WHAT you eat is more important than HOW MUCH you eat


Calorie counting is out, eating real food to satiety is in. And Dr. Ted Naiman illustrates this perfectly above. To the left you see what different populations have focused on, to the right you see the results.

WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat are both worth considering.

But I definitely think that WHAT to eat is of FAR more importance LONG-TERM.

– Dr. Ted. Naiman

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  1. Peter Phelps
    After 18 months on LCHF and losing 21kg I am now gaining again (+4.5kg) with a raging appetite. My BMR is currently 26 and I am less than 50g Carbs and eating real food but probably 2000+ calories. If Dr. Naiman was correct, I would not be gaining.
  2. Birgit
    If only I keep carbs at or below 30g/day and limit protein at or below 80g/day on average and make sure I still eat some variety of foods, my appetite doesn't get out of control and my weight remains stable.
    Does that prove Dr. Naiman correct? I am just N=1, so that it doesn't. But if I am no exception at all, it does.
  3. Clive
    Protein consumption is key to control. HFLC is not eat as much protein as you want but stay around 1g per Kg of body weight or less. Too much protein is converted to glucose, surplus goes to fat, which raises body weight.
  4. Chris
    This is false gluconeogenesis is demand based and has a rate limit. It will not make surplus, you will end up gaining water weight, to store the glycogen, if you eat lots of protein and your muscles have depleted glycogen, which is common when you start out on a low carb diet. You won't gain fat.
  5. Eric
    When we eat!
    Look at Salk institute research of satchin panda
    Time restricted feeding!
    Combined try and keto is what we did before lights and eating from the time we wake up till we go to bed our modern high sugar proceed food diet
  6. Lorletha
    Carb creep is definitely a thing. And it's sneaky too! Too much cacao nibs, flax seed, chia seed, macadamia nuts and etc... is contributing to my slow weight gain.

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