Jim’s low-carb success story

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Jim Caldwell has transformed his health and gone from an all-time high at 352 lbs (160 kg) to 170 lbs (77 kg) by following a low-carb diet and fasting intermittently. Here he shares his insights from his impressive journey (transcript).

Jim Caldwell’s YouTube channel: Beating Obesity

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  1. WarblingLisa
    Congratulations, Jim, on your amazing weight loss. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I think you really touched on an issue that a lot of us struggle with -- too many cheat meals. I know when I stay true to the Keto eating plan, I see better results and feel more energetic. It's a process, but as you pointed out, it's definitely worth it!
  2. Andrea
    I am so happy for you Jim. I understand what you mean by the people who are half in and half out. Unfortunately these individually are holding on to their illnesses and their carb lifestyle not realizing how much better they would feel making that clean break. Thank you for sharing your story.

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