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  • Kenyan doctor reverses his type 2 diabetes with low carb, then pays it forward
  • Adam 'struggled to keep weight off' until he tried keto
  • 'I've lost 100 pounds and no longer have type 2 diabetes'
  • 'I lost 60 pounds and normalized my blood-sugar levels in just 100 days'
  • 'I never thought I would get to where I am today, but here I am!'
  • 'I'm a new person and am loving life'
  • How Mike broke free from food addiction with a keto diet
  • Nick enjoys more stable blood sugar levels on LCHF
  • 'Diet Doctor saved my life'
  • 'Going strict keto with IF really helped me'
  • For Mark, 50 pounds and digestive distress 'vanished'
  • 'It's been life-changing for me — to say the least'
  • ‘We wish we’d known about keto 30 years ago’
  • 'It was – and still is – very easy'
  • Ali says he and his family 'all feel so much better' since going keto
  • Greg managed to reverse his coronary calcium score by 40% with keto
  • 'I just want to say the keto diet is amazing!'
  • "I now enjoy perfect health"

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  • My low-carb story with Marc Gossange
  • My success story with Kenneth Russell
  • My success story with Chuck Hicks
  • Living low carb with Chris Hannaway
    "I have been following the wrong advice!"
  • My success story with Jim Caldwell

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