The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

Do doctors treat type 2 diabetes completely wrong today – in a way that actually makes the disease worse? Many people would correctly say yes. There’s a better way.

What is the perfect treatment for type 2 diabetes – and for weight loss? Many people would say a strict LCHF diet – I would have said that myself, at one time. But that may just be a good start.

Many readers have told me about the Canadian nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung and his exciting work. But it was only recently that I got to meet him and record this interview.

Dr. Fung

Dr. Fung treats people with severe type 2 diabetes, and to them LCHF may not be effective enough – even if it’s a good starting point. Dr. Fung has found something significantly more effective. And as a side effect it’s also likely to be the world’s most effective method for weight loss, whether you have diabetes or not.

In this 12 minute interview – that you can see above – he goes through all the basics.

Observe: This treatment is extremely effective. If you have diabetes and take blood sugar lowering medication (especially insulin injections) you may need to reduce the doses a lot to avoid potentially dangerous hypoglycemia. You may instantly become too healthy for your medication.

More knowledge

There is a 32 minute second part to the interview, where Dr. Fung goes through many more practical tips and answers common questions. This second part is on the membership pages ():

The Perfect Treatment for Diabetes and Weight Loss – full interview

Here are a few of the things Dr. Fung mentions in the full interview:

  • Different lengths of fasting that work well (including very extreme options)
  • Why people usually find it much easier to fast then they believe
  • Possible side effects and how to handle them
  • Additional health benefits of fasting
  • Medicines that can be problematic when fasting
  • What reactions he gets from the doctors and dietitians he works with
  • Do you still need to eat breakfast?
  • And much more

All this and much more you can learn in the second 32 minute part, on the membership site.


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The Perfect Treatment for Diabetes and Weight Loss – full interview

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