How to lose 112 pounds with LCHF instead of gastric bypass surgery!


Before and after LCHF

Johanna Engström has had a fantastic journey. She was inches from having gastric bypass surgery, but decided at the last minute to try low-carb instead. Fast forward around one year and she’s lost 112 pounds! And her internal organs are still intact.

Truly impressive:

Expressen (Swedish paper): How we got thin and styled like the stars (Google translated from Swedish)

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Do you have a success story you want to share on this blog? Send it (photos appreciated) to, and please let me know if it’s OK to publish your photo and name or if you’d rather remain anonymous. It would also be greatly appreciated if you shared what you eat on a typical day, whether you fast etc. More information:

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  1. greensleeves
    She looks beautiful! Literally 20 years younger. Great success story.
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  2. Marci Wyzdyx
    Gastric bypass surgery should be re-classified as a hate crime. It is surgically induced anorexia -- which has been known to kill people. About 1 out of 200 die each year following gastric bypass surgery.
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  3. I was nearly precisely in her shoes (though heavier): 465lbs and facing gastric bypass surgery. Fortunately I found low carb, then keto, and dropped 135lbs since March 2011.

    It is startling how easily doctors recommend gastric bypass compared to how reluctant they are to suggest trying LCHF. Why it's not standard protocol to attempt LCHF first is absolutely baffling, and depressing.

    Congratulations to Johanna for her success. She will be an inspiration to countless people.


  4. Marion Hermannsen
    Mother and daughter? This has taken 20 years off you, so well done!!!
  5. Kindke
    Very impressive, she definitely looks way younger in the "after" picture.
  6. Sandy
    You do look much much younger. Congrats!!
  7. PJGordonRN
    Let's be realistic...though drastic, gastric bypass surgery doesn't kill even 1% the number of people that obesity does. So stop it. LCHF certainly is safer and should definitely be recommended 100 times more frequently than it is. I didn't die or have complications, but have been much more successful eating LCHF once I was educated about it. You can't choose LCHF if you're not aware of it.
  8. PJGordonRN
    Let's be realistic...though drastic, gastric bypass surgery doesn't kill even 1% the number of people that obesity does. So stop it. LCHF certainly is safer and should definitely be recommended 100 times more frequently than it is. I didn't die or have complications, but have been much more successful eating LCHF once I was educated about it. You can't choose LCHF if you're not aware of it.
  9. What a transformation!
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  11. John
    Are we sure the 2 photos belong to the same person?

    They look 2 different persons. I checked her Facebook profile but cannot see anything.


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  12. onestepaheadoflife
    Gastric bypass is killing people. If I would have known about LCHF before my surgery I would be in a better place. All I want to do is gain weight and I cant now. Dying a slow and painful life after gastric bypass.
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  13. KStacey
    I went through EXACTLY the same thing in 2002. Was planning my gastric bypass and noticed all the forums/recovery groups were talking about the same thing. They couldn't eat carbs after the surgery. Bread/pasta/chips would cause 'dumping' etc. So I tried just not eating that stuff on my own. Add some additional exploratory self-educating and testing (which hasn't, and should never stop!) and 12 years later I'm still over 100 pounds down, and haven't had second thoughts once.

    In that time I have known 9 people who have gotten some kind of bariatric (which, not-so-ironically, my spellcheck keeps wanting to change to 'barbaric') surgery. ONE has had long-term success, and he was a male in his mid-20s. One actually almost died just last month because they had to go in and repair something minor five years later, severed a major artery on the way out, and she lost 6 liters of blood as they frantically called every available surgeon in to repair her. I don't remember the specifics now, but I had googled it when I got the news and what happened to her has a 90% mortality rate. People should NOT be cutting into their bodies and rearranging perfectly healthy organs. Lose the weight with LCHF and save the money for a face lift! :-)

  14. Jen
    That's what I was about to say. Of course, she was already beautiful, but she literally looked Younger after, which has been one of my concerns. But my face is getting older, my body is weak and getting sick, and I've been refusing to go to my doctor until after I lose at least 25 pounds, because I'm NOT going to be another diabetes statistic, when I know I brought it on and I can get it off! (My question has been, HOW! !! In speeches, I hear people say, "People know how to eat healthy and lose weight. " No, I don't. Everything I try to do, there's someone saying, "That's bad. " I could do my own comedic weight loss skit. )
    I'm really impressed with this young lady. I'm going to look into this type diet. It's yet another that I once heard is bad, that it causes stones, etc. But it has helped more than it has killed!!! Can't say that for weight loss surgery.
  15. Jen
    I am so sorry. I have a friend who went through bypass and managed to stretch out a new stomach. I was about to have the surgery when I met a woman who lost her daughter to the surgery. Certainly not a good first option.
  16. Crayons
    Don't be dramatic. Wanting to aid people in losing weight is not a "hate crime" because being obese is equally as unhealthy as being anorexic and surgery isn't forced on anyone. Gastric surgery is however a dangerous and unnecessary method of weight loss that really should be re-examined.
  17. Heidi
    What is lchf
  18. Heidi
    Lchf what is at
  19. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Low Carb High Fat :)
  20. Katherine
    I understand the low carb, but the high fat part is confusing. Won't the high fat cause artery issues or high cholesterol or something? Please explain it to me?! This sounds like such a promising plan for me! I'm nearly 80 lbs overweight. Thanks in advance
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  21. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Catherine!

