5. Steve
    This is getting way to tricky for me. Its not marketing just weasel words.


  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    A trial one month membership will cost you 0 dollars. That means it's fair to use the word "free".

    I try to be very clear as soon as possible about the need for a signup to see full videos, when required. In these cases it's in the second paragraph of the posts.

    A totally free blog is great, but there was only so much I could do in my spare time. Now I'm working full time on this with 3 full-time co-workers and 2 part-time co-workers, funded by the support of members. That means that the amount and quality of our work will explode, faster and faster. We have amazing things in the pipeline, coming up. If you used to like the blog you'll be interested in them for sure...

  7. Andre
    The blog has changed, radically. Steve's right. "Weasel words" describes it well - full of statements that are deliberately misleading. This new strategy has devalued the blog to the extent that it's no longer worth reading. Andreas, you're effectively admitting this yourself when you offer freely only two out of the promised five 'common mistakes'. If the other three are at all important and you deliberately exclude them from the free blog then the free blog is not much use. You're saying loud and clear "Here's forty percent of what you need to know". (And remember, the email you sent me had as its subject "The 5 Most Common Mistakes on LCHF" - I had to follow the link and waste time only to discover that when you said five you actually meant two.)

    You don't have to keep the blog the way I liked it, of course, but neither do I have to sign up to the paid-for version. (I never sign up for "free" trials by the way. As the saying goes in English, "Pull the other one. It's got bells on.")

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  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Nobody needs to sign up for the free trial. That's only for people who want to try it.

    Feel free to keep reading/watching all the non-membership stuff, of which there is more than before. Or don't read the blog at all, even if that would make me sad.

    I'm doing this to the best of my ability. Not claiming to be perfect, and I certainly thank you for your feedback.

  9. Andre

    Thank you for listening. I do find the sort of techniques you have started using to try to get people to sign up for your paid membership intensely irritating, and so I’m sure will others. So I hope there’ll be fewer “weasel words” in future newsletters and blogs.

    But perhaps my criticism was harsh – if so I apologise. I’ll carry on reading your free blog for now and wish you luck with the membership venture.

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  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Appreciate it, Andre! And I very much hope that me and my team can put together a free blog that you'll enjoy as much as before or even more – despite the risk of some recurring irritation, that we'll work on minimizing.

    To accomplish our ridiculously high ambitions for this site – without in any way selling out to corporate interests – this membership is the best option we could think of. But many of the membership-only videos could very well be released for free for everybody after some time has passed. We'll keep testing and see what works the best for spreading the message AND getting resources for massive action.

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  11. erdoke
    Maybe there is something in what Andre and others reported. Not that the $9 is high or many people weren't happy just to support the site and your team even without extra content, but you need to make sure that messages about distribution/availability of future content is crystal clear and convey the good intentions you described above. I believe it could help and also that it is not too late to further clarify. Try to put yourself in the customers' shoes. :) Europeans are more sensitive to pushing than Americans for example. Of course I don't know the geographic distribution of visitors, but even some folks over the big pond might find some practices annoying. It is the best to clarify everything in advance.
    Just my $0.02...
  12. Ann
    Good luck with the new membership option! I have valued all of your free content and look forward to what's ahead. Best, Ann
  13. Heather
    Andreas: I have been enjoying your website for the last year or so but I don't like the new subscription approach that gives you have the story and then you must pay to read the rest. I understand the need to earn funds but there must be other options. Suddenly the credibility of the material on this website is reduced - the whole site just feels like a cash grab, not to mention annoying to navigate. I think your message does need to be delivered to the world but I think you'll achieve more success in the long run if you make the material available for free and find another means of raising funds. Please go back to your previous format.
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  14. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Giving away EVERYTHING for free means we'll have to sell out to advertisers, affiliate marketers, corporate sponsorships etc. instead. We don't want to do that as we feel it would be selling our credibility.

    On this site you'll instead find 100% ad-free and independent information, no strings attached, supported by our members.

    We'll post as much as possible for free and not requiring a signup, unfortunately that does mean that movies will most likely only be available for free with a free trial signup.

  15. Shannon
    I love this site~ This site is very reasonably priced...The movies are great too~ I know I do not work for free! Far from it , Cheers
    Reply: #16
  16. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Many more movies coming up. ;)
  17. Tom
    I love this blog. Within two days I had signed up and watched and read everything on it. Well worth $9 to help fund such an important site. The more members the better work can be done. I for one would hate a site full of ads and pop ups and endorsements. Keep up the great work!!
    Reply: #18
  18. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Happy to hear that. We're going to work super hard for you and everyone else.
  19. Mano
    Membership compared to the benefits you gain? priceless - no other words. LCHF is really a very enjoyable lifestyle, who lives that knows that and I will be a member for years to come, just to remember this site changes lives.
  20. Intersted person
    It's funny how people want everything for free but will pay to out craps in there body. These doctors are trying to help you all and you can't help yourself by paying for a a small video. A doctor's appointment out of pocket is more than you probably make in a day and you can get good sound information for less than a good meal. Shame on you. Why don't you get a live LCHF dietician and see how much they charge. You should be thanking these people for doing the leg work for your sorry, ungrateful behind.
  21. Kimberley Charman
    It is essential for credibility that you remain free from relying on funding from food companies, big pharma and other sponsors with their own agenda. Free from is not free though. This work needs funding from somewhere so $9'a month is excellent value.
  22. Tracey
    I'm happy too. Thank you. This site has given me the insight I've been missing - even though it's been right in front of me all of my life - I'm a sugar addict.

