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“Thank You Low Carb for Saving My Life!”


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Brian didn’t smoke or drink – but he did love fast food. He ended up gaining a lot of weight on his previously thin frame. The health problems started accumulating, but he couldn’t find the motivation to make a change.

Then a visit to the emergency room, and a shocking diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, made him search for an alternative way of eating. He found low carb and it ended up transforming his life. Continue Reading →


Making Significant Improvements to Type 2 Diabetes with a Simple Diet Change

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Ganapathypillai has been able to make significant improvements to his type 2 diabetes, in spite of having suffered from it for 30 years, by making a simple diet change. Here’s how: Continue Reading →


“I’m Making It My Life’s Mission to Make This Stop and to Educate Other Diabetics on This”


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Jason searched the internet to find a way to manage his type 2 diabetes, after realizing that standard treatment just didn’t work for him. When he found Diet Doctor, he started his low-carb journey together with his wife Stephanie.

Together, they’ve now lost 200 lbs (91 kg) – and that’s not even the most important thing. Do you want to know exactly how they did it? Keep reading their fantastic story: Continue Reading →


“It All Turned out to Be Much Easier Than I Thought”


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Here’s another fantastic success story! Keep reading if you want to know how Vadym was able to reverse his type 2 diabetes and shed 95 lbs (43 kg) by making three changes to his diet: Continue Reading →


#2 Success Story of 2016: “Ever Since That Day I’ve Been Eating LCHF and No Doctor in the Whole World Can Ever Change That”


We’re getting close to the winner! Out of about 200, here’s the #2 most popular success story of 2016.

Peter suffered from type 2 diabetes and was overweight. But after listening to a lecture by a coworker about LCHF, he decided to give it a try. Read Peter’s story


“THAT Is Success!”


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After having had steadily increasing blood sugar levels for 5 years, Mark’s doctor wanted him to start taking insulin. It did not feel like the right thing to do – so Mark asked his doctor to give him 6 months to bring his blood sugar down.

He started researching when he came home, and came across the low-carb diet. This is his fantastic story: Continue Reading →


“Now, Here I Am Eights Months Later and 63 Pounds Lighter”


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Keep reading if you want to know how Ashley lost 63 lbs (29 kg) and reversed her type 2 diabetes in only eight months! Continue Reading →


“It Has Been So Worthwhile and Enlightening”

Photo: GettyImages

Photo: GettyImages

Sid joined Diet Doctor just a month ago, got started with low carb, and apparently he has had some success reversing his type 2 diabetes: Continue Reading →