“Instead of living a little with cheat foods, I am living a LOT, with keto!”


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Linda tried “every diet and fad under the sun”, but still could not sustainably lose weight. Then she read a story that changed everything:

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I am a housewife in my mid 50’s, who has been “on a diet” for what seems like my whole life. After trying nearly every diet and fad under the sun, I was left feeling hopeless and defeated. I would begin a diet plan with every intention of sticking to it, but then would succumb to the temptation of “just one bite”, or “live a little”, and then go off the rails completely with my diet; chalking up yet another plan that didn’t work for me.

Years of yo-yo dieting took their toll on me, and I became increasingly obese and unbeknownst to me, insulin resistant. I had stopped weighing myself and refused to look at the scale when I went to the doctor. My highest known weight was 260 lbs (118 kg), but I was more likely near 300 lbs (136 kg) at my highest. At this point, I actually wished that I would develop diabetes or some other disease that would force me to stick to an eating plan! I thought death would be my only escape from this life of shame and depression.

My rock bottom came the day I ate two entire loaves of sourdough bread in 45 minutes. I realized I was out of control and something had to change; right then. Being familiar with, and having the most success with Atkins and low-carb diets, I went back with the resolve that I would not quit this time. Atkins morphed into keto in a few month’s time, after I found Mary Robert’s testimonial on Diet Doctor.

I have lost 65 pounds (29 kg) in just under 2 years, gone from a very tight XXL to a comfortable S/M; my contant residual pain from a DVT 5 years earlier has disappeared, along with swelling and edema in my ankles and feet. I no longer snore or have restless legs at night. But the biggest change keto has brought is the feeling of confidence and hope for the future. Instead of living a little with cheat foods, I am living a LOT, with keto!

My life has changed, and yours can too!


Congratulations to your success, Linda! It’s always inspiring for us to receive these kinds of amazing stories.

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