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“THAT Is Success!”


Before and after

After having had steadily increasing blood sugar levels for 5 years, Mark’s doctor wanted him to start taking insulin. It did not feel like the right thing to do – so Mark asked his doctor to give him 6 months to bring his blood sugar down.

He started researching when he came home, and came across the low-carb diet. This is his fantastic story: Continue Reading →


“I Feel This Is Definitely the Way for Me for the Rest of My Life”

Photo: GettyImages

Photo: GettyImages

Wendy struggled with a yo-yoing weight, but after losing weight on a low-fat diet and realizing that it wasn’t sustainable, she found Diet Doctor and changed tactics: Continue Reading →


New Study: Breakfast is Very Overrated



We’ve all heard it: Breakfast is “the most important meal of the day”. Especially if you want to lose weight, you should make sure you eat breakfast. This is a belief that is supported by about zero hard science, and it makes just about no sense at all. Why would anyone lose weight by making sure they eat more?

A new high-quality (RCT) study tested the concept. Forty-nine women who did not usually eat breakfast were randomized to one of two groups: keep skipping breakfast, or start eating it. They were then followed for four weeks to see what happened.

According to conventional wisdom the people who started to eat breakfast would miraculously start losing weight and feeling great. But that’s not what the study found.

The women who started to eat breakfast…

  1. Ate more food in total over the day
  2. Ate more carbs in total
  3. Finally, not surprisingly, they gained weight

Nobody should be surprised. Feel free to eat breakfast if you’re hungry and it makes you feel good. But there’s no need to eat breakfast, and it’s certainly not going to help you lose weight.

It’s perfectly OK to break your fast (“break fast”) by eating lunch instead… Continue Reading →


“Now, Here I Am Eights Months Later and 63 Pounds Lighter”


Before and after

Keep reading if you want to know how Ashley lost 63 lbs (29 kg) and reversed her type 2 diabetes in only eight months! Continue Reading →


Top Videos About Weight Loss

It’s January, so many people are looking for ways to get rid of the pounds that piled on over the Holidays. If you’re unsure how to do it, you can check out one of our top five videos about weight loss below.


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#3 Success Story of 2016: “Now I’ve Got the Rest of My Fantastic New Sugar-Free Life to Live!”

Before and after.

Before and after

Out of about 200, this is the #3 most popular success story of 2016.

My Westerdahl has been fighting her sugar addiction since childhood. LCHF is an essential ingredient in the recipe for her success, but she says it’s not enough.

Here’s how she succeeded and lost 208 lbs (94 kilos). Read My’s story


“It Has Been So Worthwhile and Enlightening”

Photo: GettyImages

Photo: GettyImages

Sid joined Diet Doctor just a month ago, got started with low carb, and apparently he has had some success reversing his type 2 diabetes: Continue Reading →


Losing 62 Pounds in One Year


Yet another fantastic Dr. Ted Naiman patient story – losing 62 lbs (28 kg) and reaching his goal weight effortlessly in just one year! Can you guess how he did it?

Apparently it only took 3 minutes to explain what to do… Continue Reading →


How Gina Really Healed Herself from Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome


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Gina was recently featured in [a certain] Magazine’s ‘Half their Size 2017’ issue. According to [the magazine]:

“I overhauled my entire diet,” says the Port St. Lucie, Florida, resident, who gave up sugar, processed foods and swapped starches like pasta for veggie-heavy salads. Lassales also started wearing a Fitbit and talking long walks. Now she logs about 15,000 steps per day.”

She started off at 300 pounds and now weighs 120 pounds according to the website. Reading the article, it appears that she ate small meals throughout the day and increased her exercise for walking.

This is the classic ‘Eat Less, Move More’ prescription that we’ve all been taught. It has been spectacularly unsuccessful for the great majority of people, so how did it succeed for her?

Well, the truth is that you can’t always believe what you read. Continue Reading →


Trying to Lose Weight? You’re Wasting Your Time at the Gym

Losing weight by running on treadmill

If you’re one of these people who are trying to shed pounds by running on the treadmill or spending hours lifting weights, then you’re probably wasting your time. Exercise has a very negligible effect on your weight:

Scientific American: The Exercise Paradox

Simply put, it doesn’t work because our bodies adjust to more ‘calories out’ by making us hungrier.

To be clear, I don’t recommend dropping your exercise regimen – it’s great for general health, fitness and wellbeing. But it’s almost useless for weight control.

So how do you lose weight? Check out our guide below.

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