“I’m going to continue keto forever”


Lance has been on an incredible keto journey, to say the least. He initially started the diet as a way to manage his epilepsy, and ended up losing 70 lbs (32 kg) and reversing pre-diabetes.

Here is his story and inspiring words for anyone who wants to do the same thing:

My weight and health was out of control. My doctor said I was borderline diabetic and sent me to diabetes and nutrition classes. They were interesting and I learned a lot, but a calorie-restrictive diet wasn’t working.

I’m a carbohydrate addict. It’s a real thing. Corn, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, bread, pasta, Australian licorice – these are drugs to me. I also have a portion-control problem. Growing up in the south I was used to large portions of comfort food all day long. If I was celebrating, I ate. If I was depressed, I ate. If I was bored, I ate.

It got worse. I have a genetic form of epilepsy that didn’t kick in until I was 40. I started having very serious seizures. Medication wasn’t working very well, and after having to take higher and higher doses of medications that made me dizzy, confused, caused poor memory, gave me blurry vision and caused depression, my neurologist told me that keto might be helpful.

The more I read, the more a keto diet seemed to be the answer to all of my problems. I couldn’t find enough information to really get started – until I found dietdoctor.com. The advice here finally kicked me into keto, and I recommend anybody struggling take the info here and continue to read and use the diet plans and videos.

It took me four days to get into ketosis, and I used a keto blood meter to check my levels every few days. It wasn’t always easy, and I cheated and had to get back into ketosis 4 times, but I lost over 70 pounds (32 kg) in nine months. I feel amazing. I had two accountability buddies who lost over 90 pounds (41 kg) in the same timeframe. My seizures and epilepsy symptoms are under control. My blood glucose levels stay steady around 95 mg/dl (5.3 mmol/L), and before I started my fasting level was 130 mg/dl (7.2 mmol/L). I think faster, I feel full, and my general health and blood panels are excellent.

I’ve been meditating and started my new goal – to put on 20 pounds (9 kg) of muscle while losing 8 more pounds (4 kg) of fat, and keto is a great benefit there as well.

I’m still a carb addict and sometimes it’s difficult – I actually dream about macaroni and cheese. It was tough to learn my body, and what food effect me differently than they might other people. My advice is to stick with it, it does work. Don’t be discouraged when things don’t go well, you will find the foods and patterns that get you where you want to be with keto.

I want to thank Andreas and the Diet Doctor team for the info and inspiration I needed and still count on. I’m going to continue keto forever, it’s risky if I don’t, and the fear of diabetes and seizures outweighs the brief rush of carbohydrates.

Keep it up everyone, if I can do it, so can you.


Lance on Instagram: inlancewetrust

Lance’s website (about to launch in a week): Advanced Biology


What an inspiring story Lance! Thank you for sharing.

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  1. August tholen
    I'm 69 yr old male, 5'9" and 170lbs. I've been weight training as well as keto diet -diet for 60days and training for couple years. 5-6 days / week an hour a day. While I haven't lost alot of weight, maybe 6-7 lbs my body has redistributed muscle in place of fat, I have more energy, at first it was tough, but reading labels and counting carbs helped. Maybe consuming 20-40 a day, balance with protein and good fats. Eggs, cheese, chicken, fish, spinach, wasa and ezekiel bread, butter..its all good, no hunger pangs.
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  3. James
    August, I have nothing really against Ezekiel bread, but I seriously don't they cook it properly :). If you haven't already, read the referenced verses in Ezekiel.

    N.A.K.I. trans fats are from vegetable oils (like margarine), not animal fats.

  4. James
    *doubt, not don't
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  6. Ross A Strickland
    I started with the Atkins diet in May of 2003. I call him the "Father of Keto. I went from 46 inches in the waist to 30, 272 pounds to 148 in 18 months. I was 55 at the time and I felt like a teenager again! My doctor said I had the blood pressure of a 17 year old. It was 117 /60 and that was after the first 60 pounds. I will do Atkins for Life!
  7. Janice Hanna
    The problem with his previous diet was not eating correctly. Potatoes dipped in what? Mac and cheese and other processed foods. Processed foods cause real issues. The key is eating real food which is fruit, veggies and real grains in the original states. Also limiting oil and using avocado as you source of oil since it's a fruit loaded with nutrition an potassium. Lesson " eat real food".
  8. Joy
    Look, keto, and organic foods... and we do all know to avoid transfats... no matter your diet... Absolutely saved me.
    Migraines gone! 3 day long episodes with auras and vision changes and nausea... Gone!
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  10. Christie
    I’ve been doing keto to the best of my knowledge and intermittent fasting but yesterday I blacked out and almost did again after getting out of bed. That was not fun. I’m probably already in the adaption stage so I have no clue what that was about but now I’m worried.


