Dr. Ted Naiman: Ketosis and a diet rich in protein

How does an increased protein intake on low carb work with still being in ketosis – and what does the latest research have to say about it?

A highly debated topic at the moment and one of the high-protein diet promoters is Dr. Ted Naiman. In this presentation from the 2018 Low Carb Cruise, he talks about the basis of his standpoint: that the amount of protein consumed impacts energy intake.

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Too much protein is better than too little – Dr. Ted Naiman

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Dr. Naiman


  1. Sandra
    So the old Atkins or new Atkins is keto with higher protein. I’ve lost 65+ pounds over 4 years doing low carb. I’m 73 and feel the low carb works for me.
  2. FC
    Ok, you can eat bunch of protein and stay in ketosis, but do you know that glucose is not the only thing in the body?
    Excess methionine depletes essential methylation nutrients that are used up for recycling of toxic homocysteine.
    Excess leucine which acts like oxidant, suppress mTOR and rises IGF-1. May lead to liver and brain damage.
    Also studies show that protein restriction equals most benefits of calorie restriction and fasting. It can extend lifespan of fruitflies up to 67% and rats up to 40%.
    Protein need to be balanced with methylation nutrients.

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