First part of our sugar addiction video course – free for all!

As of today, the first part of the Sugar Addiction course with expert Bitten Jonsson is available for free.

Are you struggling with cravings for food or sweets? Many, many people are. All over the world, people are unaware of the fact that they’ve become addicted. Addicted to something that’s added in almost everything. And there is no way to avoid it completely; you need to eat, in order to live.

In this new video course, sugar-addiction expert Bitten Jonsson, RN, presents insights and advice on how to stop food and sugar cravings. She’s been helping people with addictions for decades, as well as battling with her own, to get them under control.

Do you experience a loss of control when you eat, especially sugary foods? Processed foods perhaps? Then take a look at this video and start taking the control back.

The sugar addiction course continued

There are ten more parts of this series, and several interview and presentation videos about sugar addiction, available on the membership site.

Sign up for a free membership trial and you can watch them instantly – as well as more than 190 video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

One Day in A Sugar Addict's Life – Bitten Jonsson
It's Not About Willpower – Bitten Jonsson
The Right Tools – Bitten Jonsson
The 3 Stages of Sugar Addiction – Bitten Jonsson
How to Quit Sugar – Bitten Jonsson
How to Stay Quit – Bitten Jonsson
How to Avoid Relapse – Bitten Jonsson
Don't Act on False Emotions – Bitten Jonsson
If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail – Bitten Jonsson
How to Reach Long-Term Recovery – Bitten Jonsson
The First Steps to Treatment – Bitten Jonsson


Being a Sugar Addict – Interview with Annica Strandberg
What is sugar addiction?
Sugar addiction 2: how to free yourself


Breaking up with sugar addiction


  1. Jorge
    Andreas. excelente video! Greetings from Salta Argentina. Un cordial y afectuoso saludo!
  2. Gunvor Lundberg
    Finns det någon översättning till svenska?
  3. Ronald Ellams
    It is impossible to cut out sugar entirely as it is in everything we all eat Even soups have sugar in them as do cereals bread beans etc The food manufacturers are gulity of this as and are ignoring the problems sugar is causing such as type 2 diabetes and obesity
    Replies: #24, #25, #26
  4. Mitch
    If you don't eat processed foods then you can cut out processed sugars.
  5. Geraldine
    You can make your own food. You don't have to buy stuff with sugar in it. Here in Brazil everything has sugar in it to varying degrees as Brazil exports sugar and it's subsidized by the Government.
    It's very simple to make your own soups etc. Just make a large batch and freeze it.
  6. Geraldine
    I wish the videos were numbered. I can't find the order in which to watch them. Keep going to the same video. Or does she start all the videos with the same introduction. Repeat, wish they were numbered!
  7. Bill
    good program with supposedly 10-part short videos, but regardless which 1 of the 10 you hit on to watch, only Part 1 keeps coming up!!!!!!!

    Fix the problem!!!!

    Replies: #9, #12
  8. Debbie
    lol.. You need to sign up for the 30 day free trial. Then you can watch the videos as they are clearly labeled Part 1 Part2 Part 3 etc.
  9. Patricia

    good program with supposedly 10-part short videos, but regardless which 1 of the 10 you hit on to watch, only Part 1 keeps coming up!!!!!!!Fix the problem!!!!

  10. mike
    links are broken, they keep replaying the first one
  11. Becky
    It's not broken. You have to pay for the series. Only part one is free.
  12. Nati
    You need to pay the membership in order to unlock the rest of the videos ;)
    Reply: #13
  13. Well technically you only need to sign up – the first month is a free trial.
  14. greg ingram
    hopefully - like the food industry this lovely site does not go down the road of hooking you in with tasty and addictive information and then want loads of payments. We have noticed this model with other industries!

    but so far, its the best site online - anywhere in the world. I mean anywhere.

    I dunno if the Swedish accents add some gravitas, but maybe!

