Low-carb diet best for weight loss, according to yet another new review

A low-carb diet is the most effective dietary choice to lose weight – in fact there’s a 99% probability that someone will do better on low carb, compared to other diets. And the risk factors for heart disease also improve more than on low-fat diets. That’s the findings of yet another published review of the science:

Sceptics will rightly point out that the review was supported financially by Atkins Nutritionals, so this specific paper is clearly less trustworthy than other similar earlier reviews and studies without such ties. Like these:

It apparently does not matter who funds the study. A low-carb diet has won comparative studies more than 20 times and never lost to low-fat. Not once. That’s 20+ to zero.


  1. Kathleen
    I read the PLOS One study - Sackner-Bernstein (2015) - it was a study supported by Atkins Nutritionals - whilst that may make readers sceptical if that's what they are looking for - the reality is, it is difficult to get independent research funding for studies like these.
  2. gbl
    The PloS study is not a "new" study. It's an overview study of all the current studies on the issue. It says, altogether, LCHF is about equally effective for weight loss as calorie restriction ie) LFHC but for a minor benefit for health makers such as cardiovascular events, and that not proven for long term. This kind of study is done to buttress funding requests for further studies. In this case, that would be investigating long term and wider demographic.

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