Breakfast! Is it really that important?

Breakfast! Is It Really That Important? – Dr. Jason Fung
Breakfast! Is it really the most important meal of the day?

The answer – as you might have guessed – is no. But why do so many people still believe that it is? And what are the benefits of NOT eating breakfast in the morning?

Here’s the entertaining and enlightening next part of the fasting course with Dr. Jason Fung.


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  1. Apicius
    Not eating breakfast was a huge paradigm shift for me! I used to be hungry in the morning....not anymore! Apart from the health aspect, I am saving TIME!!! Lots of it!!!! Any time savings to get to the office (work) quicker is a huge plus.
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  2. chris c
    Breakfast can be essential for many diabetics in order to switch off glucagon which causes "dawn phenomenon" - BG which steadily rises until something is eaten which switches on insulin. I function best with a small low carb moderate fat high protein breakfast which stabilises my energy levels and BG for many hours, unlike the bowl of breakfast cereal I ate for fifty years, and which I was fooled into believing was "healthy", which I now realise spiked my BG, then spiked my insulin, then left me hungry and exhausted again a couple of hours later.

    Pragmatially, and using my glucometer, I do best with a small breakfast, a large low carb high fat meal any time between late afternoon and late evening, and nothing or not much in between. I suspect meal timing may be quite individual and well worth tinkering with.

  3. Paul TR
    Yes breakfast is important - unless you do not have to think all day long.

    One out of many studies

    Nutr Neurosci. 2015 Jun 15. [Epub ahead of print]
    The effect of breakfast versus no breakfast on brain activity in adolescents when performing cognitive tasks, as assessed by fMRI.
    Fulford J, Varley-Campbell JL, Williams CA.
    Objectives The study examined the feasibility of utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with a group of adolescent boys and girls to assess modifications in cognitive function, dependent upon the nutritional state of the participants. Methods Twenty children aged 12-14 years completed two cognitive trials, in a randomized counterbalanced order, one under fasting condition, one after consuming breakfast, during which continuous fMRI data were acquired. Results Although no statistically significant (P > 0.05) improvement in task performance was determined, significantly higher activation was recorded in the frontal, premotor, and primary visual cortex areas in the breakfast trial relative to the fasting condition. Discussion Such a finding may have important implications in the examination of the role of diet, and specifically breakfast, in determining children's performance within the school environment.

  4. Michael L
    Hi, I believe the breakfast or not question when it comes to concentration levels is a matter of wether your body is in ketosis or not.
    I have been skipping breakfast now for 4 months, because I'm not hungry and fat adapted, I'm in a senior management position where I need to concentrate all day and evenings also. My brain has switched to running on ketones and I'm astounded at my energy and concentration levels all day Long.
    During this time my insulin markers improved from pre diabetic to back into the normal range.
    Ketones Rock !
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  6. Nelu
    IMO, breakfast should not be skipped, but should rather contain only raw vegetables and fruits.
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  7. Louis
    K that is bull shit sorry but I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and trust me all this is leading you on a bad path
  8. Una
    Then you are eating a whole plateful of carbs! 😆 As a Brit, the very thoughts of getting out of bed to a plate of raw veg sounds like a total penance! Rather do without. 😆
  9. Lucy barnes
    Will this help for for persons with underactive thyroid
  10. Lilly
    What to eat for breakfast
    Is plain yogurt goof
    With a little fruit
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  11. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    What to eat for breakfast
    Is plain yogurt goof
    With a little fruit

    Unfortunately that may be too high carb with very little protein or fat. Have a look at our breakfast recipes here.

  12. Anonymously
    Breakfast is the meal that breaks your fast just as the word implies. For example, if you have been water fasting for 4 days then the meal you have immediately after your fast is your breakfast. This meal does not necessarily occur in the morning and does not necessarily occur just after you have just woke up after a nights sleep. I usually look for good healthy foods to have for my breakfast. Lean meats, fibrous vegetables like spinach and broccoli, avocado, eggs, sweet mini peppers, sardines, salmon and even mixed nuts are good foods I like to have.
  13. Gentiann
    I don't agree : breakfast is the meal you have after waking up in the morning, although you're literally "breaking fast". You are just playing with the word!
  14. John
    I’ve only just stumbled on this site after spending two years losing weight and feeling great. I recently started putting weight back on and feeling cloudy tired hungry and fat again. I looked at my food diary for when I felt my best at the same time as losing the most weight and found my best results where in year one when I was combining keto and intermittent fasting (20/4). I found it easy to fast and so recently went back to it, have lost weight and I feel great again. Now having stumbled upon Dr Fungs videos and many others explaining the hormone interactions behind the results I’ve experienced, I feel empowered to be able to control the rest of my life. We can all come up with excuses as to why something doesn’t work for us but obesity proves that we can’t make the body adapt to healthily consume food in the way we have been programmed to do so by conventional teaching. It’s us who have to adapt our eating habits and choices to our body’s requirements. If we can’t accept that then we should accept being fat or we’ll just be unhappy.
  15. SL
    It’s not word playing, that’s exactly what it means. Breaking your fast! Just because you and many other people (Myself included) associate the word breakfast to be the first meal in the MORNING, it doesn’t necessarily mean that for everyone. You can have breakfast anytime of the day. If your job requires you to work the overnight shift 7pm-3am then your daily breakfast time might be at 6pm in the evening.

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