Corina put her Crohn’s into remission, lost weight, and transformed her life


Ever since she was a teenager, Corina had recurring, debilitating attacks of Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory condition in which the lining of the digestive tract becomes irritated and inflamed.

The condition would have her bent over in pain, unable to absorb nutrients from her food, or would even obstruct her bowel completely. Over 40 years, she had three surgeries to remove a portion of her small intestine.

Moreover, the powerful steroids she took to keep the condition at bay caused her to gain weight and feel awful, while the bland high-carb diet her doctors recommended did nothing to improve her health or symptoms.

After her third surgery, she knew she had to find a better way.

Five years ago, she discovered the keto diet, and everything fell into place. Not only did her Crohn’s go into remission with no new attacks, but she lost weight, gained energy, and found a new passion and career: she now has a successful business making keto foods for others in her city.

Here is Corina’s story, which has been lightly edited.

What is your name, age, and where do you live?

My name is Corina. I am 56, from Montreal, Canada.

Tell us about any health or weight struggles before going low carb or keto.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease around 40 years ago as a teenager. 

Back then, there really was not enough information on the disease. I was prescribed the steroid prednisone, and I gained 80 or 90 pounds (36 to 40 kilos) on that medication.

The diet they recommended was what they called a “bland diet.” It was white bread, pasta, potatoes, and no veggies unless they were cooked to mush. 

Just thinking about it now makes me a little angry. For the first 20 years, I was on many horrible medications with so many side effects. That was one reason I had to find another way to control this painful disease.

How and when did you decide to do low carb or keto?

After the third surgery of partial removal of my small intestine, I decided something had to change. The word “inflammation” was constantly used, and I had to figure something out to reduce the inflammation.

The first thing I did was eliminate bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice. Within two weeks of that, I felt great. I continued low carb for a number of years, which was enough to stay off meds during that time.

I did slip up a few times, and that would cause inflammation and obstruction.

Around five years ago, I decided to do a keto diet. I have never felt better, and my inflammation is now gone. No bloating, no pain, and no regrets!

The keto diet has become my passion, and I even opened up a keto kitchen called Ketotteria. I prepare keto meals and desserts for others. And I always tell them about Diet Doctor.

What were you eating before adopting the keto diet?

When I gave up the recommended bland diet and went lower carb, I was able to stick to eating no bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes most of the time. I ate meat along with fruits and vegetables. But I did not give up carbs and sugar completely.

Going to a very low-carb, keto diet is what really helped me.

What does a typical day of eating and/or fasting look like for you now?

I do intermittent fasting and usually start with a bulletproof coffee when I break my fast.

I usually eat one meal a day, and most of the time it is a piece of meat cooked in butter and a side of veggies.

Because I bake and cook keto desserts and meals, I often taste what I am making many times during the day. So, one meal a day is plenty of food for me.

In what ways has your health improved?

My health is better now than it has been in years. I am off all medications. I am at a healthy weight and have an abundance of energy.


What mistakes have you learned from on your journey?

The biggest revelation for me was that a little slip-up involving too many carbs or sugar always caused me some sort of distress with my Crohn’s.

How has Diet Doctor been part of your success?

Many of the Diet Doctor recipes are so delicious. The keto bread recipe, chicken recipes, and the dessert recipes are all incredible.

But the cinnamon rolls are my favorite, I think.

Keto cinnamon rolls
These delicate keto treats are surprisingly easy to make and taste so good it’s hard to believe they are sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free, and come in at only 1 net carb per roll!

I often use the Diet Doctor information to help my clientele with questions and concerns about starting keto. There is always help on this site.

What are your tips for people starting low carb?

The first thing I always suggest is to try doing seven days with truly little carbs. Other tips are:

  1. Clean out your cupboards and fridge by discarding high-carb foods.
  2. Buy products that are keto friendly and make meals and snacks as simple as possible.
  3. Stay well hydrated.
  4. Go to the Diet Doctor website for info and ideas.
Final thoughts or takeaway?

I cannot stress enough that sugar and carbs have such a negative impact on health. It is incredible to me that this information is still not reaching the public.

I want to share my story of Crohn’s with others in case it helps them. It can change lives.

Thanks so much Corina for sharing how you have improved your Crohn’s. 

Inflammatory bowel diseases take such a huge toll on the health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide. We share your desire to let more people know how some have found dramatic relief, even remission, using a keto diet. 

While research is still in its infancy around keto and inflammatory bowel diseases, we feel it is certainly worth a try for anyone with the condition to see if it might reduce or alleviate their gastrointestinal symptoms. Just make sure to work with your doctor before changing or stopping any medications.

Thanks for inspiring others, Corina.

~Anne Mullens


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