    I recommend that you read this blog post:

    I understand the low carb, but the high fat part is confusing. Won't the high fat cause artery issues or high cholesterol or something? Please explain it to me?! This sounds like such a promising plan for me! I'm nearly 80 lbs overweight. Thanks in advance

  22. Kay
    This is actually not true, you should probably look that fact up first. And most people who die from this are from risk they take them self not from the surgery, you have a very strict diet to follow for a better health and life if you don't follow that you can kill yourself and a surgery that would have saved your life just went to waste.
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  24. Jennifer
    Not sure where you got this information from but my mom was 400lbs after gastric bypass she is now 160lbs. She was down to 180lbs but because she has cancer her weight fluctuates severely. The only thing that has happened as a cause of gastric is she is now iron deficient. Which is nothing eating high in iron foods and iron pulls can't help.
  25. Yvonne McCarthy
    I was morbidly obese for 30 years and tried it all. I even did some diets that could have really hurt my was through a doctor that gave pills with no markings...he went to jail eventually. I had gastric bypass 15 years ago and lost 130 pounds. I have maintained that loss too. I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life and I have known HUNDREDS of people with virtually the same results. It is a fairly widely known statistic that people who lose 100 plus pounds on their own only have about a 5% chance of keeping that weight off. I really hope and pray that Johanna has a different result and keeps the weight off but the odds are against her. If they wish to do a story about this then show someone 5 or 10 years out that has the same success. My before and after picture can be seen here: My public Facebook page is under Bariatric Girl and there is an album of many other before and after pictures. There are so many comments here about gastric bypass that are incorrect. The surgery saved my life.
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  26. No Finish Line Fitness
    Amen!!! LCHF is a wonderful and healthy diet for just about everybody. I have been striving to eat low carb for close to 15 years. And in that 15 years I always got thrown off before meeting goal. I lost over 100 pounds, then gained it back. Then lost 85 pounds in 6 months, and gained most of it back. I am going to go for vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery next month. I still plan on eating clean lchf. I am just sooooo hungry all of the time! Ketosis no longer has any hunger suppression for me. I am hungry constantly and never full just to not gain weight. losing weight has become so difficult it is just depressing.

    Weight loss surgery is not the easy way out, not lazy, and not easy!!!!

    It is only a tool. If you don't use that tool, it is useless. You still have to make the good healthy low carb food choices and you still need to get to the gym if you want to be fit.

    So guys, lets not judge. Lets just support each other in our efforts to get healthy. We all have different bodies that react different ways. I support people who strive to get healthy no matter how they choose to do it : ) .

