Is obesity caused by too much insulin?

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Is obesity mainly caused by the fat storing hormone insulin? And if so, why do many people still not agree at all?

As the dogma of Calories In, Calories Out is becoming more and more outdated, people like Dr. Ted Naiman sees tremendous results doing the opposite: stop counting calories.

Finally, what should you be doing if you want to lose weight by lowering your insulin? Dr. Naiman shares the most effective ways to do this (low carb is just one of four important things).

Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 25-minute interview – one of our most popular and controversial videos this year – is available on our member site:


Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

Thanks for the interview, it was very informative and helpful. Especially helpful was Dr. Naiman’s explanation that once a person is fat adapted, they need to lower fat intake if they still have some excess weight to lose. Exactly my situation, and the extra advice about increasing exercise was also helpful. I’ll shoot for correct amount of fat and protein, continue to not eat processed carbs, and increase my exercise.
Thanks to Dr. Andreas, Dr. Naiman and all the crew at Diet Doctor.
– Hal

This video is so confusing. Do we eat high fat to loose weight or not. If not its just like any other diet, maybe even harder, low carbs, moderate protein and low fat too. Have listened to lots of your videos where we are told “don’t be afraid of fat” then now we are told to watch our fat intake??
– Geraldine

I will go by my personal experience in LCHF – it works PERIOD!!!! Weight came off WITHOUT INCREASING ENERGY (doing exercise).
– Shawn

Thanks for the video! Frankly, I’m confused by all the confusion!
This is another doctor that supports the LCHF concept with a twist that matches his experience. Personally, I’m glad we’re able to see the (very) slightly different points of view and experience doctors have with their patients. I don’t believe Dr. Naiman was as comfortable adding butter to everything as Dr. Eenfeldt might sound. And, I’m just as certain that no one adds butter to everything as I am that the amounts of fat people add to anything vary person to person. Again – thanks for the slightly different experience – it’s encouraging!
– Kevin

Thanks Dr. Eenfeldt for this latest great video. I am truly grateful that you have taken up our struggle to find balance and hope in this life changing way of life. I am still struggling with the weight and finding the right balance of protein, and fat but that struggle just became a little easier because of two things: One, theses recent videos are helping me fine tune how I am eating. Second, after four months my blood pressure has dropped from 145 to 120 (Wahooo!). Anyway, I have to agree with Kevin, this was a very clarifying video presentation for me. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who has a very damaged body after years of trying to adhere to a low-fat, then binge eating way of life. I thought I could eat all the fat I wanted and the calories would melt away! What I take away from these videos is that initially this worked in the short term. I was able to break away from the sugar and bread, pasta, etc.. What I speculated (but lacked the knowledge, until now) was that somehow my body was still not fat adapted (not yet fully utilizing its own fat stores) . I knew this because my weight loss had stalled. More fat didn’t help. More protein didn’t help. I look at these videos as an owner’s manual for my body. It constantly needs fine tuning and these videos allow me to make adjustments to my eating habits…
– Ellen

That can work except many people find their hunger climbs. Ad libitum fat, just enough to cook it or garnish but not intentionally added, works well for many people. Intentional fat pushing is where some of us excel and others (like me) get into trouble with too many overall calories.
– Taryl

Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin? – Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman

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