    Reply: #15
  15. Thanks Greg! And we have no plan to ever raise prices, and we do plan to provide more and more free stuff too.
  16. JM Lundberg
    For those of us with super s l o w limited internet, (the joys of living in the woods) it would be nice to have the option to read everything. Thank you.
  17. Brenda
    I'm grateful for what I can read for free, as I am a pensioner and therefore can't get a credit card♡
  18. Kaye
    I did sign up for the free one month but still can't get past the first video. Help.
    Reply: #21
  19. Khuloud
    Are we allowed to use sweeetner instead
    Reply: #20
  20. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Khuloud!

    We don't recommend the use of sweeteners, at least not on daily basis.

    Are we allowed to use sweeetner instead

  21. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor

    Unfortunately, there are no membership subscriptions matching your name or email address. Did you perhaps use a different email address?

    Or was it the free newsletter you signed up for? The membership is separate from the free newsletters and the 2-week-challenge emails.

    Here’s how to sign up to become a member with a free 30-day trial:

  22. Rania Ibrahim

    So I'm fully on board with the low carb lifestyle, it completely makes sense in my eyes. I'm just so confused as to how so many people can eat sugar/junk/carbs/not think twice about food and maintain healthy weights?

  23. Emily
    My problem is not just with sugar, I overeat on bread (wholegrain) and even porridge oats. In fact oat cakes can be hell, they are a so called healthy food in the carb world and I open one pack and find I just want the lot. When I have binges it's any kind of carbs, it doesn't matter if they are deemed "healthy". I have always of this is some type of addiction as it's weird that I can't seem to moderate my intake of these foods - yet others can. People are happy to keep biscuits and sweets out of the house but they continue to buy bread - how can I explain that once I start eating carbs I find it hard to stop?!
  24. Judi Baskett
    It's NOT impossible. Stop eating the foods that have sugar in them. I'm on the Wheat Belly diet and eat no sugar or grains at all. I lost 8# in the first 8 days and my desire for sweets has all but diminished. There are recipes out there all over the internet for sugar-free desserts if you need them, and you honestly can't tell the difference. Read the book "Undoctored" by William Davis, MD or "Wheat Belly Total Health" by the same author and your eyes will be opened.
  25. Joanna Ibarra
    On the contrary! Food manufacturers know EXACTLY what they are doing by adding sugar to their products! Sugar is more addictive than heroin I'm told, so by adding the stuff, they keep a steady supply of "addicts" and sales go up! Sugar is NOT harmless! And the food manufacturers don't care about Type II diabetes or obesity, only their bottom line.
  26. candace
    The overabundance of added sugar can easily be avoided by reading ingredients. It is very possible, it just takes some effort.
  27. Jeff Zimmer
    I've had a sugar addiction ever since quitting drinking alcohol. Alcoholism and sugar go hand in hand. Problem is whenever I eat carbs I crave sweets like crazy!! Any advice?
  28. Pia
    I love pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Can't stop eating them! Do they have a lot of carbs ?
  29. Deborah
    Is anyone else familiar with the work of Kathleen DesMaisons? She wrote Potatoes Not Prozac and I have been following her program for fifteen years. The key is to eat a potato with the skin and a little fat three hours after you eat dinner with protein. This causes a rise in insulin so that the amino acid tryptophan can cross the blood brain barrier to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter that sugar sensitive people are low in. Jeff, I think you would find a huge benefit in reading her books. I find it difficult to reconcile her advice to eat "complex carbs" on a regular basis, however. This is from the era when saturated fat is "bad" and I don't agree with that either. But I must say that in my case I have no cravings whatsoever, in fact all junk food is repugnant to me. I keep my carbs below ten grams most days and "indulge" in my nightly potato and it works. You have to heal your biochemistry before you can lose weight and expect to KEEP it off.
  30. Linda c
    I'm signed up and I still can't get in to sugar addiction 10 pts program!!
    Reply: #31
  31. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Linda!

    You must login to access the movies.

    I'm signed up and I still can't get in to sugar addiction 10 pts program!!

  32. Alex
    Can the videos be downloaded for offline viewing?
  33. Nico B.
    This information was really helpful because I never thought that I was addicted to sugar and I never imagine that was the cause of my bad mood and some times even depression.
    Thank you for sharing!
  34. bubba
    This information was really helpful thanks

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