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Christmas Crisis: Butter Shortage in Sweden

Butter shortage – good news as long as I have butter in my fridge!

Bad news: there will be a butter shortage in Sweden this winter season.

Good news: it’s mainly because the fat phobia that has had a grip on people for decades is rapidly fading, meaning that people feel comfortable eating more healthy, natural fat.

The Local: Christmas Crisis: Sweden Set for a Winter Butter Shortage

Sweden is the home country of Diet Doctor. And this is not the first time we’ve had a butter shortage. I guess we’re partly to blame again… sorry!

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“Young Europeans May Die at Earlier Age Than Their Grandparents, Says WHO”

Rising obesity levels in Europe could shorten the life expectancy of a generation:

The Guardian: Young Europeans may die at earlier age than their grandparents, says WHO

Looking at the nice graphic above I can’t help but notice that my country Sweden is now one of the thinnest countries in Europe. This after more than five years when LCHF diets have been the most popular weight loss method around. The latest numbers – from earlier this year – even hint that the obesity epidemic could already be broken in Sweden:

Obesity is “Exploding” in Europe, Except in This Country


LCHF Coffee Break at the Castle


A reader shared this from a conference at Södertuna Castle in Sweden. Asking for LCHF resulted in this for the afternoon coffee break instead of baked goods. Not bad!

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Number of Weight-Loss Surgeries Continues to Decline in Sweden!


The trend of an increasing number of weight-loss surgeries in Sweden (where I live) has now definitely been broken. For the second year in a row, fewer and fewer people have undergone this type of surgery.

Those responsible for weight-loss surgeries want to make the claim that the decline in weight-loss surgeries is because other, more urgent, types of surgery are given higher priority. But perhaps the real reason is different?

Perhaps more and more people are beginning to question the health benefits of such mass and indiscriminate surgery. There is no disease where the surgeons operate. Healthy organs are cut out. Healthy stomachs and healthy intestines are surgically removed with disconcerting routine.

Solutions this extreme can’t be necessary for more than a small minority. There must be more natural solutions for most people.

Weight-loss surgery is the ultimate proof of how the health-care system has failed miserably to deal with the obesity problem – a panic button. It’s not a long-term solution and perhaps more and more are starting to understand this. If this is the case the decrease is good news! Continue Reading →


The Real Association Between Butter and Heart Disease in Sweden


The outdated fear-mongering propaganda claiming that a dramatically increased butter consumption in Sweden has also increased the incidence of heart disease is once again crushed by reality.

New statistics from The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare show the exact opposite. The incidence of heart attacks in Sweden keeps plummeting, for both men and women, just as they have done since 2005. We are becoming healthier, despite eating more and more butter.

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare: Fewer people suffer heart attacks (statistics 1988-2012, Google translated)

As modern science time and time again has shown that a low-fat diet doesn’t do anything good for heart health, nobody should be surprised. But there are definitely people that need to update their knowledge.

Above is the butter consumption in Sweden (yellow line) in relation to statistics on heart disease (blue + purple). The axis for butter consumption is to the right.

The Swedish butter consumption just keeps going up, while the incidence of heart attacks keeps going down.

So, what’s the correlation between butter consumption and heart disease? None. There is no correlation.

That the old theory on saturated fat and heart disease has been a mistake has already been proven in high quality studies (RCT). This is just a telling illustration.

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Chief Physician: Forget About the MyPlate Guidelines


A growing number of health care professionals recognize that the old advice on a low-fat, high-carb diet has been an embarrassing mistake. Here’s another one, chief physician Ulf Rosenqvist, Medical Specialist Clinic, Motala, Sweden. Here’s a quote:

It’s confusing when suddenly the truth no longer holds. It’s been taken as dogmatic faith that one should eat according to the MyPlate Guidelines. All health care professionals have been indoctrinated in this…

Now it’s time for forget the Swedish version of the MyPlate guidelines (very similar to the current US version) and aim for richer foods again, he says.

The Food Revolution is on a roll! Here’s the full article translated into English:

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A New Record Number of Visitors


The interest in the food revolution just keeps increasing.

The Swedish government agency SBU (Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment) released their expert inquiry last week, including the conclusion that a low-carb diet produces more rapid weight loss – and better health markers!

This was a historic day, that will certainly have an impact on the future treatment of obesity in Sweden. As a bonus the news produced a major visitor record for my Swedish blog: over 73,000 visitors in one day. Not bad in a small country!

Above you can see the number of daily visits to since the start in 2007. The number of visitors is increasing and the website is already one of Sweden’s most read blogs, all categories included. But I think this is just the beginning.

More and more people are spreading the knowledge. Together we’ll make great things happen. In Sweden, and around the world.


“Fat Trims Your Waistline”


The Food Revolution in full swing:

Below is an excellent article from local Swedish paper Corren about this week’s SBU report showing that low-carb diets are superior for weight loss. It’s particularly pleasing to see so many wise comments from Professor Fredrik Nyström, who was a member of the expert group of the SBU.

For Fredrik Nyström the report represents a victory.

– Absolutely. I’ve been working with this for so long. It feels great to have this scientific report, and that the skepticism towards low-carb diets among my colleagues has disappeared during the course of the work. When all recent scientific studies are lined up the result is indisputable: our deep-seated fear of fat is completely unfounded. You don’t get fat from fatty foods, just as you don’t get atherosclerosis from calcium or turn green from green vegetables.

The time has come for the health care system to learn how to advise patients on a low-carbohydrate diet.

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