“For me LCHF = freedom and health”


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Mary spent 18 years being obese, with illnesses, depression and general unhappiness as consequences of her lifestyle. One day, she just wouldn’t take it anymore. She decided to live a life without being a slave to sugar and reversed her type 2 diabetes. Here is her story:

The email

I have struggled with weight since the 7th grade – I yo-yo’d between a healthy weight and a little overweight until my mid to late 20’s when I steadily started gaining year after year. I spent 18 years in the obese category, topping out at 260 pounds in early 2014.

Finally on March 3, 2014 something snapped in me and I just decided no more. That day my fasting blood sugar was over 200 (I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes in 2008) and it scared me. I was on diabetes meds, another med for my high blood pressure and I had sleep apnea, I snored, had acid reflux, I got frequent colds/illnesses and had allergy and asthma issues. I was fatigued all the time, miserable and depressed. I was either going to get my act together or die young. I decided I wanted to turn my life around and no longer be a slave to carbs and sugar, which were the cause of all my health issues.

I have now reversed my type 2 Diabetes (not cured obviously) but I control my blood sugar by eating LCHF/Ketogenic and very rarely have blood sugar readings that aren’t normal. I am med free – no diabetes meds, no blood pressure med as now my blood pressure is totally normal. My sleep apnea has gone away, I no longer snore and I sleep well and wake up rested. I no longer have allergy issues and I can breathe. I can’t remember the last time I used my inhaler.

LCHF is the only “diet” (and I don’t consider it a diet, but a lifelong lifestyle) that I have ever been able to stick to. I am FREE of the bondage to carbs/sugar. I no longer crave them, they do not appeal to me. I love being healthy, feeling healthy and looking healthy. I have more energy than ever and I put that energy in to lifting weights. I have been consistently working out for over a year now, which is something else I have never done in my life – at most I would exercise a couple of weeks and then drop out.

For me LCHF = freedom and health.

Mary Roberts

Age: 44
Start weight: 260
Current weight: 159
Down from size 20W to size 4/6


Congratulations on your well-deserved freedom and health, Mary!

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