Seven tips for 40-somethings who want a healthy old age

Are you in your 40-somethings, like me? Do you want a healthy old age? Here are seven good tips from Dr. Rangan Chatterjee:

Mail Online: Seven tips for 40-somethings who want a healthy old age: Doctor devises lifestyle plan to help us remain ailment-free

Here’s the short version:

  1. Check your blood pressure
  2. Test your blood sugar
  3. Cut carbohydrates
  4. Meditate
  5. Relax on cholesterol
  6. Fast for fitness
  7. Junk the junk food

Personally I have six down – perhaps I should start meditating again.

The only important thing I’m missing from the list is sleep. Getting a full 8-hour sleep most nights is also a great way to reduce stress levels (plus its many other benefits).

Regarding blood pressure only a third of adult Americans have a normal blood pressure these days (below 120/80). And both my parents have needed medication for high blood pressure, so I almost certainly would start seeing at least borderline pressure at 43, if I lived like most people. And yet my blood pressure is consistently well within the normal range. I tested it again this morning – 113/71. I credit this to following tip number 3, 6 and 7.

Which tip would you most like to start following?


  1. Anthony
    Andreas , what about weight training . And fat for satisfaction ?
  2. solomon
  3. bill
    Not a word about eating fat?

    I'm flabbergasted.

  4. Apicius
    Eat natural fats as major component in meals.
    Reply: #5
  5. bill

    Eat natural fats as major component in meals.

    You and I advocate that, but we're not
    sure that Diet Doctor does anymore.

  6. mac jim
    Actually, at this age, we need to fit our bodies to stay alive more. You picking some good point. I really appreciate this. But I think exercise also important, you have missed it. Isn't it?

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