What Happens if You Eat Nothing But Bacon for 30 Days Straight?

Here’s a crazy idea: What would happen if you only ate bacon for 30 days?

Or, perhaps, it’s not that crazy. Dan Quibell tried it and enjoyed it… and even lost 20 pounds:

Ketogasm: What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Bacon for 30 Days Straight?

Now there’s an active Facebook group with 3,000 members dedicated to discussing the Bacon experiment and trying it themselves.

Facebook: The Bacon Experiment

Obviously eating nothing but bacon results in an extremely low carb, ketogenic diet. It should result in significant loss of excess weight, without weighing or counting. And if you’re crazy enough it should be fine to try it for a month.

Note: If you are on diabetes medication, especially insulin, you’ll have to adapt (lower) the doses so discuss it with your doctor first.


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  1. Apicius
    Hmmm. I'm tempted to try it. Would rotate a variety of bacon though, to break the monotony. Like apple wood smoked, hickory smoked, italian panchetta, etc.
  2. Ann Marie
    There is a book called Primal Cravings that has a ton of different recipes for bacon that look delicious!
  3. Muneef
    The wieght loss because a water loss in body cells. It could only store water through the carbs. As I read this in research. It is not bacon only, I used to eat beef or chicken and find wieght loss in the same day.
  4. Eric
    Ground beef, butter, eggs and bacon if you like

    Like the pemmican 80/20 diet

    Very high fat ultra low carb

  5. B
    Do not do this! I came up to a guy who was biking in the mountains who was having a heart attack, I tried to save him by giving CPR but I was unsuccessful. He was on a bacon only diet and used the fat to cook his eggs. His heart was 90% percent clogged. Please do not believe this article. Check out "The China study" the most compressive nutrition study ever. Again please do not do this bacon diet!!!!
  6. James
    I'm glad the guy you came upon having a heart attack had time to tell you he was on the bacon diet lol. I don't think so.
    Reply: #12
  7. Lmao
    He was on a bacon only diet, but he used the fat to fry his eggs... Lmao!l
  8. Vigilantesniper
    Haha really. There's been experiments done on bacon only for a month everywhere and people drop all kinds of weight and their blood work comes back healthier than before. I did bacon and cheese only for a week and dropped 12 pounds. I'll be doing bacon and cheese only again in a few days this time for a whole month. And I find it hard to believe the guy who dropped dead of a heart attack in front of you had the cognitive ability and time to mention he was bacon only and all clogged up...and how he used bacon grease to fry his eggs. Jeezus. Do you're research and educate yourself. Don't be spreading fake info around.
  9. Gavin
    Bacon for 60 days now I have lost 32 kgs please I would recommend this to anyone willing to put themselves to the test.. bacon, fruit, water not even gym just being active..
  10. Bryan
    Fruit too?
  11. Pk One
    I am also impressed that B stayed around for the results of the autopsy. :-D
  12. Alvina
    I know right?! Lol what foolishness
  13. lauren
    I also find it funny that you know his details of diet and heart clog rate. You should do some research into what clogs your arteries. you might find a lifetime of supposed healthy eating has created this and he's on the bacon experiment to fix his health
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  15. Renee
    Ummmm... all I can do is laugh at you right now B... LMFAO
  16. Charlene
    B--If you spent more time on the CPR and less time talking, this man just might be alive today.
    Reply: #21
  17. Laura
    I think people need to give this B a break ! She/he must of gone through a traumatic time and anything you are told after or in that situation you probably would believe yourself ! Their partner or friend may have told her information which wasn't accurate and also may have kept in touch, seeing as B did such an incredible thing if her story is true! Sorry but you all sound like internet trolls after the first few comments.
  18. Karen
    I need to know, what else you can eat or drink, during eating the bacon for a month thing?.
  19. GenuinelyConcernedForOurFuture
    Interesting indeed.
    I wonder what the heart and stroke foundation (An institution that has spent millions upon millions of $$$ researching the causes of heart and stroke)would think about this delicious diet? :-/
    I love bacon, who doesn't? But I think if I were to eat bacon and only bacon for a period of time(I wouldn't last nearly a month), I would quickly approach my last slice of bacon ever.
    I'm not sure if the increased opportunity for weight loss offsets the increased risks associated with heart and stroke, and colon cancer.
    I suppose this diet is not recommended for anyone over the age of 40?
    For every article I found promoting this I found twice as many to the contrary.
    Does anybody have any links to supporting documentation showing scientific data that supports these claims? So far I have found none!
    I can't believe people are actually comparing "experiments" to clinical studies! It's laughable at the very least and disturbing at most. But if it's on the interweb it must be true. Doh!!
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  21. Jojo
    That's nasty, you need a hammer
  22. Jojo
    I lost 28 kilos on the bacon egg diet... 3 bacon 1 egg breaks
    3 bacon 1 egg lunch
    3 bacon 1 egg dinner Lol
    Good luck

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