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World’s Oldest Person Dies at Age 117 – Had Three Eggs Per Day


Emma Morano

The world’s oldest person, Emma Morano, has unfortunately passed away. But she may have a few things to teach us about her longevity – attributing it to her regimen of three eggs per day:

BBC: World’s Oldest Person, Emma Morano, Dies at Age of 117

If you want to copy Emma’s regimen, then check out our top egg recipes below.

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Ketosis Mimics the Effect of Caloric Restriction on Longevity


Could ketosis prolong life? A new critical review argues that this may be the case.

A severe restriction of calories has been shown to increase the lifespan in animals. The cause of this is still unclear, but it could be because of a reduction in insulin and insulin-like growth factor levels.

One of the results of this is the state of ketosis and production of ketone bodies. The researchers believe that those could be part of the answer:

We hypothesize that increasing the levels of ketone bodies will also extend the life span of humans and that calorie restriction extends life span at least in part through increasing the levels of ketone bodies.

Whether the theory is true of not, it’s an interesting paper to read for keto nerds:

IUBMB Journals: Ketone Bodies Mimic the Life Span Extending Properties of Caloric Restriction

Note, however, that the lead author owns a number of patents on the production of exogenous ketones. So there’s a certain bias involved.

If ketosis actually can prolong life, it’s almost certainly more effective to reach it via a ketogenic diet. That’s how to get the hormonal effects too, not just the ketones.

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How Much Ketosis Do You Need to Lose Weight?


How much ketosis do you need to lose weight? Can protein shorten life? And does eating extra fat really make you fat?

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A Fasting-Mimicking Diet Results in Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic Health


Five days a month of a “fasting-mimicking” diet – low calorie, high fat – not surprisingly results in weight loss and improved metabolic health markers:

You can likely reap similar benefits by doing some regular intermittent fasting too.

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US Life Expectancy is Low and Could be on Par with Mexico in 2030

Close-up of a senior man contemplating

US life expectancy is taking a hit, due to obesity and type 2 diabetes, etc.

The trend is clear according to a new report by the WHO – the US has a very low life expectancy, in comparison to other developed nations. Minimal gains over the coming years will make it equal to that of Mexico by 2030:

CNBC: US Life Expectancy Is Low and Is Now Projected to Be on Par with Mexico by 2030

Why the negative trend? Majorly because of continuing increases in lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

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The Diet of a 105-Year Old World-Record Holder


Check out the preferred diet of Robert Marchand, 105 years old and a world-record holder in cycling:

Yogurt, soup, cheese, chicken and a glass of red wine at dinner.

Sounds like a low-carb diet to me.

The New York Times: Lessons on Aging Well, From a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

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The Secret to a Long Life – 3 Eggs a Day


What’s the secret to a long life? Who better to ask than the only person alive who has lived in the 19th century!

According to world record holder Emma Morano, close to 117 years old, the secret is…. eggs.

Want to live a long and healthy life? The oldest woman in the world, who turns 117 in just a few days says that eating eggs is one of the main reasons why.

Emma Morano says that she first began eating eggs in her teens when a doctor prescribed them to treat anemia. reports that she was first prescribed three a day and stuck with it for more than 90 years. She has since backed that down…

– I eat two eggs a day and that’s it.

12News: Oldest Person in the World Shares Secret to Long Life – And It’s Eggs

Eggs are a fantastically nutritious food, and very popular on a low-carb diet. Below you’ll find our top egg recipes… perhaps they could even help you live longer?

Top egg recipes

More great egg recipes

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Protein Intake – Effects on Longevity, Aging and Cancer

4.4 out of 5 stars5 stars70%4 stars12%3 stars7%2 stars0%1 star8%119 ratings6,318 viewsWhy are all good low-carb diets high in fat, like an LCHF diet, and not high in protein?
Could excessive protein in the diet be a problem for aging and cancer?

Dr. Ron Rosedale’s has been talking about this for a long time. Here’s his highly interesting presentation from this year’s Low Carb Vail conference. This talk has only been available for our members before (check out our free trial), but now everyone can watch it above.

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Guess what the World’s Oldest Woman Had for Breakfast Every Morning?

The world’s oldest woman, 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, just passed away. She was the last US person born in the 19th century.

What made her live so long? It’s impossible to know, but media reports something interesting:

Ms Jones always maintained that lots of sleep and no smoking or drinking were the main reasons she lived to celebrate her 116th birthday last year.

But perhaps it was due to the pleasures she allowed herself in life too. In an interview with Time Magazine last year, she admitted to eating four strips of bacon with scrambled egg every day.

An earlier article contains more details:

Jones’ favorite dish is bacon and eggs… The 116-year-old woman eats bacon and eggs every morning and her daily regime contains more than one portion of meat per day.

You would expect her to suffer from Type 2 diabetes and coronary diseases and yet, Susannah Mushatt Jones needs no special medical treatments. Doctors have all agreed she is in a perfect physical condition, in spite of the products she eats.

In spite of? Or because of?

Eggs and meat have been eaten by humans for millions of years, making us likely to be perfectly adapted to them. They should thus be perfectly healthy foods, way healthier than most modern processed foods.

It’s likely no coincidence that the fear of animal fats during the last few decades – and the corresponding increase in consumption of processed carbs – have coincided with an unprecedented epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Susannah Mushatt Jones was perhaps already too old to care about the modern low-fat fad diet. Good for her.

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The Right Weight To Live Longer

If you want to live a long life, what weight should you try to stay at?

There have been earlier talk about an “obesity paradox“, as overweight people seem to live longer than normal weight people in some studies. This despite the connection between obesity and diseases like cancer, heart disease etc.

The “obesity paradox” idea has been heavily criticized as a statistical mistake, due to things like smoking and many diseases lowering both weight and life expectancy.

A new large review of 230 studies including 30 million people try to correct for this problem. In healthy never smokers, in studies with longer follow-up, it seems that normal weight is clearly associated with longer lives.

In fact the people who live the longest have lived most of their lives at a BMI of about 20-22, or at least below 25.

Interestingly this also means living with low insulin throughout life.

Do you want to lower your insulin and your weight? Check out our free guide:

How to Lose Weight

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