What happens if you eat nothing but bacon for 30 days straight?

Here’s a crazy idea: What would happen if you only ate bacon for 30 days?

Or, perhaps, it’s not that crazy. Dan Quibell tried it and enjoyed it… and even lost 20 pounds:

Ketogasm: What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Bacon for 30 Days Straight?

Now there’s an active Facebook group with 3,000 members dedicated to discussing the Bacon experiment and trying it themselves.

Facebook: The Bacon Experiment

Obviously eating nothing but bacon results in an extremely low carb, ketogenic diet. It should result in significant loss of excess weight, without weighing or counting. And if you’re crazy enough it should be fine to try it for a month.

Note: If you are on diabetes medication, especially insulin, you’ll have to adapt (lower) the doses so discuss it with your doctor first.


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