    I can now seek information and support here. And make sure my kids don't suffer the same, as we all move away from the sugar habit.


  23. Stephanie
    Thanks for making this video available. Currently, I'm on the free trial month and second week on LCHF. I had been worried about my ever increasing weight and suspected I should get checked out for diabetes. I still will but now I'm hoping the news will be good. Regarding Alzheimers: being born in the 50s it seemed to me that Alzheimer's was a recent phenomenon and I have often wondered why. To hear it described in this video as Type 3 diabetes addressed this for me.

    When my free trial is up, I will continue with the subscription to this site. It is a very small price to pay, I believe, for the valuable work being done to educate.

    Second week in and I can report that the symptoms of diabetes that I felt I may have had have disappeared, I sleep better and more deeply, my digestive system has improved so much (I simply cannot believe it as I was convinced I had coeliac disease or IBS or something). My whole general well being has improved, I am happier and feel less stressed and I have rarely felt hungry or deprived of food. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I stopped buying sugar two months ago and LCHF way of eating now is one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you all.

  24. Stefanie
    I think that $9 per month is a good value for all of this information. Some people who aren't business minded can not understand that your research, videos, and pictures etc. all cost money! I'll be joining today, 3 days in on HFLC and feeling awesome. Thank you!
  25. Tim
    All free is probably worth what you pay for it...if I get paid for a service I'm going to go the extra mile to give value. That's what makes free enterprise the greatest wealth generator ever known.
  26. gbl
    I don't think these people are complaining about the $9/membership with benefits. It's the tease. The readers are excited and becoming engaged in the story and then, whoa it's abruptly yanked away. Very disrespectful of us.
  27. Tim
    Yeah, it's an instant gratification kind of world...some people expect a trophy for just showing up, or they feel 'disrespected'.
  28. gbl
    It's a known psychological practise originally used to break down prisoners of war. It's still used by cops, and of course, marketers.

    My nomination for this best vid award would be the Fixing Dad movie.

  29. Tim
    LOL, the difference from cops and prisoners of war is...I'll write it slowly...self-victimizing people aren't in any kind of captivity.
  30. Missa
    We should be thankful for just the idea of someone helping us on this website with our health , let alone giving us free recipes and links and so much information, it's sad that we don't even question our insurance companies, dr's, pahrmaceutical industry when we pay thousands of dollars every month due to our wrong diet that we are normally on.
    I am not a paid member but still it has changed my life. And telling all my clients about it. But for $10 a month cannot believe anybody can have a problem with that. . It a drop in the sea
    Keep doing the good work . We appreciate it to no end. Love this website
  31. Mani
    I am Sankarasubramanian, or shortly Mani, from India.
    100% I agree with Missa who has correctly pointed out our natural mistake of paying unnecessarily to others but finding fault with good service.
    In south India we have been made to believe for centuries that boiled rice (not white rice) is OK for diabetics though of late wheat Chapati has been added as a better choice to that list. (In south India we eat more of rice than, wheat as preferred in north India!)
    But this article says that rice is not good!
    I wonder who is right!
  32. Ben Gravely
    I have no problem with the site having a free section and and a paid section. I wish you and your collegues can make a lot of money and do a lot of good.

    The problem I am reading is HOW the paid section is being presented. I don’t like the subtrefuge either.

    So, please just recommend the paid membership and leave off the “teasers”. Say up front that the 5 tips are for paid membership only. Advertise the paid site. Recommend it however you would like. Maybe a click button at the beginning for “Members Only”. “For more info, join our membership”….

    BUT, do not confuse or mislead people about what is free and what is not. You may start to resemble a circus barker and people will loose faith in your honesty and intentions.

  33. Lane
    Wow you bunch of leaches someone trying to help putting up info that can save people for free! Then needs a way to sustain it and your mad that he made a subscription??? Unbelievable. Rock on man people need to hear this stuff food is killing us!!!! It's 9 bucks. Peace
  34. Joni Brooks
    I pay the $9 and I love your site! I used to only view the free content but after the free 30 day trial I decided I was worth the $9 to improve my health. Yes thank you so much for your hard work putting together all of he beneficial articles, courses, recipes , etc!


  35. Eve
    I love Diet Doctor and I'm happy to pay $9 month to access all the content. Obviously a lot of hard work goes into this site and its for our benefit so I'm all for supporting the cause !!
  36. Gay
    When I think of all the money I have spent on keto books and information, I think $9.00/month is very reasonable. The information I need is all here on this website or the information of where to source it is provided. I like knowing the most up-to-date information is easily accessible. I too do not work for free (although I do give my time and energy to where it will make a difference for free). I think we are so sensitive to being "marketed" too all the time we see it everywhere. I think Andreas' heart and intention is to make the biggest difference possible in people's health and I, for one, will spend $9/month to support that effort. The cost is certainly less than a McDonald's crappy carb-age meal! Thanks Andreas!
  37. Lark
    Why do the miserable feel a need to publically complain.. If you don’t like what this website offers just go away. I on the other hand think 9.00 a month is well worth getting good sound information that may well save my life

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