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Why the Simple Waist-To-Height Ratio Is a Powerful Health Measurement


The waist-to-height ratio is a great predictor of a person’s level of insulin resistance. The test can predict your risk for developing diseases linked to excessive insulin, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Above is a great infographic by Dr. Ted Naiman explaining the concept.

The test is also basically free and anyone can do it at home. Not sure how to measure? Check out the picture below: Continue Reading →


What Happens to Your Blood Sugar If You Eat A Standard American Breakfast?


What happens if you eat cereal and skim milk (a very common breakfast in the Western world) vs. some low-carb scrambled eggs? Dr. Ted Naiman tweeted the answer together with the picture above:

My 9-year-old daughter just documented it last week for her science fair. 😁 All it takes is a glucometer and some crap cereal and skim milk.

You’d have to be resistant to information to not recognize the strong impact carbs have on high blood sugar!

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Look at This Patient’s Lipids and Glucose on Low Carb vs. High Carb


This is what could happen to your blood glucose and lipids on low carb (left) vs. high carb (right).

At least it’s what happened to this patient of Dr. Ted Naiman’s. Pretty dramatic!

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Are You Bodybuilding Your Muscles or Your Fat Cells?


It’s not just bodybuilders that “build their bodies”. You do too, and everything you eat can affect the look of your body.

If you want a strong and healthy body, you may want to feed it real low-carb food. Creds to Dr. Ted Naiman for the graph above.

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Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

4.7 out of 5 stars5 stars86%4 stars4%3 stars2%2 stars1%1 star4%267 ratings8,756 viewsBy controlling the insulin in your body you can control both your weight and many other aspects of your health.

But exactly what does insulin do in your body? What factors raise and lower insulin? How can you effectively control your insulin?

Dr. Ted Naiman gives you tons of knowledge in this great presentation from the Low-Carb Cruise 2016. It was my favorite talk of the cruise, but I did not think it would be everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s really fast. My mistake! It has already become one of the most popular videos ever at Diet Doctor.

This talk is full of ideas that you can put to use right away. Watch a section from it above (transcript).

Watch the full video

The full 45-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

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We Already Have a “Plant-Based” Diet

We already have a plant-based diet, as Dr. Ted Naiman recently tweeted. 70% of calories in America in 2010 were plant-based.

Sadly, 60% were GRAINS, SUGARS, and OILS:


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Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars86%4 stars9%3 stars2%2 stars0%1 star1%202 ratings7,045 viewsIs obesity mainly caused by the fat storing hormone insulin? And if so, why do many people still not agree at all?

As the dogma of Calories In, Calories Out is becoming more and more outdated, people like Dr. Ted Naiman sees tremendous results doing the opposite: stop counting calories.

Finally, what should you be doing if you want to lose weight by lowering your insulin? Dr. Naiman shares the most effective ways to do this (low carb is just one of four important things).

Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 25-minute interview – one of our most popular and controversial videos – is available on our member site:

Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin? – Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman

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Modern Vegetables – The Result of Artificial Selection


You can eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables on low carb. But it doesn’t mean that they’ve made up a big proportion of our diet throughout human history – at least not in the way they look today.

In fact, modern vegetables are the result of domestication and artificial selection, resulting in dramatic alterations, which Dr. Ted Naiman illustrates in a cool way above.

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What Fruits Can You Eat on a Low-Carb Diet?


You can eat fruit on a low-carb diet – just make sure that you pick the ones that are low in sugar just like Dr. Ted Naiman!

If you want to learn more, you can check out our full guide below:

Low-Carb Fruits and Berries – the Best and the Worst

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Losing 62 Pounds in One Year


Yet another fantastic Dr. Ted Naiman patient story – losing 62 lbs (28 kg) and reaching his goal weight effortlessly in just one year! Can you guess how he did it?

Apparently it only took 3 minutes to explain what to do… Continue Reading →