Dr. Ted Naiman on the best way to lose weight

Is eating more protein on a low-carb diet a good idea? Should you take supplements? What made you gain weight in the first place – and what can you do to lose it?

You can watch Dr. Ted Naiman share his weight-loss wisdom above, via High Intensity Health.

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Dr. Ted Naiman: Treating patients with low carb for 20 years

WHAT you eat is more important than HOW MUCH you eat

Weight loss

Dr. Naiman

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  1. TeeDee
    I found I was messing up my efforts to lose fat/weight by trying to cut back too much on protein, in addition to the carbs. I'd rather cut out the carbs and cut back a little on the fat while eating protein to satiety until I lose enough to go on to a maintainance level...Thanks for this excellent interview, guys.

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