‘Low carb is the ONLY thing that helped’


Is it possible to put both binge-eating disorder and obesity into remission with low carb? Karen Parrott thinks so!

We first interviewed Karen three years ago. Back then, we learned about the remarkable results the now 54-year-old had reaped after following a low-carb lifestyle for more than five years. At the time, she had lost 70 pounds, a transformation she referred to as a kind of “birth in reverse.”

Today, Karen, who’s from Carlsbad, California, has been a low-carber for nearly a decade! We decided to check in and see how Karen’s doing on her low-carb journey.

Keep reading to learn about Karen’s inspiring story. This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Has your life changed since you last talked to Diet Doctor?

My life changed in that my daughter is now attending college and living on her own. I miss her, but I’m very proud of her, too.

How would you describe your experience with keto so far?

Great! I don’t have to be super low carb, although I usually eat the first half of the day and fast the second half of the day. This makes keto easier for me to maintain my weight loss. Right now, I’m around 62 pounds (or 28 kilos) down compared to the 70 pounds (or 32 kilos) that I initially lost.

What has been the most rewarding part of eating low carb?

The most rewarding thing is staying out of the doctor’s office and hospital. I only go for wellness checks, and I’m not sick very often. I take the extra money to go visit my daughter in her college town. (Of course, I’m taking a travel break right now until travel opens back up in the US.)

Would you recommend others to eat low carb?

Yes! I’d recommend people be offered low carb for weight loss, but also as a tool to use for stopping food or carb addiction and binge eating.

Eating low carb is the ONLY thing that helped me break a 40-year food addiction cycle.

What would be your advice for those just starting out with low carb?

Battle through the cravings and get to the other side. See what improves and how much money you save with normal glucose levels. Give it time. Try different recipes.

What is the most difficult part of eating low carb for you?

The hardest part is not eating at night when family or friends want to eat dinner out. I tend to gain weight quickly when I eat after about 2 pm. I don’t eat out much. So, this doesn’t impact me too much.

More with Karen

You can learn more about Karen’s weight maintenance journey by reading her blog, GardenGirl. You can also follow her Twitter and Instagram @gardengirl_kp.


Congrats on your sustained success, Karen! You are living proof that this is a sustainable long-term lifestyle with continued benefits. Thanks for being a shining example and inspiration for so many others.
/ Dr. Bret Scher

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