“For me LCHF = freedom and health”


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Mary spent 18 years being obese, with illnesses, depression and general unhappiness as consequences of her lifestyle. One day, she just wouldn’t take it anymore. She decided to live a life without being a slave to sugar and reversed her type 2 diabetes. Here is her story:

The email

I have struggled with weight since the 7th grade – I yo-yo’d between a healthy weight and a little overweight until my mid to late 20’s when I steadily started gaining year after year. I spent 18 years in the obese category, topping out at 260 pounds in early 2014.

Finally on March 3, 2014 something snapped in me and I just decided no more. That day my fasting blood sugar was over 200 (I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes in 2008) and it scared me. I was on diabetes meds, another med for my high blood pressure and I had sleep apnea, I snored, had acid reflux, I got frequent colds/illnesses and had allergy and asthma issues. I was fatigued all the time, miserable and depressed. I was either going to get my act together or die young. I decided I wanted to turn my life around and no longer be a slave to carbs and sugar, which were the cause of all my health issues.

I have now reversed my type 2 Diabetes (not cured obviously) but I control my blood sugar by eating LCHF/Ketogenic and very rarely have blood sugar readings that aren’t normal. I am med free – no diabetes meds, no blood pressure med as now my blood pressure is totally normal. My sleep apnea has gone away, I no longer snore and I sleep well and wake up rested. I no longer have allergy issues and I can breathe. I can’t remember the last time I used my inhaler.

LCHF is the only “diet” (and I don’t consider it a diet, but a lifelong lifestyle) that I have ever been able to stick to. I am FREE of the bondage to carbs/sugar. I no longer crave them, they do not appeal to me. I love being healthy, feeling healthy and looking healthy. I have more energy than ever and I put that energy in to lifting weights. I have been consistently working out for over a year now, which is something else I have never done in my life – at most I would exercise a couple of weeks and then drop out.

For me LCHF = freedom and health.

Mary Roberts

Age: 44
Start weight: 260
Current weight: 159
Down from size 20W to size 4/6


Congratulations on your well-deserved freedom and health, Mary!

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  2. Björn Eriksson
    Interesting, although anecdotal.

    More and more people should write Congress and the AHA (American Heart Association)
    The ADA ( American diabetes Association) and others,
    To let them know about these stories so the health researchers, doctors and medical directors of these associations start to pay attention.

    Dr. Eenfeldt, I just started your LCHF way of eating

    Are walnuts ok as a snack

    And what do you recommend for early morning workouts for food / drinks, coffee only

    Thank you, love the site, your the best.

  3. Pierre
    She comes from far.

    Her goal should be 130 pounds.

  4. Kathleen
    Rubbish! Going by height/weight charts is total nonsense. A person should go by how they feel+to like their appearance when they see their reflection in a mirror! She looks amazing!! Well done lovely! ???
  5. Tamarah
    Mary I am so happy for you and your transformation to good health . I wish more of Americans had your positive attitude . And a great symptom of good health is you Look good too:-) . Congrats
  6. Dana
    Pierre, you can weigh more than 130 at 5'6" and be the size she is if you have sufficient muscle mass. A pound of muscle takes up far less room than a pound of fat.

    I am her exact height and at 130 I think I was what some Paleo adherents un-generously refer to as "skinny fat". I could have reconfigured my body comp even at that weight and gotten smaller--and stronger, ironically. I was a weakling.

  7. Nani
    Wow, I think she looks great and has done it the right way - a lifestyle change and not a quick fix!!!

    Sadly, some people still think we should look like the antiquated height/weight charts and follow the food pyramid.
    The food pyramid was developed in the mid 40's due to the lack of food because of the war with the sweets, fruits, and alcohol being added around the 80's.
    The height/weight chart was developed as a tool for pediatricians to use with children based on formula fed children; to ensure children were developing properly from birth on to adolescence.
    Now we are using these as a standard, regardless of the heritage, location, economic standing, or availability of resources of the individual.

    I think we need to start taking responsibility for ourselves as Mary and others have and start living and striving for healthy and happy lifestyles.

    Congratulations Mary, keep up the great work and paradigm change in your thinking!!!

  8. Carolyn
    love your results!!!!
  9. Terri
    You look fantastic & healthy!!
  10. Ellen
    Why even leave a negative comments? She should be nothing but applauded for her efforts and success. Well done. You are an inspiration.
  11. Theresa
    You are an inspiration to me, Mary!
    Congratulations on your achievement!
  12. pa
    Hi Mary!!!
    Congrats to you!! I am just starting my journey and you have inspired me...thank you. I also want a lifestyle change and not another diet.


  13. Carol
    Well done you are amazing
  14. Melissa
    Awesome job! You're an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Wonderful Job Mary!
  16. J K
    Wow you look fantastic. Your story is similar to mine, including the side-symptoms of obesity. I am grateful I ran into your testimony today- starting this journey now is better late than never, right?
    Cheers to you.
  17. Mary Ann Voss
    Can you eat yogurt or have almond or coconut milk on this plan? How much water should you drink every day?
  18. Elizabeth
    Thanks for sharing! Great job!

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