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  27. teri
    Congrats on your weight loss you look great. I am going to do the same in august of this year. I think people who do not have a medical degree should not tell people not to have surgery.
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  28. Gentiann
    What about seriously (and honestly) giving a try to a strict LCHF diet (Low Carb High Fat) as explained by Doctor Eenfeldt on this site......It's free and you will see how you feel after a couple of months, and then you can decide if you really want this surgery or just go on with this new lifestyle. Many people are choosing to stay on this way of eating for life because it works. I hope you read the inspiring success stories of people who have lost over 100 pounds and transformed their life for the better by following a LCHF diet. To get started, you can sign for the free 2 weeks challenge.
    Good Luck
  29. Charlotte
    Please stop spreading this lie!! It's not induced anorexia. Death & complications are usually related to people who have extensive co-morbidities, don't get up after surgery & move around like instructed & suffer from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or PE (pulmonary embolism), or are non-compliant & overeat rupturing their staple line & "blowing out" their pouch becoming septic! Etc... It's a forced lifestyle change! Forcing you to quit overeating & learn new eating habits like portion control, importance of protein, reducing sugar, fat & increased carbohydrates. It causes dumping syndrome when you're non compliant which may be the consequence some patients need! The pouch is still a part of the stomach, it's capable of stretching & allowing you to take on more food. Some people learn to cope with dumping syndrome & develop bad habits over a period of time regaining weight! Anorexics are obsessed with not eating or eating only tiny amounts to prevent weight gain at all costs. If this surgery was a form of forced anorexia, no GBP surgical patient would ever regain their weight! Know the facts! I've had the surgery, lost the weight & learned how to retain my brain about eating. Anorexia is an eating disorder, not comparable to weight loss surgery!
  30. Lisa
    This is not Forced Anorexia, but there are people who actually do get anorexia after Gastric Bypass.
    I also have had a Gastric Bypass, and it is not the saving Surgery that it portrays. Your facts about who experiences Death and Complications are not absolutely correct. I was extremely Healthy and had no medical problems prior to my Gastric Bypass. Now after being compliant, following the rules, taking my vitamins, exercising, and doing everything I was told to do.. No sugar, No Carbonated drinks, regular check ups, I am having complications due to the malabsorption this surgery causes. WE have been fed a big lie about Gastric Bypass. I have been researching to find Long term studies about the effects of Gastric By-pass and there are so few studies out there. The thing is we don't know what will happen in the long term. I am post 18 Years and only started having major issues with Iron, Dental, B12 Protein absorption 5 years ago. When you mess with the natural order of the body you will create problems. We first need to get the right nutritional message out there and help others understand consiquences of the Surgery and help others find a better solution. This is why I am trying to help others learn about LCHF.
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  32. Leticia
    Lisa I wish I had good effects like everyone else who had surgery, but didn't. I have a tilted ring on my pouch and I dont have the gb look with my skin. My arms and legs and stomach girdle are their but otherwise I look like myself preop. I lost 105 but gained 50, so right now I am working on having duodenal switch due to still absorbing fat and I dont eat much at all. My pouch id small but still not having success with losing. I do what I am supposed to do but still food stays attached to my body. I have RA which limits me, especially my knees. I definitely believe that there needs to be more researchbut I would do it again,so I hope I get approved for the switch and the process is the same as for the gp surgery. Weight lose is so hard I wish they could find an easier way and one that truly worksthe same for everyone.
  33. Shar
    I Have had the Gastric Sleeve, which is different and I believe safer than the Gastric Bypass. With the sleeve your stomach is made much smaller. Im definetly not anorexia! I feel fantastic and am thankful I found out about this procedure in time. I had severe lymphedema, lung problems, asthma, sleep apnea, and hated going in public! I now have none of the above except my lymphadema has not dissapeared completly as of yet. My legs are now small enough to wear boots for the first time in about 25 years! I am losing weight maybe a little slower than some (5 months 70 pounds), but in losing weight slower I am not getting the saggy skin like alot may experience. I still have not discovered the best things to eat...but that is no ones fault but my own. I had to go through 6 mo. Of education in diet and nutrition, completing every single class before I was allowed to proceed. I also had to have heart stress test, xrays and blood work. My physicians and their hospital has a 100% success rate. Now after surgery, when we go home the success is up to us, however there are free classes to attend each month, support groups etc. Im currently waiting for funds to join a gym. Im workin on getting my sexy back and having a long and happy fat free life!!?
  34. Katie
    Please don't be confused that if you lose the weight slowly your skin will not sag. I'm down 180 pounds, half my weight using LCHF and it's taken me 4 years. I'm in my 30s and once I get to my goal weight, I will have to have skin removed.

    I've had a few friends have surgery, they end up on LCHF diets anyway. They just lose the weight faster and they now believe that can do it. They have no choice.

  35. Linda
    Don't more people die of obesity itself though?
  36. Crystal
    Very interested in this product
  37. Fabiane
    You look amazing Johanna!????????? congratulations!?
  38. Teresa
    I agree with trying the diet 1st (LCHF). My daughters father and law (a close family friend) had the surgery. Something went wrong and he almost died weeks later. It took years for him to recover. By the grace of God he did. He is doing okay today. However, he is very limited to what he can eat. His wife opped out of the surgery and is on the keto diet. She is amazingly losing her weight. I would recommend trying the LCHF diet whole heartly 1st. It is an amazing diet. It is a lifestyle change you won't regret!
  39. Eduardo
    It's nice to hear from others that they had success !!!!!! Keep on going !!
    I only have been for 8 weeks but struggling with cancer and hyperthyroidism , so might not be too late !!!!! but I will try my best, also eating no carbs (sugar) will help my battle agains cancer cells !!!
    Good luck to all these beautiful people !!!!!! Thanks to Diet Doctor Team !!!
  40. Moss
    This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Yes, let's make it a hate crime! Because it's the same as black people being hung and gay people being beaten to death.

