Being a Sugar Addict

Do you know what it’s like to be addicted to sugar and sweet foods? Here’s a sneak peek of an interview between our addiction expert Bitten Jonsson, RN, and Annika Strandberg about her struggle towards freedom from sugar addiction.

You can watch the full 15 minute interview and more than a hundred other interviews, video courses, presentations and movies on our member site with a free trial.

You can also start by watching the first part of our sugar addiction course which is available for everyone.

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  1. tony
    Never in my life have I seen anybody robbing anybody to obtain money to buy sugar. Why? Because sugar is legal.

    Sugar is a drug and addictive, but it's legal. There is no war on sugar. No waste of precious and scarce resources that could be used to improve society.

    Therefore all drugs should be legalized, REGULATED BY THE GOVERNMENT and taxed.

  2. Janie
    I'm with you Tony.
  3. Elle
    Legal dosnt mean ok, just to clarify...right?
  4. joseph jankovics
    tony...for christ's sake!!! keep government out of any possible enterprise/activity!!!!! collect taxes....end of involvement!!!

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