All women 40+ low-carb & keto success stories


  1. ‘Keto is a way I can eat because I love the food!’
  2. 'Keto has improved my health in so many ways that I've lost track'
  3. 'I am blessed to have discovered the keto lifestyle'
  4. 'I don't consider keto a diet, it's a way of life!'
  5. 'Low carb is easy because you eat good, wholesome, and tasty food!'
  6. 'Feeling 20 years younger'
  7. 'Starting keto is the best decision I ever made for my health'
  8. 'This way of eating is for life for me'
  9. 'I feel alive — and the slim, energetic person has finally been released'
  10. 'I don't regard keto as a diet; it's a healthier way of life'
  11. 'Keto has given me my life back'
  12. 'I use my keto experience to help my Arabic community'
  13. 'I feel like I am finally living my best life'
  14. How Terri lost 200 pounds and reversed her type 2 diabetes
  15. 'Within one year of going keto, I was prescription-free for the first time in decades!'
  16. 'All biomarkers indicate I'm in the best health of my life'
  17. Family loses 300 pounds together in one year on low carb
  18. 'Keep carbs low and things will fall into place'
  19. Tracy finally lost 100 pounds on keto after numerous failed diets
  20. "I'm feeling much better at 50 than 40!"
  21. 'After starting keto, I was suddenly full of energy'
  22. Adele, 56: 20 years low carb, 60 pounds lighter, rarely needs to 'slow down'
  23. 'My family believes it is a miracle'
  24. 'I am the absolute happiest I have ever been. Ever.'
  25. 'My mood has changed dramatically since going keto'
  26. 'The beauty of this lifestyle is the effortless maintenance'
  27. 'I found a perfect diet I can live by for the rest of my life'
  28. 'Yes, we gave up some food, but what we gained is so much more!'
  29. Cheri lost 70 pounds and has 'a life again!'
  30. 'Low carb is the ONLY thing that helped'
  31. 'I feel like a new person!'
  32. "Every week that passed, my brain felt clearer and more alive"
  33. Keto and intermittent fasting: 'I am completely blown away by the changes'
  34. How to lose 112 pounds with LCHF instead of gastric bypass surgery!
  35. Is it possible to recover from hypothyroidism?
  36. Antonietta lost 150 pounds on the keto diet
  37. After one year of low carb: "I am 70 years old today and have never felt better"
  38. A low-carb diet: Maintaining a 70-pound weight loss for five years
  39. How the Miller family regained their health
  40. Carnivory: How Amber transformed her health with a meat-only diet
  41. How Leonie successfully manages type 1 diabetes
  42. How Gina really healed herself from obesity and metabolic syndrome
  43. The keto diet: From inability to walk to flying a plane
  44. How Tammy and Steve regained their health
  45. Can a keto diet help with severe gut issues?
  46. 'Turns out the 40s are the best years'
  47. The keto diet: From pre-diabetes to feeling your best
  48. Nicole’s case: keto solves lifelong obesity and food issues
  49. The low-carb diet: "I feel better than I ever did in my life"
  50. How Michelle finally found a diet she could stick to
  51. How Dolly turned her obesity and metabolic syndrome around
  52. Once a skeptic, Vicky's now a keto believer
  53. Rachel 20 months after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  54. My success story with Katrin Crum
  55. How Melissa lost 100 pounds with a keto diet, and kept it off for 15 years
  56. How Jade controls her epilepsy with keto
  57. Keto success story: "I finally found my way"
  58. "Top 10 benefits of eating low carb"
  59. Intermittent fasting: down 42 pounds in 14 months
  60. A family's keto journey
  61. The keto diet: "Will eat this way for the rest of my life"
  62. The keto diet: "I feel great"
  63. Jacquie after 6 months on keto
  64. How fasting made all the difference for Jennifer
  65. "Even if the scale isn't changing, my body is"
  66. How Virginia's life is different one year after going keto
  67. Low carb made Lindha half the woman she used to be
  68. The keto diet: From hungry and exhausted to satiated and energetic
  69. How Stephanie lost a whopping 150 pounds!
  70. How Gayle managed to change her life to the better at 66
  71. Losing weight when older with a slower metabolism
  72. How Barbara lost those stubborn postmenopausal pounds
  73. Can the keto diet help with migraines?
  74. "Thank you for saving my life!"