    Fucking idiot.

  41. Fiona
    I have had two friends opt fir gastric bypass, with ‘successful’ outcomes - inspite of miserable recovery processes.

    I cried for my friend, Brooke, when she told me she had had it done .. suggested by her doctor and all in order to succumb to a positive pregnancy .

    ‘Hate crime’ is precisely what this procedure is: how did our medical practitioners come to view this procedure as every day acceptable??

  42. Jan
    I had Gastric Bypass 7 years ago and have gain 35 lbs back. I need some advise on doing Keto and how to handle dumping and all of the fat we need to eat on keto, Is there anyone out there that has had surgery that can give me any advise? Thank you in advance!
    Have a great day! Good luck to all on LCHF! I'm starting LCHF soon!
    My email is....
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  44. Anita Desjardins
    This is not the same person.
  45. Marie
    My sister had bypass and lost the weight....BUT, she is nauseated alot, has lost teeth, and she throws up if she eats more than a cup of food, or the wrong foods. She now smokes cigarettes and drinks margaritas for dinner. She did not smoke or drink daily before by-pass, but now copes with her food addictions (emotional eating) by replacing food with cigs and cocktails. Healthy?...don’t think so. It is not uncommon for folks to find other unhealthy habits after surgery to deal with the fact that they can barely eat any food.
    Seems to me long term LCHF would be much better long term. I do know that many have success after surgery, but have also read that many do not talk about their struggles afterwards. Why? The shame of admitting defeat, again, after taking such a drastic measure. And, certainly the doctors that do the surgery don’t want to talk about it...they get the big bucks!
    I quess there is not much money in running a weight loss support group
    For their patients who they would alternatively recommend a low carb high fat adequate, protein diet to. They need that surgery and office pre and post surgery office fees first.
  46. Marie
    ..look closely at the nose, and IS the same person, just one (before) is squinting, not smiling and outside, the after picture is all dressed up, different make-up , taken inside and smiling. Give the woman the crdit she deserves!
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  48. Carol Twigg
    bariatrics sleeve is what i had, 16 weeks past lost 79 lbs the rule i was given is 5 carbs or less each meal times 3, first month was 600 cals. a day. no juice or sweeten drinks ect. eat as much as protein can, forget about fruits and vegetables, my doctor prefers you off all no sugar/sweetens for they are alcohol sugar still sugar and tricks the body. you will have a better result with out them. plus they make you hungry faster ect. Do with out for 2-3 months you will see the difference. i dint believe it at first but its true for me and many other i met. i do love them and sneak them now and then hard to resist flavors. remember not to drink to get full it only stretches the stomach, and can it to be refilled with food will end up doing it. Yes we all can lose the same weight by same rule and Surgery for me was a hard choice it forced me to behave, many fail for that urge to eat is still is or me, but now my belly is full after 4oz as if i had thanksgiving dinner and on 4th or 5th plate. for me the Meds was killing me. diabetes need the meds to live but side effect is nephropathy so painful cry just to move or bathroom ect. hard to lose weight when the weight of a sheet puts you in crying pain. For me they took out 80% of stomach it stop telling liver to stop telling my body to release sugar so much in day. day after surgery sugar never had sugar over 148 avg 80-111 all times of day but i have not cheated either. Was on 15 medications and 8 shots a day. now i only do vitamins that's it. i have 68 more lbs to go. would love 88 more :). baribartic is a tool. but still all comes down what you eat. I seen 50% fail at bariatrics to. for bad eating habits my doctors was up front the surgery only last 1 year if that then you can re-stretch your stomach and fail. This diet had its good points just have t fine tune the to you.
  49. Paulette Detillier
    How much calories protein fat cholesterol sodium carbohydrates water should a person eat
    Per day??
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  50. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    How much calories protein fat cholesterol sodium carbohydrates water should a person eat
    Per day??

    You can read all of our information about starting keto here -

  51. courtnay power
    Obesity does not kill.
    Obesity is sometimes only a symptom
    of other conditions
    conditions like diabetes, etc...

    If gastric bypass kills 1 in 200,
    I do agree a diet should be used instead

    That is a high statistic

  52. CEDC
    1 in 200 dying is false.
    Less than 1% of all cases.
  53. Zoey
    Really? Why are you stalking? It’s not rocket science. A healthy lifestyle with dramatic weight loss can definitely totally change a persons appearance, demeanor and confidence. Why doubt a stranger’s personal accomplishments?

    Are we sure the 2 photos belong to the same person?
    They look 2 different persons. I checked her Facebook profile but cannot see anything.

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