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New Study: Breakfast is Very Overrated



We’ve all heard it: Breakfast is “the most important meal of the day”. Especially if you want to lose weight, you should make sure you eat breakfast. This is a belief that is supported by about zero hard science, and it makes just about no sense at all. Why would anyone lose weight by making sure they eat more?

A new high-quality (RCT) study tested the concept. Forty-nine women who did not usually eat breakfast were randomized to one of two groups: keep skipping breakfast, or start eating it. They were then followed for four weeks to see what happened.

According to conventional wisdom the people who started to eat breakfast would miraculously start losing weight and feeling great. But that’s not what the study found.

The women who started to eat breakfast…

  1. Ate more food in total over the day
  2. Ate more carbs in total
  3. Finally, not surprisingly, they gained weight

Nobody should be surprised. Feel free to eat breakfast if you’re hungry and it makes you feel good. But there’s no need to eat breakfast, and it’s certainly not going to help you lose weight.

It’s perfectly OK to break your fast (“break fast”) by eating lunch instead… Continue Reading →


What Causes Obesity?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars87%4 stars5%3 stars4%2 stars2%1 star1%99 ratings6,364 viewsWhat is the real cause of obesity? What causes weight gain?

It surely is not excess calories – that’s just a description of how people gain weight. It does not explain why, so it’s not helpful. Dr. Fung gets into the REAL cause in this presentation.

This talk has only been available for our members before (check out our free trial), but now everyone can watch it above.

Table of contents

  2:10  Why are there fat doctors?
  4:10  What causes weight gain?
10:15  The ultimate cause of obesity – the unspoken accusation
16:09  The biology of human starvation
18:55  Metabolic rate and calorie reduction
21:45  Not lack of willpower
24:05  The cruel hoax
26:00  Hormonal obesity
28:40  Insulin and weight gain
37:05  A new hope



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Even Dogs Lose More Weight on Low Carb


Many dogs have weight issues these days, while eating dog food full of carbs.

Apparently low-carb diets are great for making dogs lose weight without hunger – and all that annoying begging to their owners – according to this study:

The Journal of Nutrition: High-Protein Low-Carbohydrate Diets Enhance Weight Loss in Dogs

Do you know of someone that could benefit from losing weight on a low-carb diet? It’s not just for humans.

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Keto-Adaptation and Performance – How to Burn Fat for Fuel

4.7 out of 5 stars5 stars84%4 stars7%3 stars3%2 stars0%1 star3%110 ratings3,940 viewsDid you miss the first and great Low Carb USA conference, held in San Diego July 29-31 this year? Fear not.

I was there with my coworkers, filming everything, presentations, Q&As and interviews with people who had amazing stories to share. And it will all be available to watch here at Diet Doctor. As we finish editing the videos we’ll release them, one by one.

The first video is one of the best talks of the conference, Professor Jeff Volek on keto-adaptation and performance. It’s a great overview of the benefits of making your body burn fat for fuel. Effortless loss of excess weight is just one of many benefits. Volek also discusses how to do it, while avoiding common mistakes.

Watch it

Watch a section from it above (transcript). The full 58-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Keto-Adaptation and Performance – Professor Jeff Volek

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Low Carb USA

Low Carb USA is the top low-carb conference in the US. Next year’s conference will take place August 3 – August 6, 2017 in San Diego. Sign up now for an early bird discount (50% off).

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Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

4.6 out of 5 stars5 stars84%4 stars5%3 stars2%2 stars1%1 star5%234 ratings7,565 viewsBy controlling the insulin in your body you can control both your weight and many other aspects of your health.

But exactly what does insulin do in your body? What factors raise and lower insulin? How can you effectively control your insulin?

Dr. Ted Naiman gives you tons of knowledge in this great presentation from the Low-Carb Cruise 2016. It was my favorite talk of the cruise, but I did not think it would be everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s really fast. My mistake! It has already become one of the most popular videos ever at Diet Doctor.

This talk is full of ideas that you can put to use right away. Watch a section from it above (transcript).

Watch the full video

The full 45-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

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New Study: Avoiding Fat a Waste of Time – More Fat, More Weight Loss


Trying to avoid fat is a waste of time. A new study shows that compared to a low-fat diet, people lost more weight by eating a higher-fat Mediterranean diet. This after 5 years of follow-up.

In a comment on the study, Professor Dariush Mozaffarian writes that it is now “time to end our fear of fat”. He’s absolutely right.

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The Calorie Theory of Obesity Falsified


Is a calorie a calorie? Clearly not. And now, via the recently reported Kevin Hall/NuSI study we have even more evidence that a calorie is not a calorie. Continue Reading →


The Biggest Loser FAIL and That Ketogenic Study Success


This week, splashed all over the New York Times, was an article about a paper written by Kevin Hall, a senior researcher at the National Institutes of Health. It was published in Obesity and titled “Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after ‘The Biggest Loser competition“. This generated a lot of hand-wringing about the futility of weight loss.

NYT: After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight

The study, along with another study presented by Kevin Hall seemed to generate more anxiety about the insulin hypothesis being dead. Of course, both these studies fit in perfectly with the hormonal view of obesity and reinforces once again the futility of following the Caloric Reduction as Primary approach. You could review my 50ish part series on Hormonal Obesity if you want a more in-depth view.

So, let’s dive in an explain the findings of both of Dr. Hall’s excellent papers. His conclusions, well, let’s just say I don’t agree with them. The studies, though, were very well done. Continue Reading →


Professor Ludwig vs. Stephan Guyenet on Insulin vs. Calories

Is our weight mostly controlled by hormones or by the brain? Is it about normalizing our fat-storing hormones (mainly insulin) or is it just about deciding not to overeat?

The second answer has been the most commonly believed one, and it’s been a giant failure. We need new ideas that actually work. So we need to find the truth.

The old arguments in this interminable debate are nicely packaged by the formerly popular blogger Stephan Guyenet, PhD, at Whole Health Source: Always Hungry? It’s Probably Not Your Insulin

As a reply Professor David Ludwig just published this: Ludwig Responds to Whole Health Source Article

Who wins?

So who wins? The way I see it they are both wrong, but Professor Ludwig is much less wrong.  Continue Reading →


Low Carb Best for Weight Loss in Yet Another New Meta Analysis

What diet should you choose to lose weight? Low carb or low fat?

Another new review of all the best studies – over six months or longer – shows the same result as earlier trials: Low carb results in more weight loss.

British Journal of Nutrition: Effects of low-carbohydrate diets v. low-fat diets on body weight and cardiovascular risk factors: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

When it comes to cholesterol low carb performs better in two measurements and worse in one. Low-carb diets result on average in slightly higher LDL cholesterol but a better profile with more beneficial HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides (also good). Again, no surprises.

An extra 5 pounds – or more

Regarding weight loss some people will argue that the extra 2.2 kilos (about 5 pounds) lost on low carb is not that great an advantage. But remember that this is the average of every person in long randomized trials (6 months+) where very many people, regardless of diet, soon return to old habits. This is just human nature. For example, not many people manage to give up smoking on the first attempt.

In other words, the extra 5 pounds lost on low carb is the average for people following, or not following, a low-carb diet. Presumably the people actually doing the diet during the full trials did way better on average.

Also remember that people can and do lose weight on a low-fat, low-calorie diet too. It’s just harder and takes more effort and willpower. The likely underestimated 5 pounds is on top of the weight loss of the low fat diet groups.

Bottom line: According to all high-quality studies people on average lose more weight on low carb, even when not counting calories or trying to restrict food intake. Pretty fantastic.

Try it

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