The keto diet: “It’s unbelievable that it could be this easy”



Can a keto diet help you quit all diabetes medications for type 2 diabetes in just three weeks? Allow you to keep your weight off effortlessly? And make you feel better than ever at 61?

Here is Calvin’s fantastic story:

I have been overweight for years – but I made major changes to my diet and started to lose a lot of weight. I was able to lose a 140 pounds (64 kg) – and I thought I was doing great – but one of the changes I made – was eating a lot of fruit – and while I drank a lot less soda – it was still a pretty consistent part of my diet.

Still because of the weight loss – I thought I was doing great – but I was tired all the time – my feet hurt – my mouth was dry all the time – and my knees hurt. What’s the point of losing weight – but still feeling awful physically?

Recently, I went to my doctor – and since I had not had a blood test in quite a while – they decided I was overdue for a check.

The results were startling! My blood glucose level was 479 mg/dl (26.6 mmol/L)!

I was told to come back to the doctor’s office – and received a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and that I was at risk for a heart attack, diabetic coma, and even amputations – if I didn’t get on medicine right away. So, I started taking 3 shots of fast acting insulin, one long acting shot of insulin each night, two tabs of Metformin daily, along with one Glimepiride tablet at night. I was taking my blood reading 3 or four times a day.

At my first endocrinologist appointment – I learned that all the other negative health issues – were all caused by my sugar and starch intake. I was blown away – that eating fruit and starch were literally killing me – and dooming me to a life of insulin shots just to control it. I immediately stopped eating fruit.

The insulin worked – and my blood sugar came down the first week – but my weight started to come back because of the insulin.

I didn’t want taking shots and pills to be my answer.

But I didn’t know what to do to fix it – and I literally prayed to God for another answer – and the Saturday after my crisis diagnosis – I came across

I was so impressed by what I saw – that I decided to take the 2-week challenge – and the results have been miraculous.

I was off the fast acting insulin in days – then off long acting by the end of the week.

The following week – I was cut the Glimepiride completely, and by was taking only half a Metformin tablet twice a day. Before three weeks were over – I was off everything!!!

While this was all great news – it wasn’t all. My dry mouth, the pain in my knees went away completely. My feet still tingle sometimes – but nothing like before, and my energy is off the charts. I wake up instantly now – and I don’t need caffeine of sugar to get me going. No more sugar, no more starch, and no my artificial sweeteners (or low-calorie energy drinks needed to keep my going). My mental clarity has been astonishing – I get in to work earlier – and have more time in my day – and don’t have to take work home. So, I’m planning to start to workout – not to lose weight – but to simply increase my strength and flexibility. AWESOME!!!!

At the age of 61 – I feel better than I did in my 30’s. The weight is slowly coming back down (had to listen to the ‘5 common mistakes on LCHF diet‘ to get on track – more fat is just a hard idea to filter after so many years of hearing it was bad for me). But my while my weight hasn’t changed a lot – I have dropped a shirt size and feel overall trimmer.

All this – by ignoring the conventional wisdom I had been taught – and finding out I could still eat delicious meals.

I eat eggs every morning, and for lunch I either have leftovers from my recipes or hard boiled eggs. For dinner I’ve stuck strictly to what was on the meal plan – even if I thought I wouldn’t like it (but as sugar and starch left my body my taste buds seems to change – and I’ve loved all the recipes so far).

I also drink a cup of broth (once or twice a day). Now sometimes I skip lunch or breakfast – and just drink a cup of broth (and if that satisfies me – I just wait until I’m hungry). Fasting (I’ve learned) doesn’t mean hungry – and so I’m not a slave to the clock when it comes to eating anymore.

My wife (who is trim) – likes the food so much – she’s eating recipes with me.

It takes some discipline – but I now have a plan that works for me – and I plan for this to be a lifetime change.

So from a glucose level of 479 mg/dl (26.6 mmol/L) – and 3 week later – my waking glucose is 99 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/L) on average – with no pills – and no insulin shots.

My doctor sent me a message about my drastic change – that has amazed everyone – and said “You are a rock star!!!”

Now I don’t just look better – it’s what you can’t see – how much better I feel – it’s unbelievable that it could be this easy. I’m still losing weight – but now I’m rarely hungry – don’t snack – feel like a million dollars – and I EAT BUTTER AND FAT.

When people ask me how I’m doing – I no longer say “okay” – now I say – “FANTASTIC!!!”

For me,, was literally a God send. I wouldn’t have believed you could be healthy on so few carbs and high fat – but there is no faking the blood tests – I’m healed and getting better day by day. My next goal is to trim up more – and get off blood pressure medicine as well.

Thank you – you helped saved my life.



We’re so happy to hear that you’ve had such great success on the diet Calvin!

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  1. Nona Kilgore
    Since august my husband is steadily and slowly loosing the extra weight. He is under 99kg.
    It is when I came across the LCHF diet. I am not sure if I still do everything right regarding the diet. I try to follow the recipes here on your website, Dr Andreas.
    I do pray and hope my husband will not have any need of the T2D medication.

    Thankful for your great work!

