“I’ve since been healthy and had no recurring issues with eczema.”


Izabelle first contacted us four years ago when she managed to heal her eczema by following a low carb diet. Back in 2018, she shared that she had attempted to go vegan for around six months. Unfortunately, it only depleted her nutrient levels even further. She was two years into her nutritional medicine degree at the time and decided to find the root cause of her problem.

She needed to reduce inflammation, which meant eating low carb to provide adequate amino acids, fats, and minerals from whole foods. By committing to this eating approach, Izabelle’s health dramatically transformed for the better; her eczema flare-ups and severe menstrual cramps stopped. 

Recently, Izabelle has slightly tweaked her diet to incorporate more animal-based protein. She shares how these changes helped her during pregnancy and postpartum in the update below: 

“A lot has happened since I last messaged you guys. I got my degree in nutritional medicine and gave birth to two children . I’m still following a low carb diet, but it’s slightly less restrictive. Instead, I’ve started eating more animal-based products. 

Overall, I’ve been healthy and my eczema is under control. I’ve been very fertile and had no issues getting pregnant. I experienced no complications during pregnancy or childbirth. 

My current diet is red meat, eggs, some dairy (like cheese, milk, and cream), fruit, coffee, and honey. I occasionally indulge in other types of foods, but I try to limit them. I’ve cut out pretty much all vegetables, but will still have some, like sweet potatoes or pumpkin once a week. 

My family supports regenerative agriculture as much as possible and I truly believe an animal-based diet is the best thing for our planet. As the plant-based movement gains more popularity, I’ve noticed people complaining about similar health issues like the ones I experienced before changing my eating approach.

Back when I was strictly keto, my protein intake was relatively low and I found myself constantly hungry and craving more food. Now that I’ve incorporated more animal-based protein, I’m content with my current lifestyle and feel better than ever. It’s easy, keeps me satisfied, and I’ve had no issues producing milk while breastfeeding. Over the past three months, I’ve managed to lose 22 pounds (10 kilos) without any exercise, but there’s still some more baby weight to go! 

We’ve also made an active effort to use only non-toxic cleaning, beauty, and kitchen supplies in the household. 

That’s my update so far and I hope it inspires other people on a similar journey. I appreciate all the hard work you guys do at Diet Doctor.

You can read Izabelle’s original story here.

Other information:

Business Instagram: Izabelle.Mathilda 

Personal Instagram: izabellemalmberg

Well done, Izabelle! You’re proof that food can be your medicine. Congratulations on getting your degree in nutritional medicine, and thank you for sharing your story to inspire others.

Franziska Spritzler RD, CDE


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