Becoming a low-carb doctor

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How do you become a low-carb doctor? And how could you make it more simple for your doctor to understand low carb?

In this interview Dr. Ted Naiman talks about his journey, the one moment that got him started, plus what he has learnt from treating patients with low-carb diets for almost two decades.

You can watch a segment of the interview above (transcript). Oh, and the mystery cause of the patient’s recovery? It’s just what you think, and exactly the same thing that got other doctors – like Dr. Eric Westman – started.

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The full 20-minute interview is available (with captions and transcript) for members:


Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

I had to laugh at 10mins 30 s when Dr Eenfeldt said “Do you just pass a note across the table with written on it “, Because that is exactly what I do. Here in England you still feel like a heretic when you advocate the low carb diet.
I am a GP who is towards the end of my career, so I have seen a lot of patients who have not been helped by conventional advice. It is so wonderful to find something that works, for both myself and my patients. It is frustrating when patients don’t follow your advice, or do it half heartedly so it fails, but I am so happy for those patients that have reversed their health conditions. It makes it all worthwhile.
– Monica

The content was superb. Monica, thank you for trying to educate your patients. I too feel like a heretic (LOL!) although I am an educator not a doctor. I to have gone underground. When I first told my co-workers I was doing LCHF I was the laughing stock of the lunchroom (especially when my weight stalled). We truly do live in an “instant gratification” (or perhaps more aptly, a more instant weight loss) society where the norm seems to be “one chance and done, time to move on to the next weight loss plan”. At least that seems to be the case here in the United States. I have just had a very tumultuous week where I thought I was doing everything right, only to find I had gained 4 pounds. This video has shown me what I was doing wrong and I have since (in three days time) lost seven pounds by adjusting the amount of grams of protein I eat, reducing the amount of olive oil I use (from 1 tablespoon to 1teaspoon), (echoing Alan’s post a bit) cutting my cheese intake from 4 oz. daily to 2 oz. I have reigned in my heavy cream free pouring to 2 tablespoons a day. All that plus the 16:2 fasting (16 hours then 2 meals). The results have been amazing. However, I am not sure it will be sustainable. So, I am sure I will need to readjust.
– Ellen

Thank you for the fantastic video, I found it very informative and it makes so much sense to me.
– Catherine

Ah ha….now i see why my weight loss has slowed significantly. I believe too much fat in my diet. Will not overdo and eat only when hungry and stop when satisfied. Great insights.
– Mary-Ann

Very informative film, I have had to listen to Dr Naimans films several times to understand the body functions he describes. Fascinating stuff and I admire the respectful, gentle way he practices medicine without critisizing others in his profession. A breath of fresh air.
Several commentators here have raised the points about how much butter is advised. I am 3 months in on the LCHF path and looking to lose body fat. This film has highlighted to me that I should reduce butter for now UNTIL my body fat is reduced to a desired level.
– Stephanie


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