“I am now looking forward to celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in the fall and being slim and fit”

Before and after

Before and after

Helen shares the magic trick she used to drop 50 pounds (22 kg) and get slim for her wedding anniversary:

The E-mail

Hello Dr Andreas!

I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. It was your website that turned my life around. I am 45 years old getting ready to turn 46 in a couple months and celebrate my silver wedding anniversary with my husband. I suffer from degenerated disc disease and was looking towards surgery in the winter.

I started low-carbing on and off for the past year but the real magic happened when I introduced 24-hour fasting. In the middle of March of this year I was 206 pounds (93 kg). Today, on July 9th of the same year, I am now 156 pounds (71 kg).

I went from a size 16 to a size 6 by following a low-carb high-fat diet with 24-hour intermittent fasting. I am now looking forward to celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in the fall and being slim and fit.

Thank you for all the work you do and getting the word out I share it with everybody I know.
Sincerely, Helen Forrest


We’re so happy to hear that you’re successful Helen. Your story is a great inspiration for other people wanting to try out intermittent fasting and low-carb. Way to go!

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