  75. How Sue stopped her lifelong battle with food
  76. Losing 140 pounds with fat
  77. The keto diet: "My body moves and feels better than it did 20 years ago"
  78. The keto diet: "My little secret lies in avocado, eggs and coconut oil"
  79. How Debra handled her type 2 diabetes diagnosis
  80. Isabella on keto: "I feel rejuvenated"
  81. "I am so happy living a low-carb life"
  82. "Eating an LCHF diet has reversed my diabetes and changed my life"
  83. "It has given me my health, happiness, love and livelihood!"
  84. 'Life is good again'
  85. The keto diet: "It just shows that no matter your age, you can lose weight and keep it off"
  86. Keto success story: "I wish I had known this 20 years ago"
  87. "Within days I knew that it would work for me!"
  88. "We don't call it 'a diet' as for us, it's about our ongoing health and it's for life"
  89. "We were hooked, we were full to the brim of the best food ever"
  90. Doctor transforms her health with low carb and pays it forward
  91. My success story with Gillian Szollos
  92. "I feel like I cracked the code!"
  93. "I can’t tell you how much weight I have lost because I DON'T CARE!"
  94. Feeling like your early 30s in your late 40s
  95. Physician success story – Dr. Esther Kawira
  96. "The LCHF way of eating has changed my life, in fact probably saved it!"
  97. "Everything I’d been told about ‘healthy eating’ was thrown up in the air"
  98. "Lifeline of hope": A low-carb nurse's story
  99. "I am grateful to Diet Doctor and appreciative of my transformation"
  100. The keto diet: "I feel fabulous"
  101. "I feel 20 years younger"
  102. How to lose 240 pounds without hunger
  103. Minus 99 pounds and a sugar-free year – thank you, LCHF!
  104. The keto diet: Feeling the best you ever have at 40
  105. How Judy finally won over her migraines
  106. Dani feels more 'amazing' than ever since going keto
  107. "I’m becoming healthier and healthier"
  108. "You helped to change my life, thank you!"
  109. "I lost all my cravings for the food that made me so overweight and sick"
  110. How Anita transitioned to the keto diet and changed her life
  111. "I started to feel like I was in my 20s again!"
  112. "It’s like having a new life"
  113. The keto diet: "Everybody asks me: What have you done?"
  114. How April dramatically improved her active life with keto
  115. "Your body will tell you what’s wrong if you are willing to listen"
  116. "Instead of living a little with cheat foods, I am living a LOT, with keto!"
  117. "I became free and beautiful"
  118. How Deborah turned her hip surgery into a lifestyle change
  119. The keto diet: "Instantly my energy returned!"
  120. The doctor's demand was crystal clear - lose at least 35 pounds!
  121. "My heart and mind is focused on BANTING FOR LIFE!!"
  122. A dietitian's journey on a low-carb diet
  123. "Try Diet Doctor and keto – the only thing to lose is fat"
  124. "To say keto has changed my life is an understatement"
  125. "I gave LCHF time and it’s given me my life back"
  126. "This is the new me"
  127. The keto diet: I will never go back
  128. My success story with Mitzi Champion
  129. "Enjoying the loads of energy I have now"
  130. "I found myself again!"
  131. The keto diet: "To sum it up, I feel fantastic"
  132. After trying every diet, Karen reaches her goals by trusting the process
  133. "I am now looking forward to celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in the fall and being slim and fit"
  134. "For me LCHF = freedom and health"
  135. How Maria finally found her sustainable diet
  136. Maureen ditched the carb-loaded food
  137. "My skin is clear and pain free"
  138. "I am feeling better than I have in years"
  139. My success story with Cindy Miller
  140. "Keto was easier than I thought"
  141. "How do I feel? healthier, happier, more energised, more supple"
  142. 62 pounds lost and migraines greatly improved on 1-year low-carb anniversary
  143. "Buying a little black dress to celebrate"
  144. "I was amazed at what I could eat and how much weight I lost"
  145. The keto diet: "Eight months later I weigh less than I have in 15 years and I’m doing great!"
  146. My success story with Katrin Crum
  147. "I feel young again!"
  148. "I have the key to living a healthy, fulfilling life without restrictions in a way I love!
  149. Woman sheds 65 pounds on the keto diet (after failing on all other diets)
  150. "It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle for health!"
  151. "Thank you Diet Doctor for all you do... you truly changed my life"