  2. Anne
    Way to go Calvin. What a great, inspiring story!
  3. Christie
    So awesome! If only people knew! I’ve been spreading the word as best I can!
  4. Alaias Perkins
    This is awesome. He looks great. Does not look like he's 61, that's for sure.
  5. Cathy
    I had started the keto diet, been on it for one week I'm not noticing any changes I think I'm fatter. Will continue for another week and see.
    Replies: #6, #16
  6. John
    Took a lifetime to acquire your current body, give it more than a week, you'll be amazed soon enough!
    Reply: #13
  7. Coyan Lewis
    Congratulations Calvin on your success! I too, have incorporated a keto lifestyle and introduced it to my family. My mother has had similar experience with her blood sugar levels falling into normal range, from 160 range - <85 by taking pure Fijian Ginger & Turmeric, in addition to changing her diet. I've been on the BulaFit program which encompasses a ketogenic way of life with natural supplements. If you are interested in learning more about the secret to this extreme fat loss, while helping others and earning income by sharing the information, please contact me.
    Reply: #8
  8. Coyan Lewis
    Btw, I have been monitoring my hypertension since taking 100% Fijian Ginger & Turmeric in addition to my Amlodipine & Lisinopril. My numbers have been better than ever in ten years since taking the G & T. I too am hoping that my Dr will take me off the my meds.
    #fortyfivefeeling betterthanever
  9. Rhonda
    Calvin, congratulations! What an accomplishment, great work!!!
  10. Tameka Noel
    Just seems like a person with high blood pressure shouldn't consume all of the salt on this diet, it scares me! But I sure wish I'd be okay if I did want to try it.
    Replies: #14, #15, #21
  11. EvgeniaBB
    Don't worry about high blood pressure. My husband had the same problem, and on this diet it fell by 10 in less than a week. You lose a lot of salt and water on keto, so your blood pressure goes down and you need more salt and water to compensate for the loss.
    And in fact if you eat a lot of fast food, you'll have less salt on the keto diet no matter how much you try to have more because there is really too much salt in fast food.
    On the keto diet you need to keep it within the normal range and not decrease it, that's all.
  12. Gab
    Give it some time. Give it at least 8 weeks. You will not be sorry. I have been on the ketogenic diet for over a year and I have never felt better.
  13. Keith
    Yes fantastic drop 26 down to 5 mmol blood glucose although it is the insulin level that really matters. Good work Calvin. Indeed as John also mentioned the repair from eating high carb for years doesn't happen overnight.

    There are approx 37 trillion cells in the body it needs time to clear out the damage done to cell membranes by excess omega 6 and trans fats in the diet (usually from vegetable oils and fast food) and glycation (from hperglycemia) then restore the membranes to their correct proportions of 60% saturated fat, 30% mono saturated fats and 10% poly unsaturated fats.

    My (amature) opinion is this is a reason why the LCHF/Keto diets work so well because in most cases LCHF removes vegetable oils and trans fats from the diet and puts emphasis on saturated fat. It may also explain why some people experience a weight loss plateau the cells could at times be slowing their metabolic rate (or the transporters may be limiting the rate as at which glucose, amino acids and fatty acids enter the cell) so the cells can turn their attention to repairing the membrane. Sally Fallon Morell (author of Nourishing Fats) believes the repair process from trans and vegetable oils is ongoing and can take up to two years.

    Jeff Volek says it takes about 2 weeks to a month for someone to start being keto adapted (a fat burner).

  14. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Tameka!

    You can find some interesting reading here:

    Just seems like a person with high blood pressure shouldn't consume all of the salt on this diet, it scares me! But I sure wish I'd be okay if I did want to try it.

  15. Russell
    high salt intake is critical on a ketogenic diet.... you hold less water weight and therefore electrolytes are flushed out of the body quicker.... therefore you need extra sodium, potassium and magnesium on a keto diet....
  16. Russell
    i would recommend only weighing yourself once a month.... there are so many factors that interfere with getting accurate weights day to day such as water weight.... if you drink 3 litres of water 1 day, then 0.5 litres the next and then 2 litres the day after..... your weigh is going to bounce around just based on your water intake.... month to month is more accurate.... also waist circumference was the biggest difference maker for me....
  17. Vicki
    I'm so glad that you were able to get off the prescribed meds in short order, how liberating and empowering that must feel, and so good for your health. You prayed for help on Sunday and then -bam- came across the solution that worked within a week. I'm not particularly religious, but this kind of stuff is so intriguing. It's like the ads that are tailored specifically for you on certain websites--someone's tracking you. Lucky you to have spouse that supports you, too! Thanks for sharing your story, it's certainly an inspiring one.
  18. Carrie
    Congratulations on your success and your new life. Never take it for granted and never go back! So glad you found your way here. Thank you for sharing your story.
  19. Gregorio
    FANTASTIC Job Calvin. you are another great success story from the Keto lifestyle. I can't wait to send this to my friends dealing with diabetes for them to see.
    Thanks dietdoctor for sharing these stories.
  20. WarblingLisa
    Calvin, you truly ARE a rock star. Congratulations on your amazing success and your determination to not just accept the status quo and a life of more and more medications. You are an inspiration.
  21. Flavia
    Tameka, the salt/hypertension connection es mostly a myth, very rarely, on a specific type of patients does it apply... You can read the book The Salt Fix by Dr James Dicolantonio for all the science and explanations on this topic

    Just seems like a person with high blood pressure shouldn't consume all of the salt on this diet, it scares me! But I sure wish I'd be okay if I did want to try it.

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