The Secret Diet of the Fittest Senior Citizen on the Planet


Charles Eugster holds world records at a number of sprint distances… and he’s 96 years old! He may be the “fittest senior citizen on the planet”.

When he’s not sprinting he’s also a “body-builder, a public speaker, a writer, a rower, a wakeboarder, an entrepreneur, and a budding fashion designer, planning his own line in elderly couture.”

Pretty incredible! So what does he eat to stay in shape?

I avoid sugar and eat lots of meat, especially fat. I’ve been on a fat trip lately. Fat! Piles of fat. Yet, I was in a supermarket the other day and was perplexed to find yogurt with zero fat. What on earth is that? The idea of the nutrition pyramid where, at the top, is a little fat and meat, and at the bottom a lot of carbohydrates, is, excuse me, bullshit. Humans are so unbelievably stupid that we have begun to tinker with food. Our theories of nutrition have resulted in a pandemic of obesity. Can you imagine a hunter-gatherer enjoying a low-fat yogurt? Let me tell you this, too: I read a report recently which said that a fatty diet also increases your libido.

He’s clearly not just in good shape, he’s smart too. The whole article about him is an amazing read:

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  2. Anne Marie
    Pearl Cantrell, a grandmother who lived to be 105, ate bacon every day! She has since passed in 2014, but it is an interesting anecdote. Here's the news article on her.

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  4. Valerie
    I think he died last year. But inspiring man nevertheless.
  5. Cher
    If someone ate bacon daily and other fats, but lived to 100, it is very unlikely they avoided most carbs... they would have eaten a diet typical for their age, which would have included potatoes, pastas, breads, sweets. So it’s hard for me to buy into the elderly people living longer due to fatty foods.
  6. Ka
    Really need help with an easy to follow and prepare Senior Keto daily menu. Any coojbooks or sites dedicated to that? I have only found a few articles with the good or bad of Keto for Seniors.

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