Success stories: Women 40+


  • 'I am blessed to have discovered the keto lifestyle'
  • 'I don't consider keto a diet, it's a way of life!'
  • 'Low carb is easy because you eat good, wholesome, and tasty food!'
  • 'Feeling 20 years younger'
  • 'Starting keto is the best decision I ever made for my health'
  • 'This way of eating is for life for me'
  • 'I feel alive — and the slim, energetic person has finally been released'
  • 'I don't regard keto as a diet; it's a healthier way of life'
  • 'Keto has given me my life back'
  • 'I use my keto experience to help my Arabic community'
  • 'I feel like I am finally living my best life'
  • How Terri lost 200 pounds and reversed her type 2 diabetes
  • 'Within one year of going keto, I was prescription-free for the first time in decades!'
  • 'All biomarkers indicate I'm in the best health of my life'
  • 127 pounds lost — plus a better relationship to food
  • Family loses 300 pounds together in one year on low carb
  • Eating higher protein “worked like gangbusters”
  • 'Keep carbs low and things will fall into place'

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Video stories

    "I sort of wanted to save the world"
  • Living low carb with Yvonne Lane
    "I'll do this or I'm going to die trying"
  • My success story with Gillian Szollos
  • My success story with Katrin Crum
  • Practicing and promoting low carb

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