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The 5 Most Common Mistakes on LCHF [Teaser]

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Do you get a great effect from eating LCHF? Or is there a problem – do you have a hard time reaching your goal weight, are you hungry or do you feel bad?

In that case you could be doing one of the five most common mistakes on LCHF. In this short video I go through them.

Above you can see the first half of the video, with three of the mistakes. The whole video with all five mistakes is available on the membership pages (free trial one month).

The 5 Common Mistakes on LCHF

Have you made any of the mistakes or do you have any more to suggest?


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  1. Taylor
    I really enjoyed the infomation you provided and was fast becoming a regular reader of your blog...so this bait and switch video came as a disappointment. I think I'll go back to the vast number of free blogs from other knowlegeable people. Best of luck with your new website though :)
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  2. Murray
    This video is a teaser, not bait and switch. Dr. Eenfeldt says right up front this is only the first half of the video.

    When you link to a trailer for film X it is a teaser. But if you link to a teaser for film X and part way through it becomes an ad for film Y or some political cause, then that is bait and switch. Bait and switch is when a car dealership advertises car X for a great price but when you come in they have none in stock and they push car Y at an unfavourable price. "Bait and switch" is an unfair trade practice and it is inappropriate to label this video as bait and switch.

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  1. Amy
    Agreed! I am not a paying member and read only the free articles but do not disagree with the membership fees. Alot of time and energy goes into maintaining a website and answering questions, replies, and comments. I am very appreciative of what is free. So thanks!
  2. Karl
    You have a point Amy, there does need to be a charge..
    the five reasons most people fail was offered as the catch b4 the Doc came on.
    I did not hear him say what you say you heard......
  3. Ahmad Zahar
    I agree this membership blog. As a member it gives me some kind of credentials for me to refer too when friend and family ask matters about LCHF. It's difficult to explain lchf to newbies due to entrenched cholesterol doctrines promoted by medical sciences all these years. At least what I will say about lchf carries weight with this blog. I will surely become a permanent member of this blog. Thanks a million.
  4. celeste kelsey
    Dmding...My husband is a Type I Diabetic (I have early Insulin Resistance) and we have been following a LCHF diet for 4 years which is very similar to yours. My husband at 6' weighs 165 and consumes 12 oz of protein a day or roughly 75 gms. His HbA1c hovers around 5 (he still wants it lower). We use Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's protocol. Dr. Bernstein, is a Diabetologist and Endocrinologist. He is emfatic that most if not all Type I Diabetics also have under-active Thyrioids due to another auto-immune disease most likely Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I suggest you get your Thyroid checked. Ask your Doctor to check your TSH, Free T3, and Free T4. The Free hormone is critical. Many Doctors check Total T3 and T4. That will not tell you what you need to know. Look for results in the mid-range and NEVER accept a lab result that is relayed to you as "Normal." Learn what the range is and persue a number that is in range and one that makes you feel better. Also, most Hashimoto's sufferers and Low Carbers do not convert T4 (the storage form of the hormone) to T3 (the active hormone that does the work in your body) So we, yes, I have Hashimoto's also, take T4 and also take T3 to get our levels correct. This takes time to get balanced correctly so be patient and find a doctor who is willing to work with you. My husband had to change doctor's to find one that would test correctly. Sometimes a G.P. is willing to do that more than an Endo. Endo's sometimes have bigger egos and do not want to be told what to do. BTW, not only did my husband discover that he did have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis...but he also had Thyroid Cancer. Had he stayed with the original Endocrinologist who knows what might have happened. Educate yourself on Thyroid Disease...Thank God for Dr. Google. ;)
  5. Z
    I'm new to the site and am impressed with all of the amazing, easy to understand and free content available! I don't understand how others can be disappointed with the fee structure or teasers to membership.its quite clear everywhere in the site that this is subscription based so as not to rely on advertiser and product push. The fee seems quite reasonable given that there doesn't seem to be additional food products to buy. I'm curious as to how these complainers would suggest the site continue without subscription fees and manage to maintain content that is not influenced by advertisements? Or is this another excuse for those complainers to not take action to improve their own health?
    Thank you diet doctor team for all the great free content, especially the easy to understand graphical representations of what to eat in the different food categories and the amazing recipes!
  6. Annette
    I am so happy and grateful for the free information that I have found from Dr Andreas. After struggling with trying to lose weight for years and trying every diet programme, including a recent disastrous foray into the world of the Body Coach - I have finally found a programme which is making me feel less like a dieter, more like a human who can eat proper food, whilst at the same time yield results. I have lost 14.2kgs since I started in April - that's only a month ago! I am now following the five rules including getting more sleep and intermittent fasting which work for me. I still haven't paid any subscription fees but am considering it. I have told so many people about this programme as it works for me and I feel so normal. Good luck with it Dr A - its brilliant!
  7. Milo
    Well good luck. You don't really need this site or any guide to make this diet work. You just need enough discipline. 11 months ago I weighed 273 & was diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes. I went to 20g carbs a day, generally portabella mushrooms sautéed in olive oil. Also generally 1 1/2-2 pounds of either chicken, steak, shrimp or turkey cooked with liberal amounts of olive & grapeseed oils & coconut oil. I drank just over a gallon of water each day, no other fluids, no caffeine. 11 months later I weigh 181 lbs, 9% body fat & banished diabetes from my life. After a month you really don't miss carbs. I suspect most people's failings are universal in that they cheat. I also believe a key component is water, lots of it, preferably very cold & drinking nothing else. Giving up caffeine sucked but you actually adjust in a month or so. Also never needed big pharma meds for diabetes, control through diet & exercise alone. This can be done, I'm living proof.
  8. Sharon
    You don't work for free, do you? Niether should the doctor. He's paid lots of money and invested many years in educating himself. In doing so he has made himself a valued source of knowledge. He PAID to gain this knowledge why in the world would you feel you are entitled to get it for free? HE did the years of studying and research ....you did a Google search. Please explain what makes you somehow eligible for a free education of medical weight loss and nutrition? I won't even mention the fact that he clearly states in various parts on his site that there is a free trial membership with options to purchase a full membership. Be realistic and ask yourself if you would EVER go to work for a full month and tell your employer ," no thanks, you keep my paycheck, I just enjoy GIVING away my time and services to the company."
  9. HK
    People are so selfish. How can you be mad at a doctor for not sharing every thing he knows for FREE ? Does YOUR doctor work for free ? If you want the "whole story" and are not willing to pay $9, then stop being lazy and go search for the info yourself on line and do your own research or you can go pay $100 for an office visit so you can ask a doctor all your questions. This guy owes you nothing. Everyone who is complaining, please include the info for YOUR free website...
  10. karin
    I want to lose about 55 lbs so how much will it take if i go on LCHF diet?
    Reply: #62
  11. ShannonH
    I thought this was great information and the free advice is great. I've been in the LCHF diet for over 30 days with only a 10 pound weight loss. It's really great that the doctor is sharing as much knowledge as he is. Much appreciated
  12. Nick
    It's up to you and how disciplined you are. You can easily loose 3-5lb per week.. But not if you backslide on cake, biscuits, beer, ice cream etc...!
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