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“I Feel Good and Do Not Look My 70 Years, I Am Told”

Florence followed the so called diabetic diet but found that her weight just kept climbing and she had to take many medications. She decided to switch to a low-carb diet, and this is what has happened after six months: Continue Reading →


The Real Way to Lose Weight – Dr. Fung on Fox News

What’s the right way to lose weight? Why is it not about counting calories, but about controlling your hormones? And how do you do it?

Here’s a great new interview of Dr. Jason Fung on Fox News, with a host who clearly understands the issues.

You can get Dr. Fung’s book The Obesity Code on Amazon.

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“I Feel Fantastic”

Before and after

Before and after

Three months ago Marci started a low-carb diet, and she’s had considerable assistance from the Diet Doctor website. Amazingly she’s already down 34 lbs (15 kg), and she feels great.

Here are some of the things that have helped her on her journey: Continue Reading →


Study: Wearable Fitness Trackers Result in Weight GAIN!

Not effective for weight loss

Not effective for weight loss

Should you move more to lose weight? Should you even invest in a smart watch that can track how much you exercise – would that help you lose a few more pounds?

It sounds like a reasonable idea. But many studies have questioned how effective exercise really is for weight loss. So how about actually testing if it works?

In a new study, people in a weight-loss program were divided into two groups. One group was the control group. The other group was identical, with one addition: they got to use a wearable fitness tracker. This was to be worn on the wrist to help them track their exercise and hopefully lose more weight.

Unfortunately it did not work… instead it backfired in a spectacular way. Not only did the wearable fitness-tracker group fail to lose extra weight. While wearing it they actually GAINED about 5 additional pounds (2 kg) compared to the control group.

The negative effect of the fitness trackers on body weight was statistically highly significant.

How is this possible? These trackers measure movement and can adjust one’s “allowed caloric intake” accordingly. Thus many people may feel they are allowed to eat more bad foods if they have exercised. This could very well result in weight gain – given that exercise is almost completely useless for weight loss.

These fitness-tracker measurements may become a distraction to what’s really important: what you eat. Getting distracted from the most important thing sets people up to fail.

Are there smarter ways to lose weight? Sure. Eat real low-carb foods, maybe do some intermittent fasting. While you’re doing that, feel free to exercise for health, fitness and wellness reasons – that’s great.

Just don’t believe that exercise will help you lose a significant amount of weight.

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“I Am No Longer on the Diabetes Spectrum”


Rosemary was in shock after her doctor diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes. The minute she got home, she started researching what her diagnosis meant and how she could reverse it.

After a while, she discovered Diet Doctor and LCHF. She talked to her specialist diabetes nurse who gave her three months to try and improve her blood sugar readings. This is what happened: Continue Reading →


The M.E.A.L. Diet – the World’s Best Diet for Ultra-Rapid Fat Loss?


Did Dr. Ted Naiman just come up with the simplest and best diet for ultra-rapid fat loss that the world has ever seen?

It’s called the M.E.A.L. diet.

Eat Meat, Eggs, Added natural fats and Leafy greens. Voila. All “invented” by Dr. Ted Naiman. No diet book required.

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“We… Plan to Make This Our New Way of Eating for Life”


This year over 55,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:



First of all thank you very much for this webpage and really well structured guidance of the LCHF diet. I am 30 years old (5.5′ height – 157 cm), born in India, currently living in Germany and my weight was in range 73 to 74 kg (160–163 lbs). I have completed my challenge for two weeks and would like to say it’s amazing. I have lost almost 4 kg (9 lbs) of my weight i.e. from 73 to 69 (160 to 152 lbs). And I would like to continue this diet until I reach my goal 62 kg (136 lbs). I would also like to mention that recipes on your webpage helped a lot.

I highly recommend everyone who is facing problems with overweight to follow LCHF, it works really, feeling good, no hunger, always satisfied and simple way to lose weight.

I would like to ask you one question, when can I start exercise like cardio, weight lifting and so on?

Thank you again and I appreciate the noble cause that you are working for. I wish that soon many people will realize this and we step into an obesity-free and healthy world.


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“I Was Amazed at What I Could Eat and How Much Weight I Lost”

Before and after

Before and after

Caroline had issues with her weight throughout her whole adult life and had to use massive amounts of exercise to even try to control it. Eventually she suffered a knee injury and had to stop exercising.

Now she had to find a new way to lose weight. A friend had tried LCHF and she decided to give it a try. This is where she is after 6 months: Continue Reading →


Vegan Vs. LCHF Cardiology Battle


Is a low-fat vegan or an LCHF diet better for lowering the risks of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease? If you want to hear the arguments for both sides, you can watch this video with Dr. Aseem Malhotra and the vegan-inclined Dr. Joel Kahn.

Skip to 1:48 unless you want to learn more about penile arteries:

Mind Body Green: Two Cardiologists Debate Fat, Sugar, And Coconut Oil

The common ground between the two debaters and cardiologists is that sugar is bad for you and lifestyle (movement, stress reduction, not smoking) is important in decreasing risk factors. When it comes to fat they predictably disagreed.

According to Dr. Naiman – from whom I’ve stolen the header to this post – there was a clear winner to the debate. What do you think?

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“All This Is Possible While Enjoying Bacon and Eggs”

Before and after

Before and after

Tash had attempted to starve herself throughout her adult life in efforts to lose weight. Regardless, her weight just kept increasing. She even ended up with a diagnosis of prediabetes, despite only being 30 years old!

Desperate to find a solution, she came across Dr. Jason Fung and Diet Doctor.

Soon she started doing the exact opposite of what every doctor had told her before. This is what happened: Continue Reading →