The M.E.A.L. diet – the world’s best diet for ultra-rapid fat loss?


Did Dr. Ted Naiman just come up with the simplest and best diet for ultra-rapid fat loss that the world has ever seen?

It’s called the M.E.A.L. diet.

Eat Meat, Eggs, Added natural fats and Leafy greens. Voila. All “invented” by Dr. Ted Naiman. No diet book required.

Try it

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While meat, eggs and added fats for cooking may be self evident, leafy non-starchy greens is not. Here’s our low-carb vegetable guide:

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  1. Steve Rayner
    So, the 'new' diet is Atkins then!
  2. Debbie
    I guess there's "no comment. ". ?????
  3. Terry Miller
    I've lost 11 pounds already following this plan.
  4. Bob
    Yes, except where Atkins had low carbmoderate to high amounts of protein,and moderate fat, this diet has moderate to low protein, and fat is increased significantly and that's the key. I lost 30 pounds in six months and that was over two years ago. I've kept the weight off, all my blood markers have improved tremendously, and my blood pressure is much lower. I'm also off of statins. Awesome diet!
  5. MJ
    one word: gluconeogenesis.
  6. Chad
    Challenge accepted. I will consume only the food on the chart for the next 30 days. 22/01-22/2. 106 starting weight.
  7. Sarah Hughes
    Ive lost 20 lbs on this plan, and I’m eating decadently! So thankful for the way this website has educated me.
  8. Andy
    I'm down 15 lbs in 2 weeks. Never go hungry and most days skip lunch because I just don't feel hungry.
  9. Patty
    I already invented this diet. Lol. I feel better and lose weight fast when I do this. Very simple too. Not a bunch of fussy recipes!
  10. Carole
    I've lost 30lbs on this program. Pretty fast and easy. Gotta work on my breakfasts though!
  11. Ray
    Make it healthier by cutting out the red meat. Chicken breast, turkey, fish, bison.
    Replies: #13, #14
  12. JP
    Si vous buvez très peu vous maigrirez rapidement
  13. Tim
    False. Red meat is the healthiest food on the planet.
  14. T Love
    lol, red meat is healthy get out of the 1950s
  15. Bart
    This is old. Pretty sure he doesn't recommend added fats any more
  16. Don
    Old news but still works.
  17. Dick
    Whoever says red meat isn't healthy is not educated.

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