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10 Signs You Could Be Insulin Resistant


Insulin resistance is the root cause of many modern health problems (like type 2 diabetes), even though it isn’t a disease in itself.

So how can you know whether you’re insulin resistant and at risk for these diseases? Here are the top 10 signs:

Mediamax: 10 Signs You Could Be Insulin Resistant

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Top Videos About Insulin, the Fat-Storing Hormone

Insulin is a key to understanding obesity and type 2 diabetes, and how to manipulate it to your advantage for weight loss and health.

Here are our top videos about the fat-storing hormone, that give a thorough explanation:

Watch them

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Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars85%4 stars10%3 stars3%2 stars0%1 star1%184 ratings6,510 viewsIs obesity mainly caused by the fat storing hormone insulin? And if so, why do many people still not agree at all?

As the dogma of Calories In, Calories Out is becoming more and more outdated, people like Dr. Ted Naiman sees tremendous results doing the opposite: stop counting calories.

Finally, what should you be doing if you want to lose weight by lowering your insulin? Dr. Naiman shares the most effective ways to do this (low carb is just one of four important things).

Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 25-minute interview – one of our most popular and controversial videos – is available on our member site:

Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin? – Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman

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A Trip to DiabetesVille


Insulin resistance

Virtually all doctors agree that elevated insulin resistance is very bad for human health, being the root cause of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. So, if it is so bad, why do we all develop it in the first place? How can such a mal-adaptive process be so ubiquitous?

As of 2015, over 50% of the American population has diabetes or pre-diabetes. This stunning statistic means that there are more people in the United States with pre-diabetes or diabetes than without it. It’s the new normal. Why does it develop it so frequently? There must be some protective purpose to it since our bodies are not designed to fail. Humans have lived for millennia before the modern diabesity epidemic. How can insulin resistance be protective? Continue Reading →


Ivor Cummins Talks Heart Disease and Insulin Resistance

Here’s an interesting talk about heart disease by Ivor Cummins. You can watch the presentation from the Low Carb USA Keto Getaway either above or following the link below.

Ivor Cummins joined up with our camera crew – Simon Victor and Giorgos Chloros – and recorded a number of interviews in Florida during the last few days. The team just returned, after having a great time with Cummins. The footage – shot with our brand new 4K cameras – looks absolutely amazing. We’ll hopefully get some of it online very soon.

Note that the recording above is not a part of the Diet Doctor production. It’s simply recorded with Cummin’s camera, but it’s certainly good enough to watch.

The Fat Emperor: Fat Emperor in LC USA Keto Getaway Florida – Insulin vs. Cholesterol – and CAC!

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Dr. David Ludwig’s Response to ‘the Death’ of the Insulin-Carbohydrate Model


Has the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity been proven wrong? Long-time opponent Kevin Hall claims that this is the case in a recent review.

But not so fast, responds Dr. David Ludwig, that is concluding way too much from two tiny studies, based on observational and short-term data:

Medium: Is the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model Dead? The Rumors Have Been Exaggerated

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Insulin and Fatty Liver Disease

Dr. Alfred Frohlich from the University of Vienna first began to unravel the neuro-hormonal basis of obesity in 1890. He described a young boy with the sudden onset of obesity who was eventually diagnosed with a lesion in the hypothalamus area of the brain. It would be later confirmed that hypothalamic damage resulted in intractable weight gain in humans, establishing this region as a key regulator of energy balance.

In rats and other animals, hypothalamic injury could experimentally produce insatiable appetites and induce obesity. But, researchers quickly noticed something else, too. All these obese animals shared characteristic liver damage, which was occasionally severe enough progress to complete destruction. Looking back at hereditarily obese strains of mice, they noted the same liver changes. Strange, they thought. What does the liver have to do with obesity? Continue Reading →


Why High Insulin Precedes Type 2 Diabetes


Joseph Kraft is a medical doctor who measured over 14,000 oral glucose tolerance tests in his lifetime. This is a standard test to measure the blood glucose response to a standardized amount of glucose over 2 hours. The difference is that he measured over 5 hours and included blood insulin levels. A summary of his work is here and Prof Grant also reviews it nicely here. Ivor Cummins, The Fat Emperor, has also reviewed it nicely here.

kraft-curves-cummins-1024x658What Dr. Kraft had discovered is that you can make the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes much earlier than the standard OGTT by measuring insulin. The OGTT itself is meant diagnose T2D earlier than blood glucose by measuring the glucose response to a 75g load of glucose.

But people with normal OGTT may still have an abnormal insulin response. Those people who respond with excessive secretion of insulin to 75g of glucose are at very high risk of eventually developing T2D as well. So the insulin response is even earlier, which means you can diagnose ‘diabetes in situ’, which means incipient diabetes. Continue Reading →


How to Control Your Insulin Efficiently

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By controlling the insulin in your body you can control both your weight and many other aspects of your health.

But exactly what does insulin do in your body? What factors raise and lower insulin? How can you control your insulin efficiently?

Dr. Ted Naiman gives you tons of knowledge in this great presentation from the Low-Carb Cruise 2016. It’s full of ideas that you can put to use right away.

Watch a new highlight from the presentation above (transcript). The full 45-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does In Your Body – Dr. Ted Naiman

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A New Paradigm of Insulin Resistance

Man with big belly

What exactly is insulin resistance? One of insulin’s jobs is to help move glucose from the blood into the cells for energy. When blood glucose remains elevated despite normal or high levels of insulin, this is called insulin resistance. The cells are resisting insulin’s pleas to take up glucose. But why is this happening? What causes insulin resistance? Continue Reading →