Bodyweight training for beginners with Dr. Ted Naiman, MD

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We’re often told that exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. But, what kind of benefits can you expect? What form of exercise is the most effective? And, how can you exercise in a cheap and sustainable way – with no equipment required?

In this video, recorded at the Low Carb Cruise, Dr. Ted Naiman, MD, walks us through the answers to these questions and more. Tune in for this video to get all the details!

Dr. Naiman


  1. Maria
    This is far too hard for a beginner and for someone of my age trying to get fit - depressing video in fact!
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  2. Cindy
    Great video for someone my age! He told you all the variations and something to work toward. Get started no whining allowed!
  3. Judy
    I am 57 and female. Perfect!
  4. Pam
    I exercise regularly with clinical physiotherapist doing advanced reformer Pilates plus weight bearing 2xweek in gym but most of these I cannot do due to past injuries. Love Dr Naimans other presentations!
  5. Fabienne
    I am 52 , 5”4 and 103 lbs , all my life I have struggled to build muscle mass. I tried , nope.....I was never bulky nor toned!
  6. Alex
    How is this “far too hard”? He’s talking about doing wall push-ups, if you can’t do those... I mean you probably use more muscule getting out of bed than than does.
  7. Margaret
    I started with wall pushups and now do them on the back of the sofa. It can be done!
  8. Tiffanee
    Great examples of functional exercises, mimicking everyday movements that most people do just going about their day. We pull things, we push things, we lift things, etc. Looks very much like the starting level of CrossFit which is fantastic. All movements can be scaled for ability level.

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