“For me LCHF = freedom and health”


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Mary had struggled with her weight since she was a child. Eventually she reached 260 pounds and got type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She felt like a slave to carbs and sugar, the root of her health issues.

This is how she finally broke free:

The email

I have struggled with weight since the 7th grade. Until I reached my mid twenties, I would yo-yo between a healthy weight and being a little overweight. After that point I started steadily gaining year after year. I spent 18 years in the obese category, was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in 2008, and my weight topped out at 260 pounds (118 kg) in early 2014.

Finally, on March 3 of that year, something snapped in me and I decided, “No more!” My fasting blood sugar that morning was over 200 mg/dl (11.1 mmol/L), and it scared me. I was on diabetes medication, another for my high blood pressure, and I suffered from several related health issues: sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, frequent colds/illnesses, and allergy and asthma issues. Most of the time I was fatigued, and that made me miserable and depressed. I knew I either had to get my act together, or I was going to die young. That day, I decided I wanted to turn my life around and no longer be a slave to carbs and sugar, which were at the root of all my health issues.

Today, my type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure have both reversed, and I control my blood sugar by eating LCHF/ketogenic. It is a rare day, indeed, when my blood sugar readings aren’t normal. Due to the reversal of my health conditions, I am now enjoying a medication-free life. My sleep apnea has gone away, I no longer snore, I sleep well each night and wake up rested each morning. Since changing my lifestyle, I also no longer have allergy issues, I can breathe normally, and I cannot recall the last time I needed to use an inhaler.

LCHF is the only “diet” that I have ever been able to stick to. In fact, I don’t consider it a diet at all; it is a permanent way of life that has freed me from bondage! I am FREE of the addiction to carbs/sugar: I no longer crave them and they do not appeal to me. I love being healthy, feeling healthy, looking healthy, and having more energy than ever.

Exercise is something I had never before done in my life; at most I would exercise a couple of weeks and then drop out, but with the LCHF lifestyle I am now able to do what I thought was impossible! With the energy boost LCHF has given me, I found an outlet in weight lifting, and have been consistently working out for over a year now.

For me LCHF = Freedom and Health.

Age: 44
5’6″ (168 cm)
Total loss: 106 pounds (48 kg)
Down from size 20W to size 2/4
Last A1C: 4.8

Thank you!!!


This is fantastic to hear, Mary! Reduced blood sugar levels and blood pressure are common on low carb, as well as increased energy which you describe.

Keep up the good work!

Note: This is an update to an earlier post, from 18 months ago. It works long term!

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