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  12. Greg B.
    Thanks for sharing your story! I'm like others I guess, who have experienced the life changing benefits of ketosis. I fought obesity my entire life, but lost the battle in the 1990's when I ballooned to 315 pounds. January of 1998, having received the book Protein Power by Michael and Mary Eades for Christmas, I vowed to change my life and did. The next year or so I dropped 125 pounds, got my weight down to the mid 190's, and have kept it in that range for two decades. I have been sort of Atkins all these years, periodically fluctuating up to as much as 100 net grams of carbohydrate per day but cutting back to a fraction of that when needed. There have been times when I felt that I needed a bit more glucose for 100+ mile or multi day cycling events, but sub-50 net grams of carb has been my daily consistent lifestyle. I have dabbled in a true keto diet, with higher fat than Atkins or Protein Power, but went full keto a few months ago and love it. I am now down to 185, feel great and have consistently high energy. I think for me the brain benefits are the most significant change. I am so much calmer in ketosis. No big ups and downs over the course of the day. Just this consistent steady burn. I love it for sure!
  13. Jose alzate
    Janice, it is true processed mac and cheese is horrible for you, but this is an article about the keto diet. The man had epilepsy and used ketosis to treat it. Losing the weight, the extra energy are side benefits.
  14. Arne Helland
    I've been on keto since Aug 2017, then started intermittent fasting a few weeks later, I'm down 90lbs,started at 303lbs, l feel great and love the food but I'm not craving or controlled by the food or hunger. Gonna keep at it for life.
  15. Karen
    Well done! Thank-you for posting your success story.
    I am a newbie to Keto and I have researched nutrients, ph balance for years yet, I have not been able to lose the weight.
    For that past two weeks, I have begun the Keto lifestyle change. I have not lost any weight yet but I have not gained weight either. My energy level has risen and my clothes are fitting to lose so, while the scale is not reading the numbers that I would wish to see in regards to weight loss the non-scale victories are present. I am confident that as I begin to learn more about the Keto lifestyle and adjust my dietary needs to the program the weight will begin to come off.
  16. Journnie Summers
    Keto is awesome! I do lazy keto and I've lost 41 pounds in 5 months. I stumble and cheat, it's human nature but I don't beat myself up about it like I use to do with past diets. Keto does work!
  17. Paul
    Well done! Thanks for sharing....
  18. WarblingLisa
    Thanks so much, Lance, for sharing your story with us. It's just one more testament to how the Keto lifestyle improves overall health. Weight loss is just a happy byproduct. May you have similar success with your strength training goals!
  19. Mary-Ann
    Wow, awesome Lance! You look so healthy!
  20. Ken
    Lol removing comments. He said he didn't like having to restrict calories lol that's what low carb and keto do
  21. TeeDee
    Thanks for sharing, Lance and congratulations to you. This line really says it all: 'the fear of diabetes and seizures outweighs the brief rush of carbohydrates." Those of us who have tried and failed to stick with a low carb or keto way of eating know that we need to get to the point where the benefits to sticking with it, far outweigh the 'brief rush' that we got from all those carbs in the past. There is no better feeling than to be in control over 'cravings'; the cravings that used to torment me every night and fill me with shame and frustration if I gave in to them. Now, with keto, those cravings are no longer an issue and rarely bother me. I'm no longer prediabetic and just feel better and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. :)
  22. Lance
    Good for you August! I think what you look like in the mirror is a better gauge of your overall progress than the scale. I know petite women in amazing shape that weigh in heavy, I'm told because of their high muscle ratio. I have to keep my carbs under 20 or I kick right out of ketosis. I meticulously figure the carbs in anything I eat, reading the label or finding as many carb best guesses online for unlabeled food, otherwise those extra carbs creep in and then I have to start all over.

    Awesome Ross! In order for me to avoid gaining weight I have to stay in what in Atkins is called Induction. That's just how my body works.

    Janice you are clearly a shill for the industrial farming lobby. That's a joke. I half agree with you, and I used to sound just like you. My personal opinion is you should challenge that classic advice with new findings, and some old ones that simply weren't popular with the mainstream (insert conspiracy theory here). Fruits, in particular, for me are death. My blood glucose level spirals out of control and I gain weight even in moderation. Things like fruit, potatoes, bread of any grain configuration, pasta, and anything that tastes sweet are what nearly pushed me all the way into Diabetes. Potatoes, dipped in anything or just plain naked appear to be the reigning king on the glycemic index and glycemic load chart - they're bad for you. Corn, no matter how it is prepared, is incredibly risky, but cheap to grow. But I think you are dead on about what I think you are expressing beyond that - clean food is healthier food. That's why I go out of my way and pay more for the most local, organic (not organic because the sticker says so) and least processed food I can find. I recently went to Sedona and ate perfectly clean for a week, drank only the unfiltered spring water, stayed in ketosis, and felt amazing.

    Joy, you get it.

    Christie, go to the doctor ASAP.

    Greg, my story is barely an opening act for yours. You're the kind of person that inspired me to keep going.

    Jose, thank you for setting the record straight.

    Arne, keep going, you're awesome.

    Karen, I find that for women, dieting is twice as hard, and half as fast as men. Keep learning and stick with it!

    Journnie, good for you!

    Thanks Paul!

    Warbling Lisa, thank you so much. Your well-wishes help in this next phase that I predict will be slooooow.

    Mary-Ann, Thank you and I feel healthy too.

    Ken, this is true. The point is that it's a lot easier for me to total net carbs throughout the day than calories as you would on a calorie restricted diet. Calories come in all shapes and sizes, and keto allows me to worry a lot less about that.

    TeeDee, I have thought about that a lot - the pain vs pleasure principle, and how we are more motivated by not wanting something bad to happen to us than wanting something good to happen to us. In my last seizure I broke my nose, my cheek, bit through both lips, and got banged up all over the place, all because I was simply standing at the bathroom sink when it happened. Scary stuff. And I understand exactly what you're talking about regarding the conquer of cravings, it's a powerful feeling.

    Thanks you guys!!!

  23. Tamarah
    fantastic so glad you have found health !!!Kudos
  24. Ben
    Ha ha "dream of mac 'n' cheese", Its pretty dang good hey. I recently cut Cauliflower into mac sized pieces and boiled it. I then made a low carb cheese sauce, and added bacon pieces. Let me tell you, it was pretty close to the real thing, but a whole lot better. ;)
  25. BEachHAPPY
    Lance, your story is truly inspiring. Congratulations, continue the good work and keep that mac and cheese in your dreams ;-) best of luck!

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