Start eating LCHF to drastically improve blood sugar


If you want your HbA1c to drop from 13.1 % to 6.6% (!) in 6 months, without drugs, then you should start eating LCHF. This is exactly what happened when Dr. Ted Naiman put one of his patients with type 2 diabetes on a low-carb diet.

It’s another great diabetes success story showing how powerful an impact food can have on people with diabetes.

When do you think that low-carb diets will become standard diabetes treatment?

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  1. Sharon
    Tell me me more I'm type 2 for 23 years been on insulin 1 half years can't do the more fat thing it starts my stone off and what is lchf x
  2. Annette
    low carb high fat. what do you mean you can eat more fat starts your stone off?

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