The Swedish low carb revolution


Here it is, black on white, the Swedish low carb revolution.

Avoiding sugar and starch and eating real food (meat, fish, vegetables, butter) instead has become more popular for years. Now the new survey above shows that one in four Swedes follow the LCHF-method! Five percent of Swedes are hard core low carbers. Fantastic. And this is just the beginning of the revolution.

LCHF for beginners

The whole survey (in Swedish)


  1. Kate
    I don't get it. Vegetables are carbs. So eating meat, fish, vegetables and butter is essentially eating protein, carbs and fat. What's so low-carb about that?

    If you are saying that the low-carb 'revolution' means avoiding sugar and starch, isn't that like saying you're cutting out desserts? Or decreasing calories by eliminating sweets (cakes, cookies, etc.)? That old school dieting, page one of the 'reduce your calories' by giving up sweets diet!

  2. Steve
    Very Low Carb doesn't mean NO carbs. Sources of carbs also matter. Maybe you should just do more reading before posting. Here's a website that may interest you.
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    There are almost no carbs in vegetables. You could eat a whole plate full of vegetables with every meal and still stay under 20 grams of carbs a day – very low carb.

    Avoiding starch means avoiding bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

  4. Go Sweden, I hope more countries catch on too. Let the revolution begin.

    For tasty LCHF recipes:

  5. DeniseT
    Thank you for your lecture on the low-carb cruise.
    You managed to give me hope for the future of our that if the results from Sweden become overwhelming, the American Medical establishment might actually pay attention and buck the pharmaceudical companies and advocate a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks Denise! There is definitely hope – it's just a question of how long it's going to take and how many people that has to get fat and sick before it happens.
  7. Dana
    Kate, I've logged myself eating up to 2900 calories a day before (kilocalories for our Swedish doctor friend) and still losing weight. I've also logged myself eating fewer than 2000 calories a day with my weight not budging.

    I don't think calories move in and out of the body the way The Experts(tm) say they do.

    Try an experiment: log how much you eat for a month, then eat the same thing the following month but with all the starch and sugar calories replaced with butter and coconut oil. Let us know what happens.

  8. Vikki
    I agree on Dana here.

    I once in my life ate tons of food and a lot of times during the day (maybe more than 6-7times a day). I was well above 3000kcal too and also ate chocolate EVERY day. I however have never been much for sport or physical activity so i shoulda been fat according to thoose who claim eat less than you spend kinda strategies. I was very skinny and only a size 10 which is for me with my 170cm tall and big bone frame very boney and skinny. I did however feel very happy and had no depressions. I also think that a lot of the energy i ate went out the other way cos i was not using it and my body didnt feel the need to store it.

    NOwdays i had been eating barely anything and only small portions each time and when i forced myself(yes i say force cos i never ever really liked to eat it) to eat thoose potatoes and bread and pastas, even in small amounts and walking my dog 2-3 hours a day i still gained weight. Of course some of the weight has been muscle but also my clothing size went up to 22-24 at some point. I calculated i ate only 700-1600kcal a day during a long period of time adn some days i didnt even eat anything. Still my body stored anything i ate.

    Now im still eating low amount of kcal everyday but i dont count em and i do avoid anything high carby or lowfat. My body has lost 3 clothing sizes but no weight so far, but im pretty sure my body has no clue what to do yet and are trying to re-program itself for future metabolism.

  9. Ohad
    Ok, the million SEK question:
    If the Swedish authorities support Low-Carb living, then how come there is NO SUPPORT from the local care centers in Sweden? Are there any doctors who support this in Sweden, other than you Andreas? Or Dr. Annika D. in the North? Not that I know of.
    Feeling very frustrated...
    I have been living with keto-diet for a while and I need to know if my blood markers are alright and all they can say is that my lipids are high. And that's stone-age. Not helpful AT ALL.
    Regardless how many are positive to that approach, unless the medical establishment understands this, they cannot support us.
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  11. Mannie
    Ohad, why do you think we need the 'support' of the medical community? It's your body, a body that you know better than any Doctor could. I think we put too much emphasis on the approval of others, when we already know the answers. Trust your body, methods, and with a blood test(twice per year), you will see all you need to see. We have been fed lies from the medical community for over 50 years, ignorance and arrogance is not limited to the uneducated, or less educated! Good luck, and be your own man/woman.

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