Keto Connect: Meeting the creators of the top keto YouTube channel in the world

What is it like running the world’s largest and most popular keto YouTube channel? What’s the story behind it? And what are the most common questions people have about keto?

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt sits down with Matt and Megha, the founders of the very popular YouTube channel Keto Connect, to discuss.



  1. JaneC LCHF newbie
    Good watch, thanks
  2. Marnie
    I have loved their YouTube channel for 1.5 years. Happy to see Diet Doctor connecting with Keto-Connect. Amazing recipes and fun personalities make a fat-tastic combination!!
  3. Margaret Nickel
    Started watching them by accident and now every morning on Instagram I watch as they answer questions and comment on their day. Love how they laugh and really want to help me with the Keto diet.
  4. Claudia
    That was interesting, thanks! In case anyone is wondering, their video on sweeteners can be found at
  5. Robin
    This was great. I went over to the KetoConnect Youtube channel and watched the sugar test, and I would love to see a similar test done by with a couple people who are insulin resistant or have significant dawn phenomenon blood sugar.
  6. sheri
    My two favorite "afternoon break" pleasures in one interview!! Thank you for this video! Megha is my "internet friend" I check in with her more than her!!
  7. WarblingLisa
    I make their Keto Bread recipe all the time. It's one of our favorites. Their videos provide a lot of tips and tricks for making Keto recipes and following the Keto eating plan. Thanks, Andreas, for interviewing Matt and Megha!
  8. Jamey
    Awesome connection, happy to see this colab and can't wait for more!
  9. Bettie
    They are a great couple- especially appealing to the young adult generation. Diet Doctor has been extremely beneficial to me with so much information given. Generous and interesting to share an interview with Matt and Megha.
  10. lisa harris
    They r absolutely right. I learned how to cook going Keto and watching Keto connect teach me how to cook like butter chicken and nan . Thank u guys and congrats on baby 👶 boy

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