One day in a sugar addict’s life

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What is a day like in the life of someone addicted to sugar? Watch this short video to find out – you may be surprised.

This is the second part of our video series with our addiction expert Bitten Jonsson, RN – now free to watch for everyone. The first part is also freely available to anyone.

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  1. Chip
    Oh wow. This is me. The early resolve, the rationalization, the trash retrieval, the shame, the guilt, the self-promises. And it starts all over again the next day. I've never heard someone describe this so perfectly. It's a real thing.
  2. Joe
    Adds credence to Bob Lustig's assertions that the brain reacts to sugar just like many other addictive drugs.
  3. Anita
    How do you feel about sugar alcohols? (Specifically erythritol)
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  4. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Anita!

    We never recommend the use of sweeteners. If you don't have any cravings (or addiction) and use them every now and then, it probably doesn't matter so much what you choose.

    How do you feel about sugar alcohols? (Specifically erythritol)

  5. Bob
    This is EXACTLY what I used to do, word for word. Perhaps only my choice of junk food was slightly different.
  6. kathy
    Can I have splenda with my coffee I usually only have one cup a day. I don't like the sugar just one splenda packet. I have tried to drink it black but I can't.
  7. Marie
    This is insanely accurate except for the choice of junk food for me too. So accurate, its like she was spying and studying me 24 hours. I know some people are addicted to sugar and carbs too, but I didn't know other people did exactly the same.
  8. Allie
    Very accurate. I would also get out in the middle of the night to buy sweets, if I didn't have any in the pantry. One thing that wasn't mentioned, but which for me went hand in hand with the other symptoms was hiding sweets. I would have a secret stash, more than one, and eat them in secresy. I can't say that I miss those days.
  9. Leslie
    That describes me. Exactly. Also add in that I have a bad habbit of hiding my guilt : "If no one sees me eat it then it never happened." I'm doing much better these past 6 weeks, but definitely needed this today. Holds me accountable
  10. Naa
    That's me in a nutshell. Binge because "tomorrow I won't be able to have any of this" and end up failing again shortly after that day.

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